Who Would I Call for Water Stain I Noticed in Ceiling in Livingroom? I Have an Upstairs.

Updated December 11, 2020
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Question by Guest_9640428: Water Stain appeared on Ceiling in Livingroom on 1st floor of house. I went upstairs over room with water stain, carpet was dry. Where could leak (water) come from??? I need to know who would I call for this? Contractor, Plumber, Roofing Contractor, etc???????

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Answered by LCD: Generally, if there is a living floor above it, a roof leak is rarely the cause. If near an outside wall, siding or window leak is possible, as is leaking hydronicn (hot water baseboard or steam radiator) system leak is possible. Otherwise, it is usually a leak from a bathroom - which can migrate 10 feet or more easily. As responses below indicate, you could open up an inspection hole at the leak to look up in for the source, or use fiber optic camera (about 1/2" hole) to search out the source. Most plumbers do not have the camera, so tend to knock a foot hole or two or so in ceiling to trace it, which thenn needs a drywall contractor and painter (or handyman) to repair and repaint.

You should inspect the siding near the leak area, and see if you can (from ladder, or using a mirror on a stick out windwo if not a ladder person) any separated siding or missing/damaged caulk or flashing around the window (usually at top if significaqnt leak).

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