7 Best Window Styles for Homes of All Shapes and Sizes

Leah Lopez Cardenas
Updated June 27, 2022
Family sitting in large window seat
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Match your new windows to your home’s existing architecture to give it an eye-catching and functional upgrade

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Home windows are available in an extensive selection of shapes, styles, and decorative options, including grids and decorative glass. While new windows always make a visual impact, you can take your curb appeal to the next level by choosing windows that perfectly complement the type of house you live in.

If you’re looking for inspiration as you consider new or replacement windows, below is a list of some of the best types of windows for eight popular home styles from the medieval-inspired Tudor home to the cozy, charming Chalet.

1. Tudor Homes

Tudor style house
Photo: Spiroview Inc. / Adobe Stock

The Tudor is an intriguing home style that looks as if it came from a fairytale storybook. A Tudor home generally features a steeply pitched roofline and decorative half-timbering on the exterior. These homes come in a variety of sizes and often contain doors that are made of wood boards. Many Tudor homes boast medieval-inspired characteristics, such as intricate door hardware.

These homes are quite flexible in terms of choosing window style. Casement windows can beautifully complement this home style, and they’re a great alternative to the classic double hung. Casement windows open at the hinge with a crank out handle, and you can add a true Tudor look and feel by adding diamond grids or geometric decorative glass. Stick to dark color options for your framing to achieve the classic Tudor appearance.

2. Cottage-Style Homes

White cottage house and yard
Photo: Douglas Keister / Getty Images

Possibly the most charming of all home styles, cottage homes are exactly what they sound like—with a cozy, quaint design incorporating Earth tones and the growing cottagecore home design trend which was popularized during the pandemic.

Cottage homes have an open floor plan, gabled roof, and either large bay windows or dormer windows depending on the number of stories and natural views around the home.

3. Craftsman Homes

Green cottage front yard
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

Craftsman homes are known for their clean, simple lines and use of high-quality natural materials including stone and wood. They feature low-pitched or gabled roofs with overhanging eaves typically covering a large front porch. On the interior of a Craftsman home, you’ll typically find exposed beams, open floor plans and more natural materials that are carried over from the exterior of the home.

When you look at a Craftsman home, you’ll often see windows that are grouped in twos and threes. These windows are often double hung windows with decorative details such as grids. However, casement windows or picture windows also work well with this home. Stylistic details play a big role in the Craftsman home, so don’t forget to include decorative features with your windows.

4. Contemporary Homes

Picture window looking at yard
Photo: Erik Snyder / Getty Images

Contemporary homes are vastly different from Tudors and Craftsmans, but this style is perfect for those who love sunlight and want an extensive view of the outdoors. Contemporary homes typically feature a lot of glass, which ultimately means these homes have many windows.

You’ll find that some contemporary homes boast floor-to-ceiling windows, which are typically large picture windows. These windows are fixed and offer uninterrupted views of the outdoors while brightening the home’s interior. Other excellent window options for contemporary homes include slider windows, geometric windows, and even sliding glass doors.

5. Colonial Homes

Stone colonial house and landscaping
Photo: qingwa / Getty Images

Colonial-style homes are a prime example of classic American architecture, featuring a rectangular shape with symmetrical, multi-paned windows, a centrally-located front door, and a sloped roof (often with dormers). They frequently have multiple stories with a grand staircase running through the middle of the interior.

Double hung or casement windows are commonly found on these homes. And there can be a lot of them—there are usually nine or more windows on the facade of the house alone. 

6. Ranch-Style Homes

Ranch house with picture window
Photo: Jason / Adobe Stock

Ranch or rambler homes are usually single story and simply designed. However, they often feature picture windows as the most extravagant detail. Picture windows let in lots of natural light but can’t be opened. If you’re someone who loves to open up the windows for fresh air, awning or sliding windows might be a better fit. They’re also a little easier on the budget if you’re looking to replace many windows at once. 

7. Chalet-Style Homes

Large family room with large picture window
Photo: Victor zastol'skiy / Adobe Stock

Typically found in mountainous regions, chalet homes tend to have big statement windows that frame the beautiful views surrounding them while letting in lots of natural light. Good replacement window options for this type of house include floor-to-ceiling picture windows (aka fixed windows) or bay windows.

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