How Security Doors Bring Added Safety and Style to Your Home

Scott Dylan Westerlund
Updated October 11, 2021
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The pros and cons of security doors will help you measure peace of mind versus cost

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Your home is where you should feel the safest—but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for added protection. Security doors are the best of both worlds: enhanced security that often looks like a regular front door—only stronger. Learn the pros and cons of security doors before deciding what’s right for your home.

How Much More Expensive Is a Security Door Than a Regular Door?

Security doors aren’t much more expensive than traditional exterior doors. While people around the country are paying $1,050 on average to have regular exterior doors installed, those opting for security doors are paying $1,400 on average. However, the price range for having a security door installed ranges from $600 to $4,600, based on door style, door location, and your chosen security enhancements.

What Homeowners Need to Know About Security Doors

Don't assume that a security door means an aesthetic compromise. Security doors come in styles that are both effective and attractive for all parts of your home. The most common type of security door is the openwork steel door. This style combines wrought iron with tempered glass. Many have floral, filigree, and Spanish-style design accents.

However, you can also find "hidden" security doors that look just like wood and fiberglass from the outside. This "mainstream" look conceals the fact that the design's interior contains steel and reinforced sides.

Single Security Doors

The most common option, a single security door is essentially a "front door." However, it can be used for back doors, kitchen exits, garage exits, basement exits, and much more.

Double Security Doors

You can still have a security door even if you're replacing a double door that goes out to a patio or deck. Many people feel vulnerable when having all-glass doors leading in from the back of the home. After all, this is the area of the home where intruders can break in without street visibility.

While double security doors are similar to single security doors, the big difference is that you're getting double the door. Most designs allow you to open just one half of the door if you prefer.

The Pros and Cons of Security Doors

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Is making a decision about a regular exterior door versus a security door on your list of home security projects to tackle this weekend? It's analysis time!

Pro: Your Home Is Safer Against Intruders

A security door adds a line of defense that makes it harder for intruders to breach your home.

Con: Installing a Security Door Isn't a DIY Task

A security door that's installed improperly can become faulty. It's important to bring in a pro with experience with installing security doors if you want your door to perform under pressure.

Pro: Just the Sight of a Security Door Can Be a Deterrent

Burglars are looking for the house on the block that's the easiest one to break into. When they see a security door, it's an instant deterrent because the time and effort needed to breach the door will increase their chances of being caught. Burglars are also likely to assume that a homeowner who is savvy enough to install a security door probably has other security measures in place.

Con: Price

As you might expect, security doors are generally more expensive than traditional doors. This is a situation where you have to make the call on what you'll pay for peace of mind. If you're looking for a way to make your home safer without installing a heavy-duty security door, a security screen door is another option.

Pro: You Can Build a Very High-Tech Entry

If you have valuables in your home you don't want falling into the wrong hands, a security door can be outfitted with deadbolts, hidden hinge screws, duplication-proof keys, fingerprint keys, and a peephole to create a tight security situation.

Con: Possible Corrosion Issues

If you choose a steel security door, there's a possibility you'll see rust and corrosion as the years go on. In addition to being unattractive, this wear and tear can actually weaken the door's protection.

Pro: Protection Against Bad Weather

Security doors don't just provide security against other people. They can also keep you safer in a storm. A security door can withstand strong winds and flying debris better than a standard door.

Con: Stuffiness

Security doors don't provide the insulation of some other door styles. As a result, they can make your home stuffier in hot climates. This is why security doors are not ideal for areas that require good ventilation. 

In that case, you may want to install a security screen door, instead. Security screen doors offer a good level of protection against intruders while still allowing air and light to flow freely through your home.

Pro: Peace of Mind

In a perfect world, your security door will never need to stand the test. However, the peace of mind that your door will give you each night when you lock up is truly worth its weight in gold.

Does My Home Really Need a Security Door?

Depending on your needs and wants, investing in a security door can be well worth the cost. Now that you know the pros and cons, you can decide if it’s a purchase that makes sense for your family. If you’re ready to have one installed in your home, look into security door installers in your area.

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