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Founded 1998 • With Angi since June 2010


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7455 France Av

Minneapolis, MN 55435


QUALITY. PERFORMANCE. RESULTS. HIghly Accredited. Performance-Driven High Efficiency Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation Systems. Done-Right. Residential/Commercial. Rated #1 Best HVAC Performance Company in your Area. Highly-Skilled. Industry Trained. Factory Trained. Residential Home Energy

Verified Reviews

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R M.

This review is based on my own recent personal Minnesota COLD Winter December experience and seriously would recommend you and your friends put this phone number into your current contact list 952 - 941-6049 Tom ENVIROWORLD USA, INC 5 Stars is an understatement. Tom from ENVIROWORLD USA showed up, COVID mask & gloves prepared, early in the morning after literally there was no heat overnight because the home furnace decided it needed a vacation! Couldn’t believe it... Tom was right on time with a text before hand, had a plan of what he was going to do after assessing the home furnace’s temper tantrum. Tom’s knowledge, experience and passion were quite obvious in his conversation ...?faithful furnace? just needed some extra love & attention. Specifically starting with a brand new computer board. (Internal cleaning and some duct work attention also appreciated) Mr. Furnace had a little tune up and again, back in service. It’s again cozy and very warm inside. “Thank You” Everything worked out better than expected and more importantly Tom did everything he promised and genuinely more than realized through his kindness. Reliable, Punctual, Health & Safety Concerns, Extremely Knowledgeable, Diagnostic & Detective Expert, Reasonably Priced & Funny too :) What a special asset to ENVIROWORLD USA. I would like to recommend Tom and I hope if you are looking for the best choice, look no further just go ahead and Contact Tom 952 - 941 - 6049

Description of Work
Furnace stopped working completely

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



D M.

ENVIROWORLD USA is definitely the company you want to call! We’re committed to ENVIROWORLD USA for all of our family’s heating, cooling, and air quality needs. Upon recently listing our home for sale, an inspectors report came back requiring the furnace unit to be serviced and a rusty pipe to be repaired asap. Tom was able to fit us into his schedule, was a delight to work with, and provided us with superior customer service that went above and beyond. He is honest, knowledgeable, upfront, and very passionate about his work. Basically, he’s like a superhero! Everything about our experience at ENVIROWORLD USA far exceeded our expectations. See for yourself when you schedule today!

Description of Work
furnace service & repair

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac, home inspection



Bradley Z.

Absolutely wonderful experience. If you are looking for someone with real experience with duct work and HVAC who will be honest and upfront with you, I have the company for you. Tom loves to let you know the details of everything he is doing or proposes to do. He is the duct whisperer. If you have heat (winter) or cooling (summer) problems on your 2nd floor, it is most likely your airflow. Don't listen to the sales people that promise a new furnace with a big fan will fix your problem. It won't. We tried that. Tom can rework your duct so that proper airflow can occur. I can feel the temperature difference, and can sleep at night without sweating myself to sleep. For the short time we were using gas this spring, our gas usage was cut in half. Because of the 2 stage air conditioner, I expect the electricity usage to be lower too during the summer. We suffered for 19 years with heating and cooling problems. They are gone now. No more humidity problems in the basement too since the air now circulates and is dehumidified by the air conditioner. Tom made sure that *every* room in the house had good air flow. For air quality, Tom installed a hospital grade Hepa filter, air purifier, and put in a better filter for the furnace. We breathe easier and have confidence in the air quality and fewer virus issues. He had custom metalwork done for the furnace for the air return and furnace stand. All designed beautifully and functional. The new thermostat is a work of art. For the people averse to paperwork, Tom filled out all of the paperwork for the rebates and warranties. All we had to do was cash the checks when they came. The city inspectors were impressed with the quality of the work. He went far above and beyond what we have encountered previously with a furnace and a/c install. He even discovered, fixed, and cleaned up our dryer vent as part of his service (which most possibly save us from having a dryer vent fire). It took a day of hot, sweaty work to clean up the mess and he could have passed off to someone else but didn't. The dryer vent should have been cleaned by the duct cleaners like they promised, but wasn't. He was here when he said he would be, and he sent email ahead of time detailing what he was going to do. He cleaned up every day and talked us through what was accomplished that day. Best communication ever. Best experience ever. Seriously. Call him.

Description of Work
Ductwork revamp, new furnace, air conditioner, air purifier, Hepa filter, steam humidifier

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



kristen L.

E: Beyond 5-star service! In early spring, our family returned to our newly build home for the second time to find an extremely cold walk-out basement and continued breathing/health issues. We received a referral from Structure Tech inspection firm to contact Tom with ENVIROWORLD USA, turning out to be an absolute blessing for our family. Our home was impacted by the Weyerhaeuser toxic floor joists in a newly constructed home that required us to stay in a hotel for over four months due to formaldehyde levels making the home uninhabitable. The basement required complete renovation of the basement joists to fix the product omitting lethal levels of formaldehyde. Once completed, our basement was 15-20F degree difference from the other levels on the home, Air Exchanger problems, HRV core missing, subcontractors not responding to our phone calls feeling hopeless with no-responses from our builder and suppliers who created the problem. Additionally, the formaldehyde was "fixed", but my four-year-old daughter continued to battle with respiratory and otolaryngology issues daily, inner ear infections/ongoing sinus drainage due to bad air quality in our home. Tom from ENVIROWORLD USA not only fixed our cold basement but turned our homes air quality to hospital grade levels with HEPA Home Filtration System, delivered the experience of the exact same temperature across our entire three floors, and Steam Humidifier. Tom has always made us feel as his number one priority and have never experienced this level of customer commitment in my lifetime. Not only is Tom the most experienced and knowledgeable Indoor Air Quality and HVAC expert, he is extremely passionate for the work he does and delivers results with everything promised and more. I would highly recommend Tom from ENVIROWORLD USA to help with any home air or heating you may face and would graciously just like to say, Thank You to Tom and ENVIROWORLD USA for making our family happy and healthy again. This above and beyond service level should be recognized and acknowledged as the premiere, reliable, experienced, passionate experts this company delivers. Sincerely, The Lambert Family

Description of Work
Apliance Instalation, Air duct remediation,H.E.P.A., Air Purification

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac, air duct cleaning, home automation



Tim D.

Tom is the consummate professional. He is extremely thorough in his preparation and his quality of work is of the highest standard.

Description of Work
Upgraded in floor heat system -

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Matt E.

Tom is an absolute expert in heating and cooling (HVAC). Not only does he respond quickly and get you up and running, but he takes pride in getting it done right. Over the years we've had multiple service companies come out to our house and nobody ever made the suggestions he did. Our energy bills are now lower and temperatures around the whole house are much more consistent with less humidity. He also does commercial work. We met him because he was brought in to fix HVAC problems in our office building. The landlord had the same experience we did. Tom did things other vendors never suggested and now everything works right. I can't say enough good things about Tom. I am taking the time to write this review because I'd really like to give him more of my business but since I am all set, the only thing I can do is try to help him bring in some new business. Matt

Description of Work
Our house has three separate AC systems and two of them completely died in the last few years. Tom reworked things and figured out a way to get us in a better situation than we were before by only replacing two of the systems and making other aspects of the system more effective with additional vents and a much more efficiently placed cold air returns.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Mark D.

It went pretty well. Tom demonstrated a thorough knowledge of our high-efficiency furnace and what it would take to get everything working well. Our furnace installer hadn't audited the electrical grounding and couldn't resolve recurring error indicators. Tom, however, was very persistent, in contact with the manufacturer and electricians, and eventually resolved these issues. He charged with fairness. The only difficulty we believe we had was with communication. Tom is passionate about hvac and will talk at length about what are correct and/or effective techniques for installation, ducting, drainage control, venting, and so on. When it comes to discussing work to be done, sometimes it is difficult to track with him, and it is helpful to repeat what he is saying to confirm mutual understanding.

Description of Work
Corrected furnace install problems, warranty replacement of furnace parts, re-routed ductwork.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Michael A.

Initially I called ENVIROWORLD about malfunctioning air exchangers that were (incorrectly) installed as bath vents by the previous owner of our house. Tom Match, President of ENVIROWORLD, generously provided free advise to help with the problem temporarily, and later provided a permanent solution at a reasonable cost. We were so pleased with ENVIROWORLD'S results that we asked Tom to analyze airflow throughout the house. The problem we had was that temperature control in the bedrooms was inconsistent and the air in various parts of house often seemed stale. Tom went to work and found that some of the original ducting was not properly routed, and sometimes not even connected! Many long days later, ENVIROWORLD completed repairs, cleaned out the old ducts and installed new ones as needed. All of this extensive work was performed without inconvenience to the homeowners, and the work site was clean at the end of each day - a totally professional, high-quality job in every respect. The original furnaces and air conditioners were about 15 years old, so we upgraded to the latest high-efficiency equipment with new furnaces, filter systems, air conditioners and thermostats. Importantly, ENVIROWORLD arranged for all available discounts and rebates, so we feel that we got the best deal on best system for our home. Best of all, our indoor air quality is finally the way it should be. Thanks, ENVIROWORLD!

Description of Work
Restore bath ventilation, extensive air duct repairs, provide and install new furnaces and air conditioners.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Michelle M.

We called Tom at Enviroworld for a service call on our air exchanger. He was listed as a dealer of our specific brand so we assumed he would know what he was doing. We were quoted a price of $75.00 for the call with more specific price once he arrived. My husband greeted him and Tom launched into an assessment of the total air flow in our home. He listed numerous things wrong with the HVAC design and was making numerous recommendations and was going to send us an estimate. When it came time to fix the air exchanger, he asked us for the manual. It wasn't readily available so we had to print out pages from the manual off the manufactures website and he got on the phone with the manufacturer. He did some things to get it working but did not fix it as we are unable to change the settings on the unit. He charged us $250, and told us he would credit the amount to us on future work. The estimate on the future work arrived at a cost of $12,000. SInce we do not plan to have him do any future work for us, we requested a refund of $100. He refused. We learned our lesson and caution anyone reading this to hold this company to a specific estimate and don't let him waste four hours of your time telling you how your HVAC system is poorly designed. He may have expertise, but we didn't ask for it and haven't verified it, but unfortunately, paid for it.

Description of Work
See below.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac

Service Provider Response

It is very unfortunate that the facts of this matter were not properly refined or concurrent with utmost detail in this review by its homeowner. Unfortunately, this matter has very extensive and serious detail without mention by its homeowner. The following is only a brief description of many occurrences towards the overall professional resolution of services rendered and upon request by its owner prior to visit. First and foremost, as a Professional HVACR Organization, Experienced, Industry Certified, Highly Accredited were called by owner of an air exchanger that was less than a few years of age not working properly on individual speed selections. Our request was made of owner to provide warranty information and date of installation by its previous installer. Upon request of the installation company of its air exchanger were told by homeowner they were no longer in business. We advised the homeowner in detail of any labor/parts "warranty" measures to take before we arrive. Owner mentioned that it was out of "labor" warranty. After the advisement of any labor/consulting fee, owner was advised up front prior to our original visit of any hourly rate pertaining to this situation. Agreed and approved upon by husband, an appointment was scheduled whereas providing our professional services towards its overall review and/or assessment. During the assessment and many hours later, it was under the discretion and proactive behavior of the husband that he unexpectedly called his wife at work to come home to hear of our findings. With mention, while on phone, heard husband saying "This guy really knows his stuff, you need to come home". Hence, additional time was spent while under the discretion, approval, actions and supervision of its homeowner to review all over and again once she had arrived at home and approximately 20 minutes later. Hence, waiting for her arrival to home and provide full explanation all over again and time spent. Additional time was spent at no cost with mention of this prior to our leaving the premises. Although, after our review of installation and manufacturer date advised its owner that any part replacement if needed is under its manufacturer five year part only warranty. As well, we had noticed that "humidifier" was missing from ductwork and had not been reapplied to heating system. When asked why there was no humidifier no reply was made by homeowner. Found old self tap "water" valve not code compliant and inoperable. There was no humidifier reapplied to this home with this HRV air exchanger. Potential health, dryness and structural concerns. Due to air exchanger model and electrical variations, a request was made for their owners manual of its air exchanger. Owner responded saying they had no owners manual. As well, was told by owner that previous company did not provide any follow up, owners manual and/or education as to the overall operation of this air exchanger unit upon installation of less than two years. This was not mentioned by homeowner as we had temporarily "fixed" the speed recommended with the consent and approval of its customer. With mention of owner saying the air exchanger fan sounds louder and higher than before. Air Exchanger had not been operable for years prior to our arrival. This was not mentioned by homeowner as well or in our resolution of findings. We advised homeowner that its replacement of part if applicable would be a non-stock and special order item. Taking several weeks. Air Exchanger since its date of origin by another company was never fully functional as mentioned by homeowner. As well, its outdoor combustion air intake opening was completely plugged negating any and/or all outdoor makeup air into this home. Non-Compliant to State of MN Mechanical Fuel and Gas Code. After its mention to owner, we were told that no other company but ourselves advised them of this item and/or any overall HVAC maintenance procedures. This was very evident upon our overall assessment as the homeowner was clueless. Also, its owner had mentioned that they did not know how to operate the air exchanger after an estimated two years since its installation by another company. We did not install the air exchanger unit. Most importantly, near air exchanger area, opposite room of gas appliances, found combustion air intake completely shut off and "plugged" with large towel. When asked of its owner how this occurred, he admitted with hesitation of plugging the end of opening. Explained the severity and its importance relevant to the combustion air needed for compliant operation of the natural gas burning appliances. Potentially and possible depressurization and/or backdrafting may occur of home with having atmospherically vented natural gas appliances in mechanical room. As well, it was not in the "area" as required by code of gas burning appliances. Prior to leaving the premises, its owner requested in full detail, a report to include the original air exchanger resolution. After its request by owner, provided the estimate towards any possible future work, found owner completely satisfied with its verbal assessment and asked when we could start any and/or all thereof its portion of work scope. In conclusion, we had already reduced our overall time of visit and costs. Hence, not of any mention in this report by its homeowner.


Matthew C.

We were referred to Enviroworld by our home warranty company (HSA). This was the first time we attempted to turn on our central AC for the season, but instead of getting cool air, all we got was a loud buzzing noise from the AC unit. Tom, the owner, came out on a Sunday afternoon on-time as promised. He immediately identified and repaired a loose electrical connection in the AC unit. He also noted the contactor/relay was noisy and likely going bad, but didn't need immediate replacement. Within 15 minutes of his arrival, everything was working fine. We also asked Tom to provide an estimate for replacing our aging (20+ year old) furnace and AC system. Although we ultimately didn't decide to go with Enviroworld for our HVAC replacement, we felt Tom provided a competitive bid. Note: The repair amount above is for the home warranty deductible. I am unsure what the actual total cost submitted to the home warranty company was.

Description of Work
Repair of loose electrical connection to central AC unit.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about ENVIROWORLD USA

    How is ENVIROWORLD USA overall rated?

    ENVIROWORLD USA is currently rated 4.6 overall out of 5.

    What days are ENVIROWORLD USA open?

    ENVIROWORLD USA is open:

    Sunday: Open All Day

    Monday: Open All Day

    Tuesday: Open All Day

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    ENVIROWORLD USA accepts the following forms of payment: Check, PayPal

    Does ENVIROWORLD USA offer free estimates?

    Yes, ENVIROWORLD USA offers free project estimates.

    Does ENVIROWORLD USA offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, ENVIROWORLD USA offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does ENVIROWORLD USA offer emergency services?

    Yes, ENVIROWORLD USA offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by ENVIROWORLD USA?

    Yes, ENVIROWORLD USA offers warranties.

    What services does ENVIROWORLD USA offer?

    ENVIROWORLD USA offers the following services: Residential/Commercial. Experienced. Certified. Accredited. Licensed. Insured. Bonded. Sales. Service. Installation. HVAC System Inspection. Forced Air Furnace Installation. Thermostat Replacement. Geothermal Heat Pump Installation. Furnace Maintenance. Air Conditioning Repair. Air Conditioning Installation. Air Filtration Installation. Heat Pump Installation. Furnace Repair. H.E.P.A. Whole House Air Filtration and Purification. Never clean your air ducts again. 100% Satisfaction.

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