7 Simple Tips To Update Your Front Door

Lauren Wellbank
Written by Lauren Wellbank
Updated August 18, 2021
Front porch of home with stained door
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Your home's curb appeal will get an instant upgrade with these seven tips for a front door refresh

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Updating your home’s front door can be an easy and inexpensive way to make a major impact on your curb appeal. Many homes are designed with the entryway set near the middle of the front of the house, naturally drawing attention. This means even a small change to your front door can make a big difference to the way the rest of your exterior looks.

Changes like a fresh coat of paint, hiring a local handyman to install new hardware, and even adding a new wreath can all offer an instant facelift (without lifting too much of your hard-earned money) to your property. And the best part: You don’t even have to be a design pro or overly handy to make most of the upgrades on this list.

1. Update Your Door’s Paint Color

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way on a door that’s still in pretty good shape. As long as there are no structural issues (like cracks, chipping paint, or dents), updating your door is as easy as a stroll down your nearest paint aisle. 

When it comes to choosing the best color for your door, it’s really up to personal preference. You can opt for bold colors like red or blue, or stick with neutral favorites like gray or white, just as long as you remember to purchase them in an exterior blend (any paint you put on your front door will need to be specially designed to hold up to the elements).

2. Add Plants and Flowers Around Your Door

Beautiful home with front porch
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If you’re already happy with your door’s color, try adding a collection of plants on either side of your doorway. For a big impact, opt for plants and planters of differing heights, which will allow you to create a little depth to the area. 

You can pick bold colored flowers, verdant greens, or focus on seasonal flowers that you can change out frequently for a quick refresh. Just make sure you’re keeping your planters strictly on either side of your door frame—otherwise, your flower pots can go from generating visual interest to a potential tripping hazard.

3. Add a New Light Fixture to Your Porch

Upgrading your existing overhead light fixtures, or adding some if you don’t currently have any, can create a more inviting appearance, especially at night. A well-lit doorway will not only look welcoming, but it can also give you a bit more safety and security. 

If you’re picking out a new lighting fixture, be sure to decide ahead of time how you’ll want the light around your door to cast. Some fixtures will cast light directly below where they hang, while others will help illuminate your yard as well. If you’re unsure which is the best fit for your home, consider contacting a local lighting expert to discuss your options.

4. Replace Your Front Door Hardware

Door knockers, house numbers, hinges, and doorknobs can all start to look a little worse for the wear after years of exposure to the elements. Removing your door’s old hardware and replacing it with fresh pieces can change the whole look of your door, especially if you’re giving those pieces a major upgrade. 

Consider replacing a traditional turn-style knob with a digital keyless entry model or swapping a numerical house number for a one that spells the number out in an elegant script. Just remember: If you’re making a major hardware change, you might find yourself needing to touch up your paint job as well.

5. Swap Your Wreath and Mat

Keep your home’s entryway looking fresh and inviting by coordinating your doormat and wreath with the seasons. You can update them with the holidays or keep things simple and change them with the seasons. With wreaths and doormats available at all price points, this is a quick and easy change that you can make frequently throughout the year.

6. Replace Your Door

Green painted front door to a suburban house
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If your door is cracked, or you’re looking to make a major change, you can replace it entirely. There are plenty of doors on the market today that can make a big impact—like large statement pieces made from glass and wrought iron or double-hung styles. 

Most home improvement stores carry a selection in store, allowing you to see how they look in person. Many stores will even have someone come out and install it for you for a price. The average cost of installing or replacing a front door ranges from $475 to $1,560, including labor.

7. Add Trim or a Frame to Your Door

Consider adding trim around your door to highlight the space. The right trim can really emphasize the things you love about your door (use a contrasting color trim to make your door’s existing color pop) or minimize the things you don’t (opting for trim that is the same color as your door can make your entryway appear larger). Wood trim is an easy-to-install option, but there are many materials to choose from, like brick, stone, and vinyl.

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