How Much Does a New Well Pressure Tank Cost?

Matt Marandola
Written by Matt Marandola
Updated January 24, 2022
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  • A new well pressure tank costs around $400 on average.

  • Labor for installing a new well pressure tank is around $125–$200.

  • The capacity and type of well pressure tank affect the final price.

  • Larger well pressure tanks do not increase water pressure.

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Depending on the model you choose and installation fees, you should expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $500 for a new pressure tank for your well. A well pressure tank does a lot more than simply holding water for when you need it. 

It’s also responsible for holding pressurized air so you can actively pump well water into your home when it's time to wash dishes or take a shower.

  • National Average Cost: $400

  • Average Range: $300–$500

  • Minimum Cost: $100

  • Maximum Cost: $2,500

How Much Does a New Well Pressure Tank Cost by Type?

A key factor when choosing a well pressure tank is determining the type of compartments you want. Most well pressure tanks use two compartments to separate the water from the compressed air, but there are options where they combine together.

Diaphragm Well Pressure Tank

Diaphragm well tanks are a relatively common type of tank because of their efficiency. The way diaphragm pressure tanks work is by utilizing an internal membrane (bladder) to separate the water on the top from the air on the bottom. This membrane is welded shut, preventing any air from escaping.

Most individuals will pay around $200 to $500 for a new diaphragm well pressure tank, but you may see upwards of $2,500 for large sizes such as 119 gallons and switching out vinyl materials for all metal.

Bladder Well Pressure Tank

Bladder well pressure tanks are nearly identical to diaphragm pressure tanks, except the bladder inside has screws holding it in place rather than being welded in. This leads to an easier-to-replace inner mechanism, but at the cost of potentially losing efficiency when air escapes.

Because of their slight downgrade in performance, expect to pay around $150 to $400 for a bladder well pressure tank. Like diaphragm pressure tanks, bladder pressure tanks can reach upwards of $1,500 for larger sizes.

One Compartment Well Pressure Tanks

Unlike diaphragm and bladder well pressure tanks, there’s nothing separating the water from the air in a one compartment well pressure tank. While this eliminates a point of failure within the well pressure tank system, it does increase the chance of waterlogging. Waterlogging happens in well pressure tanks when too much water and air mix, making each too diluted.

One compartment well pressure tanks will cost around $100 to $300 on average.

Well Pressure Tank Cost Breakdown

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Beyond the type of tank, you’ll also want to consider the capacity of the tank. You’re also going to need to pay someone to hook up the pressure tank.


You’re going to need to bring in a handyperson or local plumber to tackle this job. On average, the cost of a plumber to replace a well tank will sit anywhere from $125 to $200. Though they may charge more if your pressure tank is in a hard-to-reach area. 


Well pressure tanks are measured in the number of gallons of water they can hold. The smallest well tank you’ll typically find is a 20-gallon option, with the high end reaching 120 gallons. You’ll pay anywhere from $10 to $15 per gallon, depending on the brand and type of pressure tank.

Other Repairs

A well pressure tank is part of the well pump system as a whole. If there are any other problems, such as the pump itself failing, these are extra costs you’ll need to tack on. The average cost of replacing a well pump is around $1,600.

Cost to Replace a Well Pressure Tank Yourself

Replacing a well pressure tank is not for those who are unfamiliar with the system itself. But if you are familiar, you may be able to change the tank yourself. The stipulation being that the pressure tank must come precharged with the air, in which case it’s as simple as moving from one tank to the other.

By replacing the tank yourself, you’ll save yourself the $125 to $200 needed in labor. Keep in mind these tanks can get heavy, so it’s always best to have a buddy around when attempting this. If you don’t feel comfortable attempting this, always contact local well pump services instead.

How to Save Money When Installing a New Well Pressure Tank

To save a few pennies down the road, you could opt for a larger well pressure tank than your current one. This will likely cut down on the cost per gallon for the tank and because it’s a larger tank, you may not need to replace it as often. Though you should always consult the manufacturer of your well pump to ensure the size you pick works with your system.

Well Pressure Tank Questions and Answers

How long do well pressure tanks last?

Well-maintained well pressure tanks will last anywhere from 7 to 10 years. Though your mileage may vary depending on the type of pressure tank as well as the size.

Will a larger tank increase water pressure?

No, a larger tank will not increase water pressure throughout the home. The pressure control on the well pump is in charge of the pressure. A larger well pressure tank will allow for you to run the water for longer, as there’s more air and water to supply before running out.

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