Does Your Home Need a Facelift?

Written by Mary Jane Grigsby of Adesso Interior Design
Updated June 15, 2021
dining room statue on pedestal and chair
A mix of color and fabrics can enliven a formal dining room. (Photo by Frank Espich)

Sometimes, we feel the need to make changes in our home environment, to give our interiors a fresh, new look and feeling. And why not?

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How we feel and function at home certainly affects our quality of life. We can do many things to achieve this change, with our choices based on how drastic a change we want and our budget limitations.


The first element to consider is always color. Few things can make as much impact as the choice of color, its shade and how much of it we use.

• Does the space need more excitement? Don't be afraid to paint the walls! Even a soft shade can make a huge difference. Larger areas can handle stronger color and not be overpowering.

• Add or change throw pillows with strong colors or mix and match bold prints or contrasting colors.

• Is your decor casual? Paint kitchen or dining chairs different colors.

• A cocktail table can take on new life with an unexpected color and so can an occasional chair.

• Why not add an area rug on the floor? (For carpeting, "rug to rug" pads keep the carpet from bunching.)

• Recover furniture, if necessary, either some pieces or the entire set.

• Change tabletops from glass to a solid material, or vice versa.

• Don't forget the ceiling! Sometimes a wonderful new feeling can be achieved by just putting color overhead.

• Don't be afraid to use color in more formal settings.

Some of the most memorable interiors are those that have dared to use color. Aren't we getting tired of beige? Elegance and sophistication can easily be achieved with the use of good color sense.

Rearranging the space

Your colors are fine? Well, how about rearranging the space?

• Put furniture on an angle instead of square with the room.

• Or, keep it square but angle an area rug.

• Change accessories with those you may have elsewhere in the house.

• Tie back drapery that have hung straight or add a valance. If a valance exists, add a braid, vines, tassels, etc.

• Add lighting on the floor to accent spaces or to spotlight something special.

• Put certain accessories on pedestals. They seem to take on an aura of importance that they didn't have before.

• Change out artwork for more unusual things such as a collection of hats, hub caps, swords, small mirrors or wall brackets with porcelain pieces. Or, frame old 45 RPM records, baby clothes, jeweled blouses, beautiful scarves, old letters. Just use your imagination and many things are possible.

I've just touched on a few ways that you can make an interior look fresh and new. You have almost limitless possibilities restricted only by the extent of our imagination.

Don't just do what seems safe, but what truly makes you smile and gives a sense of joy.

Still not sure what to do? Then call a qualified interior designer for advice. You won't be disappointed at the difference it can make.

About this Angie's List Contributor: Mary Jane Grigsby, FASID, NCIDQ, LEED AP is President and founder of Adesso Interior Design, a licensed interior design firm in Ashville, N.C.

As of Dec. 8, 2015, this service provider was highly rated on Angie's List. Ratings are subject to change based on consumer feedback, so check Angie's List for the most up-to-date reviews. The views expressed by this author do not necessarily reflect those of Angie's List.

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