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  • Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Reno
    As a busy professional, I tend to be choosy about who I work with. My initial experience with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing was to repair a gas lite log fireplace; just in time for winter. The technician arrived on time, in professional uniform, was curtious, clean, and completed the repairs on the first visit. I was impressed! So, of course Benjamin Franklin Plumbing was my only choice to fix a frozen pipe; on a Sunday morning! Their standard of excellence is far above any plumber I've ever worked with. They are detailed, put the customer at ease, and get the job completed right; the first time. How refreshing. I'm convinced you get what you pay for and the PEACE OF MIND and VALUE I've experienced working with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing goes far above and beyond the few extra nickels they may cost. In my book, there is only 1 plumbing company in Reno region, Benjamin Franklin
    Sandi S.
  • Jackrabbit Plumbing Inc
    I apologize for the length of this review, however, I wanted to include enough detail that I hope will help anyone in need of this service circumvent the issues that we encountered and had to find out the hard and expensive way. Unfortunately, we had to learn the hard way/go through a couple of not so professional or honest companies before we found these good ones. It took a bit of research and homework but was worth it in the end. I hope this information will be valuable to others who find themselves in this situation. Scott from Jackrabbit plumbing was excellent. A real professional; he/his truck was well equipped... he had every tool, piece of equipment he needed (unlike the first 2 plumbers we brought in who didn't even have a ladder or maybe didn't want to get it off their truck). And most importantly, as it says on the side of his truck... he was HONEST! Rate and travel charges were fair and reasonable. When he accidentally broke a piece on our washer, he said he would either turn over to his insurance or come back with the part and repair it... a real class act. We were referred to Jackrabbit by American Leak Detection Service from Stateline, NV, who also was excellent, btw. It was nice to have a more "scientific" approach to finding the leak, e.g. they used the inert gas helium to pressurize the system and a helium detector to hone in on the specific area with the problem vs. cutting open all of the walls and spraying with a soapy solution as had been used/recommended by the others who diagnosed/quoted the job. They found the leak within an hour of when they arrived. Fyi, Scott indicated that he also had a leak detector which used CO2, similar I imagine to American Leaks Helium detection which also may have been a viable alternative. Evidently, a professional plumber has this in his tool bag/has the capability to do smart detection as well. He did use CO2 via a tank he carried with him to pressurize the system, which probably aided him in confirming the leak as well. Again, he was well equipped and very professional. Unfortunately, we had two other not very professional (or honest) plumbing companies come in and used the "soapy water" "old school" approach using only compressed air to pressurize the system, opened our wall for no reason, tore apart our fireplace, and were no closer to finding the leak than when they started not to mention left a gaping hole in the wall, a huge mess in our living room, and were very expensive for basically achieving nothing. And, they wanted to open more walls and recommended cutting/capping pipe to find the leak; I'm sure this would most likely have been the most expensive approach which worked out well for them, not so well for us. We figured that there had to be a better way. Btw, I will be posting appropriate reviews of these Angie List A+ Certified/A rated providers (Ha! Very misleading and not reliable at all!) re: what I thought of their service and character; see Angie's list and/or Yelp for these reviews. Scott did use soapy water to confirm the leak, however, didn't have to track the leak that way or cut pipes to isolate the issue as he was informed as to where to look vs. the approach that recommended by our first 2 plumbers diagnosis. I still have to wonder why these other plumbers couldn't find the leak (it was a significant leak) with the soapy water as it evidently was easily identified by Scott when he used the soapy water (albeit, Scott did know where to look, however, he indicated it was very visible even with soap and water!?). It would appear they just wanted to spend as much time as possible just "looking" for the leak; might as well tear out a few walls while we're at it, right!? It's all billable!? We have a slab floor, so all of our pipes are in the attic with drops to each area requiring service, e.g. kitchen stove, dryer, etc. The leak was in the 90 directly above the dryer which should have been one of the first places it should have been found... fairly easily. Jackrabbit/Scott was then able to confirm the source of the leak; he came right in, confirmed the issue and fixed it promptly. There was minimal invasive wall cutting; he cut into the wall only for what was needed, had the right too to cut the wall, and did a clean cut which will be more easily repairable. Honest and professional. He even had his own ladder... imagine that! We will use Jackrabbit for all of our plumbing needs in the future
    Craig B.
  • Bsr Plumbing Heating & Air
    BSR was referred to us by the home warranty company, and they went above and beyond the call of duty to get the permits pulled, fix the gas leak, get it inspected, and get the gas turned back on within a week. I'm so impressed by these guys, and would definitely hire them again to do any plumbing repairs
    Dave D.
  • Fillman Construction
    They worked with me from the very start, as I wanted to remodel the kitchen and open it up before I even moved into the house. Joe took care of everything, ordering the cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring, backsplash. It all went smoothly and I was moving in on time, with a brand new kitchen
    Serina H.
  • Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Reno
    I have used Benjamin Franklin plumbing multiple times now and I would give them 5\5 stars for the plumber James, and 2\5 stars for the plumber Tom. As such I am giving them a 4/5 stars, but ask for James by name when you schedule your appointment. After looking around for a plumber to do some projects for me, I settled on Ben Franklin?s because they had a decent Angie?s list deal, they said they had flat rates, and I had to start somewhere. The first job I had them do was add a shutoff valve under the house since the only other one was the main and the shutoff and drain valve was frozen open. James was the plumber who showed up initially for the job, and was about 1 hour late. He apologized profusely, provided a $150 credit (based on their punctual promise) and got to work investigating the jobs I wanted done and to provide a price quote. They quoted $249.00 to add the shutoff valve and $296.00 to fix and install a freeze proof hose bib. After stating that I would do just the first quoted job for now, he got ready to perform the work. However, after realizing that the house was on the Gardnerville Town company water system, he said that I would need to get the town to shut it off as they have had issues with them previously. Since I didn?t have the tools to shut it off myself, I agreed and we scheduled for the next day. James arrived again the next day and quickly got ready to perform the work and the job was done quickly. He added a shark-bite ¾ shutoff valve to the line and warranted the work for 2 years. The valve worked and there have been no leaks. Since they had done a good job for this, I called them again in a few weeks to have them give me a price for some other work, do a drain cleaning, and add a drain for my water softener. James arrived on time and provide me a quote to completely re-plumb the underside (as it was badly corroded), add a drain for the softener, and to install pex for just part of the house. After getting the quotes, having the drains cleaned, and thinking about the options, we scheduled to be back in a week to have the drain added for the softener. The quote for the re-plumbing was also warranted for 20 years, which is great. They also discovered that my drain to the city was being squished and would probably last another 2-3 years; He estimated about $2,500 for this fix; and could be done without digging up the ground. When the time came to get the drain for the water softener in, a different plumber Tom arrived. Tom had no clue what job he was here for. I informed him he was going to add a drain to the garage for the water softener. It was about 8 feet of pipe to run, and based on a James?s knowledge of the plumbing I let Tom know that James suggested running it to the wall, transitioning to galvanized (per code to run pipe through a firewall), then back to a nib so that the water softener could be hooked up (similar to how a drain in a kitchen sink would work). Tom then went to explain that all that work to add a galvanized pipe through the wall was unnecessary and that a plastic pipe through the wall was fine. He was going to add a fire resistant caulk around it and call it good. Since he was a plumber of the same company and would warrant the work, I agreed. Although I did debate calling the company to see if this was correct per code, as it James had said code did not allow running a plastic pipe through the firewall into the garage. After crawling under the house Tom left to head back to Carson to get the parts that he didn?t have. Probably due to him now knowing what the job was, and this pushed the work back another 1-2 hours as he got parts. Once he arrived back, he was quick to complain about how he was not being paid enough for his work and was going to call the company to ask for more money to do the job. I counted at least 8 times of him telling me (the customer) that he was not getting paid enough. This does not leave a good impression on the customer. Once he finished the job, he said that water could be run though it in about 20 minutes and everything should be good. He took payment based on the previously agreed upon rate and left. Unfortunately he did not have change for the job and we agreed to instead apply the extra as a credit to my account for a future job. The plastic pipe he pulled into the garage he glued a cap onto, rather than putting the threaded screw like a kitchen sink, which will require me to get another plumber out to finish the job, which is not what James had said would be done. I had expected a threaded end with a threaded cap so I could remove it without cutting the pipe. I crawled under the house to look at his work after and it looked decent, I am not sure it had the required 1/4inch per foot slope, but I assume as a license plumber he did it correctly. It just didn?t look like it, but I?m not a license plumber. While Tom was at the place I also asked him to give me a quote to add a gas line for a stove. He planned to use flexible pipe about 9 ft worth, and would charge me ~$1,200 to do the job. After looking around I found two other plumbers that would charge about 1/3 that for the work; one doing flexible pipe, and the other using rigid black steel. This vastly overpriced work, along with Tom?s comments and attitude has made me look elsewhere for the time being. All in all, my experience with Ben Franklin Plumbing had been excellent (considering I called them back for multiple jobs) however this last job left a bad impression and I called out a different plumbing service for the next two jobs that I needed done. Scheduling with Ben Franklin was about as expected for a service run company where jobs can (and tend) to run late. After a few appointments, we settled on having the plumber call when he was 30 minutes out instead of having me sit at home waiting, which worked nicely. While this is completely my option, if you plan to use Ben Franklin, I would ask for James by name to do your plumbing. He is knowledgeable, his work was top line, and he works very hard to ensure the customers are happy with what they are getting. He also takes the time to explain all the work and why things are done certain ways. My impression was that while James is trying to pull in new customers and keep them, Tom was trying to drive them away. If I go back to do work with them, which I probably do to use my cash account credit used, I would only ask for James to do to the work and would decline Tom if he showed up; even if this pushed the job back a while
    George C.
  • Summit Plumbing
    This review belongs in Heating and Air Conditioning, not plumbing I did not ask for the required service. I needed a functional inspection, not a replacement estimate. The estimate was done in a timely and courteous manner. Two other firms also provided estimates. Summit was my choice of the three. I asked for the estimates based on comments during an earlier, winter, inspection for gas leaks. That person, not from any of the above firms, declared that the fire box was about to fall through the furnace housing due to extreme rusting on the exterior of the furnace. Ten years earlier, when I bought the house, a repairman told me the furnace was badly rusted and had only a short life remaining. When the weather warmed, I contacted three firms for estimates to replace the furnace. All three firm representatives quickly checked the external rust that was concerning me and agreed that the furnace required replacement. My personal review generated doubt so I contacted a firm to only inspect the furnace. Their representative partially dissembled the furnace and showed me the rust was only superficial and minor. There was no structural or functional damage and no presence of moisture. Conclusion: the furnace does not require repair. The first three firms all had a financial incentive to replace the furnace. I should have requested an inspection from a qualified firm before seeking replacement estimates
    William C.
    We discovered the leak on Friday, called the gas co & they shut it down that night saying we couldn't get it turned back on until repaired. We called Pipes & Plugs to see about getting the job done quickly. They did come on Monday to give us the estimate. Work was scheduled to start the following week. They worked 1 day, then it rained the next & ground was still wet the next day, then it was the weekend, so work didn't resume until the next week. Once they did finish, it was so late in the day that we couldn't get the gas co back for another day. All total of 12 days without gas (no heat, no cooking, no hot water). A few days later it rained again and a very very long divot ditch appeared along side the driveway. We called to complain & to get a repair. They came a few days later, but said it was still too wet. So, we are still waiting for that part to get fixed. I must say that although their truck was nice, the appearance of the staff was not very professional
    Christine C.
    Finished job within 2 hours but charged way too much. $250.00 for the gas valve which I found out later on the internet that I can get for only $108.00 and $3125.00 for the 2 hours of labor. They also charge $125 for service fee on the estimate.
    Jeff C.
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