Unexpected Perks of Replacement Windows

Martin Bomba
Written by Martin Bomba
Updated November 27, 2015
foggy window condensation
New replacement windows can cut down on damaging condensation. (Photo courtesy of Window World Tx)

Enjoy these benefits of installing energy efficient windows in your home.

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If you’re considering upgrading your outdated windows and want to replace them with energy efficient windows, you should fully understand the "consequences" of doing so. Improved home appearance is an obvious perk, but that’s not all. Here are a few of the unexpected bonuses of installing energy-efficient replacement windows:

Lower HVAC costs

Getting energy efficient windows can help to lower your annual HVAC costs. These windows reduce the peak heating and cooling loads, keeping your home at a more regulated temperature year round. You could save yourself up to $465 a year, and the window replacements will pay for themselves really quickly.

Regulate temperature in your home

Stable indoor temperatures makes your home more comfortable. Keeping the temperature regulated has a lot to do with the surface temperature of your window. Energy efficient windows have a higher interior window temperature in winter, thus providing more comfort.

Reduce window condensation

Creating warmer interior window temperatures reduces condensation. There’s nothing worse than a window you can’t even see out of because of condensation. Condensation occurs when the surface temperature drops below the dew point, so keeping the window warmer in cooler weather will reduce the odds of condensation ruining window seals.

Save money with tax rebates

You can save money on top of your HVAC costs. Homeowners may be able to claim a tax credit for appliances that conserve power, therefore saving additional money. But be sure to keep receipts and paperwork so you can prove you deserve that return.

Reduce UV damage on your home interior

Since energy efficient windows are double- or triple-paned, they reduce the amount of ultraviolet rays that are allowed into your home. The sun can fade fabrics, carpets and wood after repeated exposure, and energy-efficient windows are a great way to reduce the chances of that happening.Interested in all those benefits? We can’t blame you! Replacement windows are some of the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to home improvement.  

Have you installed energy-efficient replacement windows? Tell us what benefits you reaped in the comments section below.

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