32 Welcoming Covered Porch Ideas

Kristin Salaky
Written by Kristin Salaky
Updated March 31, 2022
Mother and children playing checkers on outdoor porch
Photo: The Good Brigade / Getty Images

With these covered porch ideas, there’s no need to let rain spoil your outdoor plans

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A covered porch lets you have the full outdoor experience, even when the weather isn’t agreeable. From different color schemes, to various furniture pieces and accessories, browse through some covered porch ideas to make this space an extension of your home and personal style. 

Covered Porch Ideas and Upgrades

Check out some inspo ideas and upgrades you can make to an existing porch you may already have. If you’re unsure about what type of porch you may have, check out our What is a Porch? guide to learn about the different types. 

1. Overhead Fan and Skylights

Overhead fan and skylights in covered porch area
Photo: PC Photography / Getty Images

Have a vaulted roof covering your porch? Take cloud watching to the next level by adding skylights to the overhang. Moreover, installing a ceiling fan can help to circulate the air in the space, so you can still enjoy your covered porch on those muggy August days. 

2. Stately Wraparound Porch

Wraparound porch in front of stately home
Photo: ghornephoto / Getty Images

This grand wraparound porch continues from the entryway to the side of the home, with a circular alcove, giving you different vantage points to admire views. The hanging bench swing strategically placed in the corner provides a perfect spot to enjoy a cup of tea or a captivating book.  

3. Toasty Fireplace

Outdoor fireplace in covered porch
Photo: David Papazian / Getty Images

Upgrade the covered porch space by investing in an outdoor built-in fireplace. This addition can take your outdoor living area from a seasonal space to usable year-round. The floor-to-ceiling masonry work on this piece is a practical investment that provides a visual point of interest.

4. Screened-In Porch

Girl sitting on iPad in a screened-in porch
Photo: The Good Brigade / Getty Images

Immerse yourself in the great outdoors—without the mosquito bites and rainstorms. Enclosing a porch gives you the ability to breathe in the fresh air, without the peskier elements of outdoor living. 

5. Grand Columns

Columns on front porch
Photo: plusphoto/a.collectionRF / Getty Images

If you have beams on your covered porch that aren’t load-bearing, consider upgrading them to give your outdoor living space a facelift. The best part? You can often find decorative column wraps to install over your existing beams, made from various materials, such as faux wood, aluminum, PVC, and vinyl—so you don’t have to take anything down to update the look.

6. Pull-Down Shade

Woman working in covered porch with pull-down shade
Photo: Martin Puddy / Getty Images

Like the idea of a screened-in porch, but still want the option of complete exposure to the outdoors? Opt for a pull-down shade to get the best of both worlds. Keep it shut when it’s raining or during peak mosquito season and open it up when you want to let more light in.

7. Airy Curtains

Covered patio with green curtains with water views.
Photo: Vostok / Getty Images

Another way to enclose a covered porch is to install curtain rods, and hang sheer curtains. This way, you can still take in the views but with an added layer of privacy and protection from the outdoor elements.

Patio Furniture for Your Covered Porch

Check out some different furniture pieces to add to your covered porch, so you can get the best use of the space.

8. Hanging Swing

White porch swing hanging from front porch
Photo: Steve Smith / Getty Images

You can find porch swings in a variety of materials and colors, but there’s something classic and timeless about a white wooden rocker suspended from the front porch. Make this your designated relaxation spot while you sway to and fro, taking in the sights and sounds of the neighborhood.

9. Oversized Dining Table

 Large dining table under covered porch in backyard
Photo: Vostok / Getty Images

If the space allows, make your covered porch a central location to enjoy a meal. Equip the space with a large and expansive dining table to be the go-to spot for al fresco dinner parties. The rustic design of this dining set incorporates natural elements, such as the live edge wooden table and tree branch patterned tables to complement the outdoorsy setting. 

10. Tiered Planter

Tiered planter stand on covered veranda
Photo: andrey / Adobe Stock

A tiered planter can embellish an empty corner space, or give new life to an unused nook. Accessorize the stand with your favorite pots to show off your bright annuals and lush greens.

11. Breezy Hammock

Yellow outdoor hammock in backyard
Photo: isaac74 / Adobe Stock

Take a load off, and opt for a relaxing hammock when choosing furniture pieces for your covered porch. The best part? You don’t need to have trees to suspend the hammock from and can attach it to the beams of your porch instead. 

12. Classic Rocking Chairs

Green wooden rocker with cat looking out front storm door
Photo: Melissa Ross / Getty Images

Invest in pieces that bring you joy. For example, this sturdy wooden rocking chair is both rich in craftsmanship and color, and ties the entryway together by matching the emerald green storm door.

13. Concrete Fire Pit

Concrete fire pit under large covered porch
Photo: irina88w / Getty Images

Don’t feel limited to only using your outdoor space when the temperatures are agreeable. Bring on the warmth (and visual appeal) with a sturdy, concrete-based fire pit. Compared to a natural wood-burning fire pit, propane or gas is a safer alternative when placing it under a covered porch, as they don’t release smoke or embers. Remember to always check with your local municipality and the fire pit manufacturer before installing it.

14. Conversation Settee

Conversation settee in outdoor living area
Photo: KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

This low-to-the-ground conversation settee, accompanied by poufs and a coordinating coffee table, provides plenty of seating space to host backyard barbecues all summer long. 

Covered Porch Color Concepts

Browse through some color schemes to use when designing your covered porch. 

15. Sunny Yellows

 Yellow color scheme on covered porch
Photo: wanderluster / Getty Images

Cheer up your outdoor living space by infusing it with yellow accents and furniture. The lively yellow chair, throw pillows, and side table in this space pop against the lush greenery and neutral colors of the covered porch area.

16. Bold Blues

Front porch with blue paint color scheme
Photo: Joanna McCarthy / Getty Images

Make a splash by integrating a vivid blue paint color into your design. Choose blue furniture, and continue the color onto the window and door trim. Painting the porch floor blue adds character and depth to an otherwise ordinary area. 

17. Pops of Color 

Front porch design with flower box and painted front door
Photo: Jason Finn / Getty Images

Find subtle ways to bring bursts of color into your covered porch to jazz up the space. This lime green door, together with bright purple and orange mums, provides that “wow factor” against the neutral slate blue siding.

18. Elegant Neutrals

Neutral color pallet in covered back porch area
Photo: Lee Edwards/KOTO / Getty Images

A neutral color scheme brings a stylish and refined aesthetic to any space, and is soothing to the eye. Shades of cream, brown, and ivory blend together, creating a perfect setting to unwind in while you’re watching the sun go down.

19. Crisp Whites

Covered porch with white furniture
Photo: Malory / Getty Images

This covered porch area uses bright white to open up the space and make it feel larger. This shade angled from the house creates a semi-permanent porch covering, and the vivid white reflects the sun, so you won’t mind staying outside, even on the hottest days.

20. Contrasting Beams

 Family relaxing on covered porch with painted beams
Photo: Porta / Getty Images

Repaint your beams or pillars a contrasting color to bring an unexpected twist to the space. The dark emerald green pairs well with the cream stucco color of the home, while accentuating the natural architectural elements of the support beams.

Accessories and Decorating Ideas for Your Covered Porch

Sprinkle in some accessories and accents, such as lights or greenery, to make the outdoor living space your own.

21. Quaint Flower Boxes 

Flower boxes hung on front covered porch
Photo: Perry Mastrovito / Getty Images

If you have a railing attached to your covered porch, accentuate it with some flower boxes. Not only is this the perfect height for watering them, but it’s an easy way to boost the curb appeal. Paint the flower boxes an unexpected color, or match them to your front door to tie the exterior space together.

22. Colorful Lanterns

Colorful lanterns hung from covered porch
Photo: Mint Images / Getty Images

Mini round paper string lights can brighten up any space, and add an element of surprise to your porch. Both fun and practical, they can help to take the outdoor fun from day into night.

23. Illuminating String Lights

String lanterns hung from pergola
Photo: Andriy Blokhin / Adobe Stock

Another type of string light to consider are these mini lanterns, suspended from the canopy from a pergola. The lantern’s enclosure makes these lights a more permanent addition, and they can be used year-round, especially if you opt for commercial-grade. 

24. Wall-Mounted Vertical Planter

Vertical planter on outdoor porch
Photo: Chinnachote / Adobe Stock

If you have a green thumb but lack the space for an expansive garden, designate a planter wall in a covered porch area instead. Staggered planters use up valuable vertical space and make outdoor gardening an attainable goal for even the smallest of outdoor areas. Opt for classic ferns, or create a DIY herb garden to enjoy fresh ingredients with your al fresco meals.

25. Portable Space Heater

 Outdoor chairs next to portable space heater
Photo: ziss / Adobe Stock

Linger a little longer on your covered porch with a space heater, especially on those warm days that turn into cool nights in the spring and fall. This standing bronze propane heater adds instant warmth, so you can keep the conversation flowing after the sun sets. 

26. Climbing Greenery

Climbing greenery on beams of porch
Photo: kane091 / Adobe Stock

Adorn beams, pillars, or railings with climbing greenery to add color and a point of interest to your porch. The vertical plants climbing the pillars of this entryway create symmetry, while breaking up the white-and-black color scheme. 

27. Outdoor TV

Outdoor TV and fireplace under covered porch
Photo: PC Photography / Getty Images

What’s better than watching a Friday night flick with friends and family? Watching it under the stars in front of a cozy outdoor fireplace. You can opt for a specific weatherproof TV to keep your guests entertained—or shop around for an outdoor enclosure for a TV you may already have.

Covered Porch Themes and Aesthetics

You can continue the overall style of your home to your outdoor living space, or introduce a completely different design aesthetic you’ve had your eye on.

28. Cozy Cabin Theme

Covered patio with adirondack chairs and stone fire pit
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

Take inspiration from the modern-cabin aesthetic, and carry it to your covered porch. Equip the space with plenty of Adirondack chairs, faux-wood textures, and a stone fire pit for marshmallow toasting.

29. Bohemian Aesthetic

Bohemian covered porch seating area
Photo: Lorado / Getty Images

Give your outdoor escape some bohemian flair by incorporating mixed textures, combining old and new pieces, and adding in carefree patterns. Natural elements such as fresh flowers, lush greenery, and rustic wooden furniture tie the space together.

30. Modern Design

Covered porch with seating area and hot tub
Photo: David Papazian / Getty Images

Opt for a modern porch design in your outdoor living space by using a black-and-white color pallet, choosing furniture with clean lines, and embracing minimalism by purposefully picking out practical pieces. When you’re envisioning the layout of the porch area, consider the other features of the yard, such as this hot tub, and design the pathways around how you want to direct the foot traffic. 

31. Coastal-Inspired

Lakeside covered porch area with outdoor furniture
Photo: PC Photography / Getty Images

Bring the beach to you by creating a seaside-inspired retreat in your backyard. Blue and white accents, combined with sandy-colored furniture pieces and striped patterns, set the tone for a nautical escape you’ll look forward to coming back to every day. 

32. Outdoor Bar

Outdoor bar under covered porch
Photo: Martina Birnbaum / Getty Images

Host unforgettable soirées at your home by building a bar into your covered porch, using the beams as reference points. This L-shaped layout provides enough space for a built-in grill, so you can get to enjoying some veggie skewers while sipping on your favorite spirits.

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