Water Leaks from Window Frame During Heavy Rain. Can't Figure out the Cause. What Kind of Professional Do I Need?

Updated November 24, 2020
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Question by Guest_9466383: What kind of professional do i need to diagnose and repair the issue? General repair? Roofer? Other? Thanks in advance for your advice.

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Water leaks from window frame (not the window itself, but the moulding around it) during heavy rain, and the wall below the window is showing dampness. It is a second floor window in the center rear of the house. During the last storm I checked that the gutter was not overflowing and there were no obvious cracks or openings around the window. The roofing shingles look ok from afar, but I have not climbed up to examine them closely.

Answered by LCD: Here are a couple of similar prior questions with answers that might help you -


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If you can get into the attic or see in through an eave vent from outside while standing on a ladder, check for wetness after the next rain - could be a roof or roof penetration leak running down the underside of the sheathing or rafters and dropping off at the wall, then running down into the wall.

Answered by WoWHomeSolutions: A good exterior specialist should be able to diagnose the leak. There are no specific rules of thumb, but general obsersations show us that a leak at the head of the window means that it is behind the exterior cladding and you need to look at the window trim and above. If the leak shows at the lower half or below the window, look at the sill as a starting point.

Answered by lxwynn: water leaks from the top of the window frame 3 drops at one time together when it rains hard. who do i call.

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