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Bethlehem Home Repairs Improvement & Remodeling

Founded 1999 • With Angi since September 2011


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186 Hudson Ave .

Delmar, NY 12054


Locally owned & operated....

Verified Reviews

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Akma S.

OMG!! There is not enough room here to tell. I will try. This guy Mark, fantastic. First of all he told me he did not service Troy N.Y. however if I was dire straights he would see what he could do. I told him the truth. I had called at least 8 providers. many were busy. another never returned my calls. One provider came to the house and saw more that needed to be done and gave me a written estimate. That provider called me a week later and asked me had made up my mind. when I told this provider, I just wanted what was loose re-nailed he said, we can do that too but never returned after I set a date with him.. Mark, said could come Saturday or Sunday. He called me back to firm up plans. He called before arriving and did a nice job. Now, Mark was not aware I know families in Bethlehem however, Mark is a smart business person. Word of mouth goes far. You BETCHA!! Thanks Mark..

Description of Work
Nailed some loose siding to the house

Category remodeling



Merelyn S.

Dave's workmanship is always of the highest quality. He and his men cleaned up each day when the completed the days work. Dave has done work on our house before and we would not hesitate to hire him again. his only downfall was getting to the job when he said he would, some of the time.

Description of Work
Install a new window.

Category remodeling, replacement windows, woodworking



Thomas C.

Work completed in a timely manner. Job was done carefully; results enhance appearance of home. Bethlehem Home Repair cleaned area thoroughly after finishing installation of windows.

Description of Work
Replaced windows in residence

Category remodeling, replacement windows

Service Provider Response

It was a real pleasure work for [member name removed]. We are looking forward to our next project with him!


lynn B.

The attention to detail was fantastic. The workers were polite and respectful. They called Ito tell me the expected date and time they would arrive and they were spot on. I would recommend them to friends.

Description of Work
He repaired the front steps that were crumbled brick

Category remodeling

Service Provider Response

[member name removed] was a pleasure to work with. Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to work with her again in the near future.


Robert M.

It would take maybe 3 minutes to write they can’t do the job. One wonders how much they really care and try to please the customer.

Description of Work
They are supposedly an Angie’s List “email provider”, so sent an email request thru Angie’s List for an estimate to scrape and paint a two story house. I asked specifically to please advise if interested or if not interested. .Its been 10 days and NO reply. Maybe there is a technical issue w/ the email system. Otherwise it appears they are too busy to bother with a reply

Category house painters

Service Provider Response

We have never had communication with this customer. Perhaps he has us confused with another company.


Dong-ha C.

This happened before I was a member of Angie?s List. I hired Bethlehem Home Repair (owned by Dave Palmer) after checking BBB. He had an A+ reputation on BBB, so I felt some comfort that he was a reputable contractor. The scope of my project was some minor interior alterations and windows replacement. The interiors portion of the project was completed without incident. The BHR placed an order for my windows, with my material deposit. BHR informed me of the expected date of delivery for the windows, and work stopped until the windows arrived. When the day of the anticipated window arrival came, I contacted BHR to see if they had indeed arrived and when BHR could start installation. Dave Palmer had informed me that he was going to have some medical procedures done but that he should be out of commission for no longer than a weekend or so. Unfortunately, this was not the case and he was in fact out of commission for many weeks. BHR did not have any back up mechanism in place to communicate with me during his absence. My numerous phone calls and e-mails went unreturned, and I was left to wonder what had happened, and whether my material deposit was in jeopardy. Finally, Dave Palmer called me again and informed me that he had been out much longer than he anticipated because of some unexpected medical complications, and that he was now ready to resume work again. The window installation was completed without further incident and I paid BHR in full for services rendered. In conclusion, BHR showed poor communications skills during my project. I don?t fault Dave for being out of commission for medical reasons. However, BHR did not have a lieutenant or anyone else who kept me up to date on the status of my project or continue the work in Dave?s absence. They were reliant entirely on the initiative of Dave Palmer to show up and execute the work. When anything kept Dave Palmer from doing his job, his clients suffered as a result.

Description of Work
Minor Interior Alterations: Closet removal, dry wall patching, misc. flooring replacement. Provide and install replacement windows.

Category contractors, decks, drywall, electrician, garage doors, gutter repair, handyman service, insulation, plumbing, remodeling, roofing, siding, replacement windows, chimney repair, pressure washing, fireplaces, garage builders, skylights, woodworking, home remodeling, house painters, interior painters, doors, sunrooms, basement remodeling, driveway gates

Service Provider Response

I agree with the member entirely. The customer service portion of our business is our target this year. The areas where this customer indicated could show improvement are in reliability and communication. BHRIR has added a fulltime office team this past March. In less than a month, I have already noticed huge improvements in both these areas. I realize this customer and others posted here were not able to witness the improvement. However, their comments did not go unaddressed. Our reputation was one of the best but because of this past summer’s incident, our reputation has become tarnished. It will be a challenge to recover from but there are good things that did come from this experience In addition, no customer was abandoned, all were resolved; just not in a timely manner. This past year, as most already know, I underwent back surgery for a herniated disc. This health issue had been troubling me for quite some time; as early back as 2006. I tried to compensate this by hiring individuals I thought could do some of the work I often did myself. This experience barely met my expectations. However, I did gain maturity as a business owner and learned the value of customer appreciation and respect. I have also learned that these same values cannot be trusted with individuals who I have only known for a short period of time or to those who haven't even earned my trust. Local residents were very patient and understanding in my time of health problems. Their patronage has been greatly appreciated and I will try every way possible to return the favor. I can assure those who place their next request for repair, improvement or remodeling with our company that it will be handled with much more consideration for their choice to contact us.


Mary L. R.

That was the last we heard from them, despite multiple attempts to contact them for the estimate they'd promised.

Description of Work
This happened before I was a member of Angie's List. We asked this company if they'd be interested in providing an estimate for a major bathroom remodeing job. We thought it important to "buy local" and this company is in our town. After several emails, a phone call, a broken appointment (by them) and a suspicious excuse (I emailed you- didn't you get it?), we crossed them off our list. But then Dave Palmer had his brother-in-law (his work partner) call us to meet with us. The guy was pleasant, seemed to know his stuff, took measurements, sketched out an idea, and said he'd have Dave do a computer-assisted drawing and then provide us with a formal estimate within a few days.

Category remodeling, home remodeling

Service Provider Response

Unfortunately, this was during a time in which I was unavailable due to illness and/or surgeries. I never met nor communicated with this customer. The staff member indicated as "brother-in-law" has since left employment with our company. I do hope this customer found someone who performed quality work and to their satisfaction. My sincere apologies go out to this customer. I have since returned to work fulltime and have begun the process of rebuilding my reputation. This customer and others can contact me for referrals from customers whose problems with this individual have been resolved. Everyone, in their lifetime, has experienced a situation where they have asked sometime to care of matters during a time when they unable to. I must admit, I made this mistake three times in the past two years. It will take quite some time for our company to overcome the damage done. But the people, who really know me, know I will recover from this and rebuild a strong reputable business. I have already begun doing the right thing. I have made contact with many of the customers during my absence and made the corrections necessary for their satisfaction. Some may never call on my company again, but they will be able to say I addressed and/or resolved their concerns.


Andre C.

When the roof repair was done, I went outside when it was raining and could not believe it when I saw water dripping on my hand under the new soffit. There was a hole in the new roof valley that you could literally see daylight through! On a new roof! Dave said the guy who did the roof repair was a new hire. He said they would repair the hole. I asked him if we would be charged any extra, and he said no. The final bill did have additional charges for materials - he should have told us in advance if there were additional charges for materials. We signed a contract in September 2010 for this work to be done in October 2010. Dave was never able to do the job as scheduled, and then it got too cold outside and had to wait until next Spring. This job was finally finished seven months later in May 2011. We paid Dave in full for this job before the gutter was put back on. Without the gutter, water from the roof flowed into and flooded the crawl space under the kitchen. Dave wanted to postpone the gutter work. We told him we needed the gutter work done immediately, it was part of the job. It took a few calls to finally get him to send an employee over to put on the gutter. Dave was very hard to communicate with.

Description of Work
Dave Palmer was hired to fix a roof valley leak and to add a one foot roof overhang over a kitchen window.

Category gutter repair, roofing

Service Provider Response

1. This work was performed as soon as weather permitted in the spring of 2011. Visits were made to the home twice during the winter season to protect the window below and to remove snow/ice. The window damage was the reason for building the roof overhang. 2. The daylight this customer saw was before shingle had been applied and only a temporary surface was applied over the main roof area. Yes, the new overhang was left uncovered because it was new construction and was left this way for my inspection. The new worker was slow and incapable of finishing the work in my opinion. Once, I had become aware of this employees performance, I sent the requested carpenter to redo the construction and apply the roofing material. It took three days to do a one foot by three foot extension. When I inquired why, I was told that work had to be stopped several times so the customer could climb the ladder to look at the roof, spend time to take pictures of the attic roof area beneath and to discuss the possibilities for constructing this overhang. 3. The additional charges were for fascia repair to the rear of the home caused by the past winter ice storm. The customer knew they would be billed for replacing the fascia if it the work was more than just refastening the detached gutter. 4. At the time we built this overhang, we all agreed to install a new gutter later when the window seat construction would receive its new gutter. Because this customer complained of water in her crawl space, we agreed to return and install the old gutter; even though the old gutter no longer fitted properly. Time and material was spent modifying the old gutter so it would fit. The customer was never charged for this visit. This project was done in contract with other work we have addressed. I guess if you can break up the work performed under one contract into different areas of the home, you can file more than one complaint. It obviously will affect a company’s average rating and probably why this customer has chosen to do it this way.


Andre C.

We were very unhappy with Dave. The project was suppose to start in October 2010, but never started and then it got too cold and had to wait until next Spring. In March 2011 when the weather was warm enough we were emailed a new time frame for the deck stairs of April 25-26, 2011 by Dave's employee Peter. Then we kept getting more and more delays. The project was finally completed in July 2011 - 9 months late. Dave had oral surgery with complications during this project and communication was very difficult. When we reviewed the preliminary contract and drawings in September, we told Dave we wanted a beam under the deck modified so we could walk under the deck, which he noted in the signed contract. When the deck was to be built in June, Dave showed up with a new drawing showing the existing deck at 11'-11" wide when it was actually 10'-7" wide, (when he first measured our deck in October 2010, he measured it wrong, so he had this wrong measurement on a "layer" on his CAD drawing...) Because of the extra deck width and the wrong ground slope, there were fourteen steps shown in Dave's new construction drawing, and we only needed ten. When I complained that his construction drawing wasn't accurate, Dave told me that that's what I could "expect from $500 contractor drawings, these were not $5000 architecture drawings." Dave claimed he didn't need accurate drawings anyway, everything was worked out in the field, doing field verifications. Two employees, Matt and Zach, were left to build the new deck stairway with no accurate drawings while Dave recovered from surgery. They did the best they could, but at one point built a railing that was not parallel to the stairs - it dipped from 34" above the stairs to 23" above the stairs, which did not meet code. Then there was a big discussion over what the height of the railing over deck stairs should be. Dave Palmer showed up later and had Matt and Zack rebuild much of the work they already did. Even then, I found out months later, in October 2011, that the new stairway did not pass code. The town failed the stairs because of the open risers. I wanted the stairs to match the existing stairs on the existing deck, but if I had known that risers can't be open (the town inspector told me this code began in 2002) I would not asked that the deck stairs match what was existing. Dave's "solution" to this problem was that I'd pay him extra for the extra materials and he'd have his employees add on solid risers of 1 1/2" thick pressure treated lumber. He said they could be put permanently, or just "tacked on" and I could remove after the town's inspection. The problem is that the new lumber would make the stairs boxy, and take away the 1" nosing. This upcoming Spring I will hire another contractor to complete this work so my deck stairs have closed risers and will pass code. The stairs will need to be completely rebuilt so that there is a 1" nose on the steps.

Description of Work
We hired Dave Palmer to remove an steep staircase from our existing deck, and build a new, wider staircase to the side of the deck. A new 3 ft by 3 ft portion was also added to the existing deck.

Category decks

Service Provider Response

1. In December 2010, our company was working on a kitchen renovation project where infestation damage was discovered. This damage caused a serious conflict with starting this project. The customer was contacted and communication continued and included discussions for postponing the work until spring 2011. This delay was preceded by delays in selecting materials and design changes. There was no way we could have begun the project with this amount of uncertainty. 2. When we were ready to start in late April 2011, they were not. An Easter holiday vacation kept them from being home and in May we were asked not to start the deck alterations until some changes were made to the plans. Then a request was received to start the work after they returned from a vacation in August 2011. Each time an additional start delay was received; other customers took their place in the schedule. These customers may have had a whole host of new requests and work changes. Their delays became the delays for this customer! My surgery in June added complications and kept me from the responsibilities of communication. Pete, who was initially promoted to handle things in my absence, left for other employment where he would be compensated a great deal more than I could match. It took three weeks for me to return to my duties; still with ailments of another unresolved health issue. As other customers can contest, I immediately began addressing the communication and work delays upon my return. Most, if not all, were contacted and the issues resolved; including this customer! 3. The deck plans were submitted to the building department and were approved as this customer had requested. As this customer had indicated by email, their request for an open rise was submitted for approval. The photo sent of their existing deck stairs was attached to this email and to the construction drawings submitted. The existing stairs had an open rise. This was their argument to keep an open rise which opposed my suggestion for a closed rise. The Building Department can make this adjustment during an inspection and request that the oversight be corrected. 4. The plans submitted to this customer were for the work only and were to be used as a guide for construction. A larger rise was implemented on site. This differed from those proposed; which explains why the plans would indicate more steps to reach the top surface of the deck. It is common practice to verify all measurements during the work for accuracy and make the required adjustments in the field of work. This would also have to include options of construction proposed by the customer; including a last minute change from deck blocks and back to piers as originally planned. Supplying this customer full rear view and side view elevations was done as a courtesy. This request for accurate plans they requested were used to assist them with their planning for future renovations and siding work that they were going to perform themselves. After hours of additional time were spent on creating these elevation drawings for accuracy, we were told they didn’t help them and they redid the plans themselves. 5. The majority of the work graded in this report was performed by a carpenter we employed and they spoke of highly. He has used their compliments to boost his confidence and advance in his career. I am sure he would be surprised to read about his quality grading shown here on Angie's List. I have given him copies of their email praising him of his work along with their desire to wait for his return after recovering from his heart attack. They repeatedly requested his return to their project. He was out of work for six weeks to recover from a heart attack on Labor Day weekend. 6. I did ask each employee why the work took so long. Each one indicated that it was difficult to perform a full day’s work on a daily basis at this residence. Each employee said it became almost a daily routine to discuss the work for more than hour before they could get started or sometimes during the afternoon. The employees anticipated that each day would somehow have to include a discussion about the work completed the day. Mostly to critique it to some new change in the work or to meet some new element of concern. The stair railing is an exception. We both agreed the carpenter goofed and he felt bad that he had. However, after a consultation the work was corrected and they continued to request that this same carpenter be present to complete all the work. The help, except for one carpenter, grimaced once they learned they would be assigned work at this project. Not because these customers were not nice people. It was because they felt unproductive throughout the day and rushed at the end of the day to try to complete the work started late in the morning or interrupted in the afternoon. Granted this did not happen every day, but often enough to discourage momentum and productivity. 7. I will concede that communication was not at its best throughout this project. In our last meeting we had at their residence addressed this. We both agreed I was unable to perform my obligations as planned. I had become unable to appear in the field for work or supervision in late September. I had also just begun treatment that I later discovered was a misdiagnosis. I underwent two surgeries in November through December 2011 to address my health. During this time, most of the supervision of this job was left in the hands of this trusted carpenter. We had attempted to make the best of each delay and communication problem. If it were not for my health issues, I believe this project would have had the opportunity to meet all of their expectations and been completed to their satisfaction. But hindsight cannot change the decisions we both made. Overall, I believe the project turned out well and all but one problem has been resolved. This unresolved problem is one that happened after they paid in full for all the work performed and they chose not to contact us for correction. 8. Except for a three week period in late June to early July 2011, we maintained communication with this customer. Although there were delays, this customer was informed of them and why. Did they ever considered that the changes they were making and the work they added may cause a delay in starting the customers whose work was to follow the completion of their project? Our policy has always been to complete the job your on before starting the next one. Although we will work on communicating this better in the future, we will continue with doing one job to follow the completion of another. As a business owner, I will be contacting Angie's List to have this complaint reduced to one; since the work they decided to split into three complaints was actually one contract. This publicized complaint has been submitted to a mediator who specializes in these matters. I have also informed him that this customer continues to use email addresses they received in error to communicate with other customers of our company. I sincerely hope that this customer heeds to our warning and stops using these email addresses to contact other customers of our company. We believe their message is out they were not satisfied with our work or performance. We will learn from this; as should they.


Andre C.

Dave Palmer was horrible to deal with and we eventually hired a new contractor to finish this job. A contract was signed on September 2010, and work was suppose to start on October 15, 2010. We removed the interior fireplace ourselves on October 10, 2010 to start the project. This turned out to be a big problem as it left a hole in our house and turned out and Dave could not start the project when he promised. As days went on and the temperature dropped, we started getting very cold inside our house. We kept getting more and more delays, and were told in an November 2, 2010 email that "You are the next job I will start, I just need to finish the one I am on." Communication with Dave was very bad. By December 2011 we had to board up the fireplace opening with plywood and canned spray foam to keep the cold air out of our house. In Spring of 2011 it was warm enough to work, but we kept getting more delays. In March we were emailed a new work schedule by Dave's employee Peter that construction for the windowseat addition would start May 2 and end May 10, 2011. We kept getting more and more delays. Dave finally finished the exterior of the windowseat on December 2011 - fourteen months late. Dave had two back surgeries during this project. We did not find out this through him, but through his employees. Communication was difficult. We were not happy with the way the addition was framed. We expected straight construction, but Dave framed the addition askew, because he said the existing building was crooked. I would expect a new addition to be built straight and plumb. The rough openings for the side windows were built 1/2" too wide. The new Pella windows were installed without sill and pan flashing. We asked that the windows be removed, sill and pan flashing added as per Pella's installation manual, and the windows be put back in. The two side windows are very, very crooked in the openings because of the skew of the walls making them hard to open. We met with Dave on October 23, 2011 at our house and told him we were unhappy with him and the delays in the project and didn't want him to finish the project. It was an awkward meeting and I was very upset. We told him to finish the exterior, and we would hire others to finish the interior drywall, ductwork and electrical. Right now a new contractor is finishing the project and the new contractor is a pleasure to work with. We would never hire Dave Palmer again.

Description of Work
Dave Palmer was hired to remove an existing fireplace chase and use the joists that supported it to build a new windowseat with four windows and a gabled roof above. We did the demolition of the interior fireplace ourselves.

Category remodeling, replacement windows, architect

Service Provider Response

I became aware of this posting after being contacted by a number of customers after they received an unsolicited email from these members. Anyone who is interested in reviewing the email and letter communications with this customer, we have saved all and are able to supply copies of these upon request. My reputation as a local business owner and resident of the Town of Bethlehem are very important to me. We can provide numerous references of customers who are very satisfied with the service and quality work they received by me and the employees who work for me; including those who have had work performed during my absence for surgeries and healing. I will concede that delays and some of the re-work performed on this project were largely due to my absence from this project. Because of my health condition that began in late 2010 and continued throughout 2011, I was unable to start the work as promised and monitor it after it began. Unfortunately, because the members had chosen to patiently wait for my return, they also had to endure the delays. They could have, at a time of their choosing, quit the contract and go with another contractor, but they chose to wait. What is missing from the members comments is the bond that had been created during the working relationship and the fact that we did respond to every one of their concerns. I did have to hire new employees to perform work and supervision. Pete was hired to take over much of my field duties in 2011 because of my worsening health condition. The members did not make it an easy transition for Pete and I they chose to wait for my return. I remember sitting in this member’s yard suffering from excruciating back and leg pain to supervise the rebuilding of the deck stairs. Some of the work delays were to allow new employees to be trained and a trust created before allowing them to work at customers’ homes. The members were introduced to a newly hired carpenter who they bonded with as the work proceeded. The member praised the work performed by this carpenter and requested his return at every phase of this project. This newly hired carpenter, of 30 years in age, suffered a heart attack while performing work on this project, which caused this project to continue well into the fall months. I know what people must think, how bad could things get? He did return to complete this project after being absent for over a month. I would like to respond to the unsatisfactory/graded work mentioned in the member comments: 1. Each time the members were told their project was near to start, they were also advised they would be contacted a day or two in advance. If they had followed this advice, they would not have demolished the fireplace when they did. 2. Because Pete had difficulties working with the member, the project was postponed again. This was a decision made by the members. 3. The member knew of my back injury and offered me comfort when I visited her home. The members may not have known the extent of my injury until mid-2011, but neither did I. 4. This project was not an addition but rather a construction alteration. The fireplace chase was converted into a window seat. Following the construction of the existing is a very common method when utilizing existing construction. In this project, the floor system was salvaged and new walls were built on top. The home was built by a local reputable builder and was reasonably square, plumb and level. I never used the term "crooked" to define the lack of accuracy in this homes construction. New ceiling and roof lines would not have aligned with existing ceiling and roof lines if new construction methods were implemented. 5. Window rough openings are typically ½” larger than the unit. Sometimes inconsistencies in framing and/or lumber may cause variations. The side windows for this project were positioned to accommodate exterior trim applications. Additional lumber was added to acquire the desired position. The Grace Weather Shield was installed to the perimeter of each window over the nailing fins. This is an acceptable application; even for Pella per their instructions. The members expected this material to be applied to the rough opening and have simply misunderstood the Pella installation instructions. Tyvek house paper wrap was folded to the interior of all window openings. 6. This is the first I have heard of the side windows being very, very crooked and difficult to operate. A walk through with the carpenter was done with the members. There was no mention of this to date. The project was completed in late November 2011 and paid in full the week after this walk through. 7. The members had informed us shortly after contract in October 2010 that they would be doing the interior themselves but would keep us in mind if they were to reconsider. Shortly after we completed the framing alterations, the members proposed yet another change in the work. They decided they were going to have blown insulation performed by another contractor who could perform the work so they could receive an energy credit to offset the cost. We did not have a contact with the members to perform interior carpentry work, electrical or ductwork. This work was deemed either additional or to be performed by the member herself. Electrical alterations required for demolition and/or required relocation were performed and completed by us. 8. I did meet with the member in October 2011 where we discussed the completion of the exterior per contract along with the numerous application changes and added alterations. The members were adamant in their request to have the carpenter who had performed most of the work on their project be the one who would complete it. I agreed to have this carpenter, who had just returned from recovering from a heart attack, return to this project and complete the exterior work for them at a reasonable cost to compensate them for their inconveniences. 9. The other important information missing from this member’s comments are the numerous changes made after each project was started and the lengthy daily conversations that took place before any work could be done. When I asked the carpenter, who the member praised and requested, why it took so long for the work to be completed he responded; “It was the daily hour or two conversations with the member to review work along with numerous changes in the work and materials. In closing, most of the time spent on this project was pleasant and the customer was very complimentary of the completed work. Each and every work problem was addressed and corrected to meet their satisfaction. Full payment for all services rendered was received shortly after completion. Unfortunately, it seems all our efforts to make things right for this customer cannot overcome their dislike for how long the project took. As with all customers, most of them residents of the Town of Bethlehem, we guarantee all work and agree to return to make any and all corrections necessary. Every contractor at some point in doing business with the public will encounter problems. I believe a good contractor will work with a customer to make things right. We have done this for this customer. Bethlehem Home Repairs, Improvements and Remolding on an average will perform service for 50 to 100 residents annually. If the member are experiencing problems with work performed, they should contact us for a no cost remedy before paying others to correct them.


Elissa Z.

The work began in November 2010. The minor concrete repair was done well and within about a month of contracting with the company. This part was all that went fine. Months later (April 2011) windows were installed. Dave showed up with 2 workers he said he was training and the work took hours to install 6 windows. When they left the job was incomplete - needed caulking outside and trim finish inside. Caulk was done 3 weeks later after lots of rain and trim was done after that. The fireplace chase was originally estimated at about a third of what it finally cost - and on the day that the windows were done, he waited until he had removed the old windows to pull the wood on the chase to take a look at the damage, which resulted in particles and bugs flying into the house with no way to stop it. The job dragged on for many weeks and was a bigger job than Dave anticipated and the cost kept growing. His verbal estimates never included materials estimates while in conversation of the ongoing work. There were excuses for every delay. Often appointments were not kept. Though the chase seems to have been finished satisfactorilly, it is overshadowed by what it took to get there. It took way longer than it should have and cost way more than planned. A neighbor contracted with him at the same time I did almost a year ago and he is still finishing their job. Would never work with this company again.

Description of Work
Minor concrete repair to garage foundation Windows Fireplace chase re-build Estimate for replacing dishwasher and making any necessary repairs if damage

Category remodeling

Service Provider Response

The work for this customer was scheduled so the homeowner could be home while the work was being performed. Limited days were given for access which made scheduling the work difficult. Prior to commencing the window replacements, the customer was asked if it would be okay that new people be trained during the installation; the customer could have said no. In addition to some complications that occurred during installation of the windows, the windows selected introduced a new exterior application that took 10 weeks to get from the manufacturer. The interior moldings were optional and could have been refused. The exterior work on a wood chimney chase was changed to include the replacement of rotted framing beneath the siding. This was not discovered until the siding was removed and well after the windows were replaced. The dust and bugs were from replacing a section of rotted trim around one of the windows near the chimney chase. This customer also added the cost of relocating gas lines, ceiling repairs and replacement of all the siding on the chimney chase along with repairs to the fascia and roof overhang. The only time we weren't there was when it was raining or it was preferred the customer be home while the work was being performed. We are working on our third project for this customer's neighbor. In closing, all the work performed for this customer was high quality and satisfactorily; which was a concern this customer shared with us before we obtained the work. There was work performed by other contractors hired by this customer before us that was not done satisfactorily.

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Bethlehem Home Repairs Improvement & Remodeling

    How is Bethlehem Home Repairs Improvement & Remodeling overall rated?

    Bethlehem Home Repairs Improvement & Remodeling is currently rated 2.8 overall out of 5.

    What days are Bethlehem Home Repairs Improvement & Remodeling open?

    Bethlehem Home Repairs Improvement & Remodeling is open:

    Sunday: Closed

    Monday: 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Tuesday: 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Wednesday: 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Thursday: 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Friday: 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Saturday: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

    What payment options does Bethlehem Home Repairs Improvement & Remodeling provide

    Bethlehem Home Repairs Improvement & Remodeling accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Financing Available, PayPal

    Does Bethlehem Home Repairs Improvement & Remodeling offer free estimates?

    Yes, Bethlehem Home Repairs Improvement & Remodeling offers free project estimates.

    Does Bethlehem Home Repairs Improvement & Remodeling offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, Bethlehem Home Repairs Improvement & Remodeling offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Bethlehem Home Repairs Improvement & Remodeling offer a senior discount?

    No, Bethlehem Home Repairs Improvement & Remodeling does not offer a senior discount.

    Does Bethlehem Home Repairs Improvement & Remodeling offer emergency services?

    Yes, Bethlehem Home Repairs Improvement & Remodeling offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by Bethlehem Home Repairs Improvement & Remodeling?

    Yes, Bethlehem Home Repairs Improvement & Remodeling offers warranties.

    What services does Bethlehem Home Repairs Improvement & Remodeling offer?

    Bethlehem Home Repairs Improvement & Remodeling offers the following services: Home additions, dormers, garages, basements, bathroom and kitchen repair and remodeling, plumbing, electrical, sinks, faucets, shower doors, carpentry, fencing, decks, porches, ceramic, vinyl, wood, carpeting, wood flooring, windows, masonry, chimneys, sidewalks, patio, steps, foundations, painting, staining, wallpapering, roofing & siding.

    Are there any services Bethlehem Home Repairs Improvement & Remodeling does not offer?

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