Average Cost to Replace a Bottom Kitchen Cabinet

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Written by Lawrence Bonk
Updated September 12, 2022
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  • Cover up damage for $200 to $300, or spend up to $4,900 for a complete replacement. 

  • Replacing the base of a kitchen cabinet costs $400 to $4,900.

  • Cabinet materials cost $50 to $700 per linear foot.

  • Depending on the job complexity, labor costs fall between $250 and $700.

  • Removing and disposing of the old cabinet costs $300 to $500

  • Installing custom hardware, painting, and refinishing will drive up costs.

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The base cabinet is an essential piece of your kitchen cabinet system, as it helps to hold up the rest of the structure. The cost to replace the bottom of a kitchen cabinet is $400 to $4,900 or more. The total cost varies depending on the extent of the damage, the price of materials, and whether you’re repairing or replacing the unit. If water has damaged the bottom of your cabinet, you may be able to hire a local handyperson to overlay the area with a fitted piece of plywood for $200 to $300.

Minimum Cost National Average Cost Maximum Cost
$400 $1,900$4,900

How Much Do Kitchen Base Cabinets Cost per Linear Foot?

Bottom kitchen cabinets cost $50 to $700 per linear foot for materials, depending on the inclusion of any custom components, materials used in construction, and whether the base cabinet will support a kitchen sink. Bottom cabinets underneath a kitchen sink, for instance, start at $300 per linear foot, as they require specialized materials and treatment to withstand regular contact with moisture.

Replacing a Bottom Kitchen Cabinet Cost Breakdown

Various cost factors impact the final price of base cabinets for your kitchen. Get a few estimates from professional cabinet installers so you can compare them. 

Job Complexity 

Not everyone needs to replace the bottom kitchen cabinet in the case of water damage. If the damage is minimal, a contractor places a fitted piece of plywood or linoleum over the impacted area, which costs $150 to $400. The replacement piece requires priming, painting, and refinishing to match the rest of the cabinet, which also increases the cost. 

It costs much more to replace an entire base kitchen cabinet in the event of severe water damage. For instance, some jobs require cabinet removal, which is time-consuming for cabinets attached to solid-surface countertops. Ask your pro if your kitchen cabinets require any specialized work that increases the replacement price. 


As previously mentioned, kitchen bottom cabinets cost $50 to $700 per linear foot, or anywhere from $100 to $650 per unit. These materials include a solid wood frame, a veneer plywood base, and wood sides.

Higher-grade materials will land on the higher end of the price range. Some additional materials, such as a plywood drawer box, a solid wood door frame, self-closing metal drawer guides, and adjustable hinges, also impact the replacement price. 

To save money, go with non-wood alternatives like laminate and thermofoil. These materials mimic real wood but are difficult to repair when damaged. 

Custom Components

If you’re matching your bottom cabinet to a custom setup, replacement costs increase. According to HomeAdvisor, semi-custom materials cost $75 to $400 per linear foot, with single-unit costs ranging from $150 to $800 or more. 

For a fully custom bottom kitchen cabinet, expect to pay $300 to $750 per linear foot for materials, with single units starting at $600. Custom cabinets require custom builds, dedicated labor, and more expensive materials and components.

Illustration showing the face frame, door and knobs, hinges, drawer parts, and interior finish materials


Labor accounts for about one-quarter of your total costs, amounting to $250 to $700. However, job complexity and custom components will increase the price. It takes around five hours to install a bottom kitchen cabinet, with contractors charging anywhere from $50 to $125 per hour. Hiring a local handyperson saves money, as they charge $25 to $50 per hour, but you’ll need someone with the appropriate experience for the job.

Additional Cost Factors

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Depending on your needs and preferences, some additional factors come into play when finalizing cost estimates with a pro.


Additional hardware, such as pulls and handles, will add to your final cost. Stock cabinets usually include all the necessary hardware for both installation and use. Custom knobs can cost as little as $3 per unit and as much as $200 per unit, depending on the materials used and the level of craftsmanship brought to the table. All told, installing custom cabinet hardware costs anywhere from $100 to $10,000, including labor and materials. 

Painting and Refacing

If the aesthetics of the new bottom cabinet are at odds with the rest of your kitchen, paint or reface the unit. Hiring a local cabinet painter costs $3 to $10 per square foot or $30 to $60 per linear foot. This estimate includes supplies, materials, and labor. Some contractors charge per component, which comes out to about $100 per door$25 per drawer, and $75 to $125 per cabinet exterior

Cabinet refacing costs $90 to $450 per linear foot, including materials, supplies, and labor. Laminate is the most budget-friendly cabinet update, with real wood veneers costing the most. Though expensive, refacing is sometimes necessary to match replacement cabinets with the rest of your kitchen. 

Removal and Disposal 

If you need to remove the old cabinets or dispose of them entirely, expect to pay between $300 and $500. Many contractors include this in any estimate they provide, but make sure ahead of time. If you’re disposing of the old bottom cabinet, consider donating it for a tax break or selling it through an online marketplace. Otherwise, disposal fees alone cost $100 to $200

Cost to DIY a Bottom Kitchen Cabinet Replacement 

The materials are a primary cost factor here, as labor accounts for just one-quarter of the total project cost. In other words, you’ll spend $150 to $4,200 to replace a bottom kitchen cabinet yourself—a savings of $250 to $700

However, completely replacing the base cabinet is time-confusing and complex, so only attempt this on your own if you have plenty of carpentry and cabinet experience. Otherwise, hire a cabinet repair pro near you to replace your bottom kitchen cabinet, especially in the case of severe water damage. 

Covering up a piece of the base cabinet—if the water damage is minimal—is a more DIY-friendly job. This is relatively easy and inexpensive, as the required tools are minimal, and you’ll only need a piece of plywood or laminate. Of course, don’t forget to paint and finish the piece after installing it. 

Tips to Reduce Costs When Replacing a Base Cabinet

There are many factors to consider to keep your costs down when undertaking this project. Here are a few tips to keep in mind. 

  • Go with cheaper materials. Laminate and faux wood are more inexpensive than real solid wood, although they’re less durable. 

  • Avoid custom cabinets. If possible for your setup, go with simple stock cabinets over a custom design to save money. 

  • Stick with stock hardware. Try not to splurge on custom or unique cabinet hardware to keep costs down.

  • Cover up instead of replacing. To really save money, don’t replace the cabinet at all. Cover up minor water damage with plywood or laminate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use this time to complete several kitchen-based tasks involving the cabinets and other fixtures. You can repaint or refinish your kitchen cabinets and install new hardware for a fresh look. 

If your bottom cabinet is attached to countertops, replace or refinish the countertops as needed. You can even replace the kitchen sink if you’re due for an upgrade. Talk to your contractor about other related home improvement projects.

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