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Five Questions to Ask Roofing Pros

Big or small, your project is a significant investment. That’s why we recommend interviewing at least three qualified roofers before making a hiring decision. Ask the following questions to determine whether a pro is the right fit for your project:

1. Will you remove my old or damaged roof?

Installing new roofing without removing your old shingles could mean missing soft spots or other signs of deterioration. Installing new material over faulty roofing can cause sagging and necessitate premature repairs.

2. How will you clean up?

Roofing projects produce lots of scraps, which means it’s important that your pro has a plan to tidy up, both during and after the job. Be sure your pro picks up smaller items as well. Leaving trash like nails outside of your home can pose a danger to small children and cause flat tires.

Note: Trash containers can crack asphalt and damage your landscaping. Outline the best place for a container before your pro has it delivered.

3. How will you protect my landscaping?

Storing lumber, hardware and heavy building materials in the wrong place can damage gardens, grass and trees. Highlight sensitive areas and ask how your pro plans to keep them safe. Ask about vehicles in your yard as well. Unexpected traffic can cause ruts and crack walkways and patios.

4. Will you cover my roof during bad weather?

Roofing replacements and repairs expose the interior of your home to the elements. Failing to protect these areas during inclement weather can cause extensive damage and job delays. Be sure your pro plans to use tarps, plastic sheeting or other waterproofing methods to keep your home safe. Additionally, ask whether your pro will inspect your home during rain or snow to ensure the covering is working.

5. Will you install drip edges?

Drip edges are pieces of aluminum that ensure water runs into your gutters rather than behind them. These are important in avoiding roof rot and issues like fascia deterioration and foundation damage. Drip edges are not always standard in roof repairs or replacements. Ask your pro whether they’re included in your job.


  1. How much do roofers typically charge?

    The average cost to hire a roofer is between $40 and $80 per hour, while some roofing experts may be more expensive, there will typically not be any cheaper roofing option that would be qualified and licensed to do the work.

  2. How much are typical roofing repair costs?

    The average cost for a repair is around $600. However, each project is different and costs can range from $300 up to several thousand depending the material and size of roof. 

  3. Should roofers be certified or licensed?

    Yes. Every state has their own requirements for licensing and certifications for roofers, and some stats don't require one. Be sure to check our state licensing tool to review the local roofing guidelines.

  4. What questions should I ask a roofing contractor?

    There are several questions or things to know before hiring a roofer to do any work on your home.

    •   What is the full company name and address and are they licensed?

    •   Do they have insurance?

    •   Do they use roofing subcontractors?

    •   Do they offer a warranty?

    •   Do they have any references?

  5. How many roofers are in the U.S.?

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2020, there are 128,680 roofers employed in America. Their average salary is $22.60 per hour, with an annual wage of $47,010. Florida has the most roofers employed (22,990) with California (19,550) following just behind. New York has the highest average hourly wage for roofers at $31.92 per hour.