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Local Portland, ME Home Improvement Tips, Trends, and Hiring How-tos

Pella front door with sidelights and transom

Tips for Picking a New Front Door

Thinking about replacing the front entry door on your home? Consider these tips to help make the process easier. Talk to a local door installer for more ideas.
room with piano

Perks of Buying a Used Piano from a Music Store

Buying a used piano? You might check with a dealer. Music stores offer warranties, options and knowledgeable technicians willing to help you shop.
Keys on a ring

Should I Get New Keys When I Move in to My New House?

Changing or rekeying the locks on a new home often gets overlooked. A Portland, Ore. locksmith explains why changing the locks should be a priority.
medical jars and vials in doctor's office

What's the Difference Between Botox and Filler Treatments?

A plastic surgeon explains the difference between Botox and fillers, which can both be effective treatments to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
a male doctor and his female medical team posed on a balcony with a view of the city of Portland below.

Top Portland Internal Medicine Doctors 2013

Angie's List highlights the Top Internal Medicine Doctors of 2013 in the Portland area based on local consumer reviews of our local members.
white bifold doors accordion style

Consider Bifold Doors For Your Home Interior

This pull-and-latch style door easily spruces up any home, and be quickly installed by a professional door installation expert. Try one out for a room divider.
one female and two male doctors.

Top Portland Dentists 2013

Angie's List highlights the Top Dentists of 2013 in the Portland area based on the consumer reviews of dental professionals by local members.
large tree fallen on a house

The Pros and Cons of Douglas Fir Trees

Large trees like Douglas firs provide wonderful benefits for your yard, but some are also prone to falling. Here' how to make sure your trees are healthy.
new exterior door installed on home

Expert Advice for Winterizing Drafty Exterior Doors

Highly rated door installation experts explain the best solutions for doors that let cool air in and hot air out. Here's how to winterize your front door.
refinished bathtub with fresh paint

Bathtub Refinishing Experts Talk Technique

Want an expert bathtub refinisher to discuss techiniques, prices and give choices for consumers? These three Portland tub refinishing pros do just that.
red Dutch door with dog

Dutch Doors Offer Unique Style for Any Home

Talk with a door installation expert to see if a Dutch door is the right fit for your space and home style.
fruits and vegetables on counter

Portland Personal Chefs Discuss Their Services

Three personal chefs in Portland, Oregon, discuss what services they offer, their menu, how they charge, their favorite dish, and where they prepare food.
shoe closet cubbies

Beware of Shoes That Cause Foot Deformities

Don't wear certain shoes on a daily basis or risk foot injury and pain. A physical therapist gives tips on how to stretch your feet and keep them healthy.
elderly couple sits in living room featuring universal design principles

Universal Design Aids Baby Boomers’ Aging in Place

Universal design can make aging in place easier for Baby Boomers — and make a home more accessible for all residents. Use these ideas when remodeling.
doctor takes patient blood pressure

Health Insurance Open Enrollment Starts Nov. 1

A health insurance broker points out changes to the 2016 healthcare marketplace, including more plan options and insurance rate increases.