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  • Finished basement

    3 Basement Waterproofing Methods That’ll Help Protect Your Home From Damage

    There’s no worse feeling than seeing water in your basement. But a little prevention, from sealing to drainage, can help avoid a wet disaster. Learn the best ways to waterproof your basement, and which method is the right one for your home.

  • House with walk-out basement

    20 Basement and Foundation Terms Every Homeowner Should Know

    Your home’s foundation, including the basement, quite literally holds up the rest of the house. Learn 20 basement and foundation terms every homeowner should know (or at least bookmark, so they’re here when you need them!).

  • Family room in basement

    Why Waterproofing Your Basement Is a Valuable Home Improvement

    What’s the return on investment for basement waterproofing? From securing windows to sealing cracks, waterproofing your basement can help prevent mold and flooding, and lower your energy bills. Learn the ROI of this home improvement.

  • House exterior

    How Much Does It Cost to Encapsulate a Crawl Space?

    Crawl space encapsulation costs depend on factors such as the quality of your crawl space, your home’s size, and the services you request. Crawl space encapsulation can also improve the quality of the home and prevent long-term damage.

  • Basement living room interior

    How Much Does It Cost to Waterproof a Basement?

    When calculating the cost to waterproof your basement, you need to factor in much more than just a can of waterproof paint. We’ve rounded up the top types of waterproofing projects and how much they cost so you can figure out your budget.

  • Two friends playing video games in basement

    Basement Waterproofing 101

    Sometimes, simple preventative steps, such as routine gutter cleaning, can be enough to keep water out of your basement. But, depending on the problem, you may have to consider a combination of basement waterproofing solutions.

  • Water leaking onto hardwood floor

    How Fast Can Water Damage Ruin a Home?

    How fast can water damage ruin a home? Within the first 24 hours of a leak or flood, electronic damage, mold development, and even structural issues can occur. Can you repair water damage yourself or should you hire a pro? Learn more.

  • Child playing in a large puddle in the rain

    4 Noises Your Sump Pump Makes & Which Ones Mean Trouble

    Sump pump systems are essential when it comes to keeping water moving. Placed in the basement of most homes, sump pumps use a motor to move water out of your home. When they start making noise, it can be worrying, but not always a real problem.

  • home basement sump pump

    Does Your Home Need A Sump Pump?

    A sump pump is a must-have if your basement (or crawlspace) tends to flood—it will drain excess water and save your property from damage. Learn more about the different types of sump pumps and how they work to prevent flooding.

  • construction worker waterproofing the foundation of a house

    What Causes a Basement to Flood?

    Excessive rain or plumbing problems are two of the most common causes of basement flooding. If you have a frequently flooding basement, learn the causes so you can protect your property from water damage and maintain the value of your home.

  • How Much Does Repairing and Cleaning a Crawl Space Cost?

    Repairing and cleaning a crawl space costs an average of $6,000. Most job costs range between $1,500 and $15,000.

  • What's the best way to get rid of mold in a basement and prevent it from returning?

    Question by bigblett: Have traces of mold across parts of my basement walls. How is the best way to kill and remove it, and then to prevent it from coming back?

  • Outdoor spigot

    Winterize Your Outdoor Plumbing

    Winterize your outdoor faucets and pipes and irrigation systems early to prevent frozen pipes and the freeze-warning rush at your plumbing supply store.

  • Unfinished basement

    6 Questions to Ask a Basement Waterproofing Contractor

    If you need basement waterproofing work, make sure you ask your basement waterproofing contractor these key questions about licensing, experience and references

  • water-powered sump pump

    Why You Should Install a Water-Powered Sump Pump

    A water-powered back-up sump pump can operate without electrical or battery power, making it an ideal back-up choice if your regular power source is ever lost.