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Water and Smoke DamageHomeowners and Renters Insurance
House fires are a disaster that no one wants to experience. Learn the steps to help limit further damage to your home after a fire and to get through the claims process.
Pipe leaking.
Common Plumbing ProblemsWater and Smoke Damage
Knowing a few basic plumbing tips and tricks can help you greatly reduce possible damage to your home from a plumbing problem.
Homeowners often suffer from tree damage after major storms. Though not all instances can be prevented, diseased and dying limbs should be removed prior to the storms arrival. (Photo courtesy of Angie’s List members James and Jody G.)
Water and Smoke DamageTrees
Tornadoes and hurricanes too often claim lives because homeowners didn't heed the warnings of the National Weather Service and local officials.
Do you have flood insurance? How about additional coverage for sewer backups? If you don’t know the answers, review the details of your home’s insurance policy. (Photo courtesy of Woodard's Cleaning & Restoration Services)
Water and Smoke DamageSewer and Main Drains
If your basement has ever flooded or been damaged by water, you know just how stressful a flood can be. Follow these simple tips to help keep your basement dry.
RemodelRoofing RepairsHomebuilderWater and Smoke DamageHomeowners and Renters Insurance
After the devastating tornadoes that ravaged Oklahoma City and Moore, residents are starting to sift through the damage and rebuild their homes.