19 Inspiring Kitchen Color Ideas

Kaitlyn Pacheco
Written by Kaitlyn Pacheco
Updated July 25, 2022
A group of friends cooking in a kitchen
Photo: Flamingo Images / Adobe Stock

Kitchen walls are the blank canvas ready for your colorful creativity

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A kitchen is where friends and families come to gather, but it’s also the space to get creative in—whether your skills lean more toward those of a chef or an interior designer. It may come as a surprise that both of those talents go hand-in-hand with one another, as a beautiful kitchen aesthetic can inspire you to spend more time there honing in on your recipes and sharing meals with people you love. 

Choosing the perfect color palette to tie your kitchen together can leave you feeling overwhelmed and indecisive, since you’ll need to consider the cabinetry, floor type, and backsplash. This guide can help you narrow down the kitchen color scheme of your dreams.

Pastel Shades

Whether you have a large or small kitchen, a dreamy pastel color scheme can make the space feel cheerful and inviting. Pastel colors help illuminate a room in a light and airy way while giving you the chance to express your personality through the delicate colors. 

1. Lilac

A lilac kitchen and dining room
Photo: ostap25 / Adobe Stock

When thinking about kitchen paint colors, shades of purple aren’t typically the first that spring to mind. A soft lilac theme throughout is a surefire way to encompass your unique style, particularly if you paint your cabinets to match. Want a more subtle version of this flowery color? Try Lilac Bisque by Behr. This cooler lilac variation will complement stainless steel appliances perfectly. 

2. Lavender

A small kitchen with very pale, lavender colored walls
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

Lavender is another unexpected color option for a kitchen, but a pale, muted version of the shade may be the subtle look you’re going for. However, if you’d prefer a burst of purple on your kitchen walls, consider a similar but more vivid version—such as Ripe Berry by Sherwin Williams, and try to add elements of yellow into the space for a balanced complementation. 

3. Soft Yellow

A small modern kitchen with soft yellow walls
Photo: HamsterMan / Adobe Stock

If you want a modern look that doesn’t give off a cold vibe, consider a soft yellow wall color to contrast against your sleek appliances. This pale shade of yellow, similar to Antique Yellow by Benjamin Moore helps to illuminate an otherwise small space while exuding a cozy feel. 

4. Pink

A long kitchen with soft pink walls and a light lilac fridge
Photo: New Africa / Adobe Stock

Go out-of-the-box with your kitchen design with an airy pink hue like Rose Pink by Sherwin Williams. Though they may seem a bit too feminine for some, pinks pair beautifully with sharp blacks, which could be the perfect excuse to have black-and-white subway tiles put in—or to add a black kitchen island into the mix for a stark contrast.

5. Peach

A corner shot of a kitchen with light orange walls
Photo: alexandre zveiger / Adobe Stock

One of the benefits of pastel paint colors is that they’re a happy medium between white and full-on color. Shades such as Peach Complexion by Benjamin Moore present an opportunity for a vibrant splash of color that keeps you from having to commit to an ostentatious orange. Soft peach paint pairs nicely with warm, light grays along with bright whites, so you should keep those contrasts in mind when contemplating this pastel. 

Earth Tones

If your home has a rustic or cabin feel to it, carry those vibes over into the kitchen with nature-inspired color combinations. Surrounding yourself with shades such as marigold, khaki, and maroon can make for a romantic cooking atmosphere. 

6. Olive Green

A kitchen with bright white cabinets and olive green walls
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

A rich color like olive green can pair perfectly with white kitchen cabinets while adding depth to your walls. If you don’t want to dedicate all of your wall space to a green shade, opt for a green tile backsplash against a cream-colored wall for a pop of color. A more yellow-hued version like Italian Olive by Behr can even be complemented with maroon, teal, or beige, giving you a plethora of paint options for cabinets.

7. Hazelnut Brown

A kitchen with multi-colored cabinets and rich brown walls
Photo: Pixel-Shot / Adobe Stock

Browns offer a luxurious, rich feel to large and small spaces. While this particular shade closely resembles Brown Thrush by Behr, an alternative option would be to use a cream-colored paint for the walls and a strong, earthy dark brown such as Bucktrout Brown by Benjamin Moore for the trim or cabinets.

Bright and Bold Colors 

Want your kitchen to make a statement? Opt for loud, bright colors like these. 

8. Vibrant Red

A modern kitchen with black appliances and bright red walls
Photo: pirotehnik / Adobe Stock

Reds offer a sense of regality and energy in a room. Dynamic red shades like Heritage Red by Benjamin Moore pair best with warm grays like Ashley Gray by Benjamin Moore

9. Neon Green

A close-up image of a kitchen with neon green shiplap walls
Photo: pirotehnik / Adobe Stock

Love a uniform look and have some leftover paint to spare? Let your cabinets match the walls or backsplash in your kitchen by painting them the same color like this energetic neon green, or a similar shade of Young Green by Behr. This color-soaked room offers an undeniable sense of youthful exuberance.

Warm Neutrals

Neutral colors—as the name suggests—can be the perfect wall color in any room. Colors such as warm gray, beige, or soft green can add an element of serenity to the space. Gentle wall colors such as these offer the opportunity to add bright-colored appliances and decor to create focal points. 

10. Comforting Cream

A spacious kitchen with bright wooden cabinets and cream-colored walls
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

If you’d prefer the walls of your kitchen to take a backseat to the natural wood cabinetry, flooring, and appliances, an unassuming cream color like Almond Cream by Behr for the walls will help the other aspects of the room stand out. 

11. Pale Gray

A close-up image of an industrial oven in a kitchen with pale gray walls
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

A pale gray like Sweater Weather by Sherwin Williams creates a warm, clean atmosphere that’ll make you want to stay awhile. This muted tone can be complemented by crisp white cabinets and marble countertops. For a more accentuated look, use a deep color like Sporting Green by Behr.

12. Light Blue

A kitchen with brightly stained wooden cabinetry and light blue walls
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

Light sky or icy blues such as Ebbtide by Sherwin Williams have a way of making brightly stained wood cabinets really pop, but they also create a lovely contrast when paired with whites or grayish-brown shades like Dark Clove by Sherwin Williams

13. Mint Green

A minimalistic kitchen counter with a small black sink against mint green walls
Photo: irinakuz9 / Adobe Stock

Achieve a springtime feel year-round with a cool mint green wall color like Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams. This light color gives off a freshness and invigorating mentality, perfect for when you’re cooking up a storm or winding down to game night around the kitchen table. Mint greens pair well with grays, whites and blacks, giving you plenty of options for accessorizing. 

Dark Hues

Much like earth tones, dark shades such as charcoal, burgundy, and chocolate browns can create an alluring ambiance to the rooms they’re incorporated into. When choosing colors in this range, you may want to add more light fixtures to your kitchen space so the room is properly lit. This is especially the case for kitchens that lack sources of natural light.

14. Navy Blue

A kitchen with dark blue walls and a gray dining set
Photo: ostap25 / Adobe Stock

Navy blue is a versatile color that easily complements neutral and bright colors alike. The deep hues give off a comforting, calming vibe, but can be brought to life with warm lighting fixtures. For dark blues with purple and gray undertones like the New Navy Blue from Behr, add yellows and lighter blues to your dining sets for a cohesive flow. 

15. Forest Green

Light kitchen cabinets against a dark green wall
Photo: Pixel-Shot / Adobe Stock

Dark green walls, while striking, also make for serene evenings, especially when paired with gold- or cream-colored fixtures. Shades such as Deep Sea Green by Benjamin Moore combine dark green and blue to make an oceanic teal color that matches perfectly with warm mint green tones to create an intimate and tranquil environment.   

16. Burnt Orange

A side image of a kitchen with burnt orange walls and soft white cabinets
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

Initially, orange may seem too vivacious for a kitchen color, but shades of orange are often youthful and create a lively atmosphere—making them the perfect option for rooms where you entertain. For dark brown or beige cabinets, try a shade like Rookwood Terra Cotta by Sherwin Williams. Prefer an orange with rusty undertones? A darker shade like Roycroft Copper Red by Sherwin Williams could be up your alley. 

17. Midnight Black

A modern kitchen with white cabinets against black walls
Photo: captblack76 / Adobe Stock

Black may seem like a far stretch for a kitchen color, but its compatibility may surprise you. An accent wall painted a cool shade of black will have undertones of dark blue and violet, and make for a dramatic focal point. If you’re feeling daring, look for colors like Bohemian Black by Sherwin Williams or for a warmer black with hues of gray and brown in Black Garnet by Behr.   

White Varieties

White is a timeless color choice for kitchens ranging from traditional farmhouse to modern minimalism. Despite how similar different shades of white can look, there are variations of this color to choose from, as most off-whites have other colors mixed into them. White kitchens, however, are known for showing the signs of wear and tear easily, so keep in mind you may need to break out the cleaning supplies more often if you go with white for your kitchen color. 

18. Classic White

A nearly all-white kitchen with natural light coming in
Photo: Prostock-studio / Adobe Stock

A classic white kitchen offers a fork-in-the-road opportunity when it comes to interior design. You can go all-in with white everything, or use this simplistic wall color to get extravagant with pops of colors throughout the space. A true white paint like Pure White by Sherwin Williams is a great kicking-off point when you’re conceptualizing the rest of the kitchen. 

19. Eggshell White

A small kitchen with exposed wood ceilings and eggshell white walls
Photo: Roman Babakin / Adobe Stock

Similarly to a true white, an off-white or eggshell color scheme can make a room feel bigger and brighter throughout but is less harsh on the eyes depending on the lighting in the space. Much like an eggshell white, Arcade White by Behr is a soft alternative to a pure white and offers the chance to add a wide range of other colors into the mix. You can keep it neutral with additional gentle tones, or emphasize other features with sharp contrasting colors. 

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