How Much Does a Garage Door Cost?

Normal range: $749 - $1,641

The average garage door costs $1,193 to install, but can run between $749 and $1,641 depending on material and style.

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Updated December 5, 2022
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The garage door is one of the first things you notice about a home. The cost of garage door installation will depend on a few factors, such as how wide the door is, what type of material you’re using, and where you live. A new garage door costs $1,193, but it ranges between $749 and $1,641 depending on a few factors—like the door’s material, size, and style.

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How we get this data
Normal range for U.S.
$749 - $1,641
  • Average
  • $1,193
  • Low end
  • $250
  • high end
  • $2,500

Garage Door Installation Cost Factors

Garage doors are highly customizable, so prices will vary depending on the size and complexity of the installation. Let's take a look.

New Garage Door vs. Replacement Door

As we mentioned above, garage door replacement costs can run anywhere from $749 to $1,641. But what if you're adding a garage door for the first time? Brand new garage doors—such as when added to the other side of a garage or to the main structure of your home to open onto a patio—can cost up to $4,000. 

The extra cost accounts for the alterations to the structure and for installing new hardware. In other words, you may be able to save money when simply replacing a garage door if the major hardware is still intact and adaptable to your new model.

Size of the Door

Estimate the cost of installing a garage door by considering the size of your garage, the size of the door, and how many doors you need. 

One, two, and three-car garage designs will either include one large door or individual doors for each vehicle. For example, an individual wide door will cost less on average than several single-car doors in a row since they require less hardware and labor. 

  • 1-car garage: $500 – $2,500

  • 2-car garage with a single or double door: $750 – $4,000

  • 2-car garage with two single doors: $1,100 – $4,700

  • 3-car garage with one single and one double door: $1,300 – $6,400

  • 3-car garage with three single doors: $1,600 – $7,000


While many professionals include the hardware in your estimate, breaking down the prices can help you get a clearer picture of garage door replacement costs. As we mentioned above, you may not need to replace the tracks, springs, and motors if your current hardware is in good shape.

  • Springs: $150

  • Hinges: $100

  • Bolts: $100

  • Tracks: $400

  • Lock: $250

Type of Garage Door

Garage door design greatly impacts your home's curb appeal and your garage storage space when the door is in the open position. If your garage has low ceilings, you can opt for French or sliding doors that open to the sides. Otherwise, tilt-up doors are the most common and will range in price depending on if they are manual or automatic. Here are a few common prices to consider.

6 garage door types compared by costs, with a walk-through ranging from $700 to $5,000

Door Material

Every garage door material has its advantages. Some are more durable against wind, rain, and dents, while others are simply more aesthetically pleasing. You will also find materials like wood composite doors that stand up against moisture but imitate the look of real wood grain. Glass garage doors are best for making a stylish statement and letting in as much light as possible. 

Here's how the garage door material affects the cost of installation.

  • Aluminum: $700 – $2,000

  • Fiberglass: $1,000 – $2,100

  • Steel: $600 – $2,000

  • Wood: $700 – $1,800

  • Wood Composite: $950 – $3,700

  • Faux Wood: $950 – $4,100

  • Vinyl: $1,000 – $2,600

Custom or Stock

Choosing a stock garage door is a great way to cut costs without sacrificing sleek design. Stock doors may already feature windows, specialized finishes, and fit with your current hardware. Custom garage door costs will likely run higher, between $1,000 and $5,000 more than a stock door, but may better blend with your home's aesthetic.


On average, the cost of installing a single door will cost about $300 for labor alone but range up to $500 on average for more complex jobs. Add on the cost of an electrician for between $50 and $100 per hour for automatic doors that need new wiring. 


Garage door installation costs compared by 5 U.S. regions, with the Northwest averaging the highest at $1,400
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As always, where you live can tip the scales of garage door installation prices. The local cost of living, demand for garage door parts, and how far you live from your local installation team can affect the price. For example, you may pay a travel fee between $25 and $200 if you live in a remote area. 

Overall, here are how garage door costs can vary by each region.

  • Northeast: $930 – $1,800

  • Southeast: $1,000 – $1,750

  • Southwest: $500 – $1,200

  • Midwest: $650 – $1,550

  • Northwest: $900 – $1,900

Additional Costs to Consider

There are just a small handful of surprise costs that come with the price of installing a garage door, but each can make up at least a tenth of the overall cost. 

Door Opener

Debating whether you want to lift open the garage door on your own or click a button from the comfort of your car? The cost of installing an automatic garage door opener will add anywhere from $370 to $850 on top of the cost of the garage door itself. The type of opener, the motor's horsepower, and added accessories like sensors and lights can increase this.


Inspect your garage door for issues at least once a year and perform basic DIY garage door maintenance to keep it in good shape. When the time comes to call a professional, the cost of repairing a garage door is much lower than a full replacement at an average of $150 to $350.


Do you need your old garage door hauled away after installing a new one? Your installation company may add an average of $50 to the bill for this service.

Cost to Install a Garage Door Yourself

Installing a garage door on your own is an advanced DIY project, and often unadvisable. The doors and hardware are very heavy and can be dangerous to maneuver when attaching them overhead. If you attempted the installation on your own, the cost of the door and hardware would be only $400 to $1,500. However, incorrect installation can be dangerous and costly down the line. The garage door cost installed by a professional may be higher, but a better deal overall. 

For best results, we recommend working with a local garage door installation team that can ensure the project is done right.

Common Garage Door Add-Ons

You get to decide how many bells and whistles to choose for your garage door. If these fall within the cost of building a new garage, door add-ons may come down the design of the rest of the structure.   


Insulating the door can control the temperature inside your garage as well as keep cold drafts from drifting inside your home. Some insulation also helps with dampening sound—ideal for that garage band you've been dreaming of starting. 

Some stock doors come with insulation for an extra $200 to $600 on average, though you can add insulation to old garage doors as well. Costs for labor and materials range from $50 to $500 depending on if you opt for one of the following varieties.

  • Fiberglass insulation (DIY kit): $50 – $100

  • Polystyrene insulation: $100 – $200

  • Polyurethane insulation: $200 – $500


Doors that come with windows or include custom windows cost an average of $1,600 per door, though this will vary depending on the style, size, and number of windows.

Extra Remotes

Does your home have lots of cars coming and going throughout the day? Keep a spare garage door opener in each car for between $20 and $60 per extra opener.

How to Save Money When Installing Garage Door

Opting for a stock garage door is the best way to cut costs for a new garage door. Stock options still offer a wide range of styles to match your home's design, without the extra $1,000 to $5,000 in custom work.

You can also DIY small parts of the installation without putting yourself at risk by taking on the whole thing yourself. For example, install fiberglass insulation on your door yourself for just $50 to $100. You can also perform ongoing garage door maintenance to avoid having to replace your door in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions

A professional will schedule between four and seven hours for installation, but custom designs can take several weeks to order and complete depending on material availability. You may also have to wait a few weeks to a few months after ordering the garage doors before they arrive from the manufacturer.

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