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  • Flowing water from shower

    Why Does My Hot Water Run Out Quickly?

    If your hot water runs out fast, you've got a problem with your heating system—it's either broken, inefficient, or just not big enough for your family. Find out why you're running out of hot water and what to do about it with our handy guide.

  • Man fixing water heater

    How Do I Turn Off My Water Heater's Gas Supply?

    If you smell gas around your water heater, you should shut off the gas immediately in case you have a leak. Follow our guide to easily and efficiently turn off the gas supply to a water heater and the gas supply to your entire home.

  • Father and son wash dishes in the kitchen sink

    Why Installing a Water Heater Yourself Is Rarely The Right Move

    Watch one how-to video and you may think installing a water heater is a doable weekend task. But forgoing a pro can leave you open to a mountain of financial risk and also endanger your family. Find out why you should leave the job to a licensed plumber.

  • Solar panels on the roof of a house

    Everything You Need To Know About Solar Water Heaters

    Find out what a solar hot water heater is, how it works, and if it can save you money. Our expert guide gives you all the information you need to know if a solar water heater is the right choice for your home and how you can use one.

  • Running water from a faucet over a sink

    6 Signs Your Water Heater Is About to Fail

    You’re wondering whether noises from your hot water heater or room-temperature water is a problem. Learn the signs your water heater is about to fail and what to do about them so you don’t miss out on a single hot shower or load of towels.

  • A woman washing her hands in the kitchen sink

    Top 5 Homeowner Concerns About Boilers Explained

    Is your boiler behaving normally? These five questions about boilers will help you detect boiler problems before they cause big trouble.

  • A woman testing the water temperature of the kitchen sink

    7 Ways to Ensure Your Water Is Always Hot

    Waiting for your water to get hot is a drag that also wastes water. But how do you speed up the process? Read on to make sure your water heater always gives you hot water.

  • Woman checking temperature touching running water

    3 Reasons Your Water Heater Burner Isn’t Working (and How to Fix It)

    What does it mean if your burner won't turn on when your water heater's pilot light is on? By checking a few key elements, you may be able to solve this problem easily.

  • Mother and son washing dishes together

    Which Is Better for Your Home: A Gas or Electric Water Heater?

    Gas and electric water heaters have some fundamental differences in terms of their operation, costs, and efficiency. Understanding more about their pros and cons will help you decide which type of water heater is better for your home.

  • Mom and daughter wash dishes at kitchen sink

    How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Tankless Water Heater?

    Whether you’re buying a tankless water heater or need to repair one, check out the labor and material costs and learn what repairs you can handle on your own.

  • Mom washes hands with toddler in the bathroom

    How Big Should My Tankless Water Heater Be?

    How big your tankless water heater should be depends on what appliances you use, your desired temperature, and the size of your home. In some cases, you may want to install multiple tankless heaters throughout the house.

  • A tiled shower stall in a bathroom

    Here's How to Light Your Water Heater

    If your gas water isn’t working properly, one of the first things you should do is to check and see if the heater’s pilot light is out. We’ll cover how to light a water heater pilot light safely and how to keep maintaining your water heater.

  • bathroom shower head spraying hard water

    Here’s How to Protect Your Pipes From Hard Water and High Pressure

    Plumbing problems got you down? Keep reading to learn how to diagnose and protect your pipes from hard water, high water pressure, and related issues.

  • water heater valves

    How to Keep Your Water Heater from Exploding

    Can your water heater explode? Learn why properly functioning temperature and pressure relief valves and regular maintenance keep water heater blasts at bay.

  • Shower head with water running

    What is a Boiler Room?

    Find out what a boiler room is, what happens in a boiler room, and what safety precautions you need to take if you have a boiler room in your home. Our expert guide walks you through boiler room basics, including location and purpose.