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Angi How To Clean Hair Out of Your Shower Drain

Date Published: Nov. 12, 2019

Time: 15 Minutes

Yes, chances are your flowing locks are the culprit behind that tide-pool-thing your shower has going. Chemical products may promise a quick fix, but they can cause lasting damage to your pipes (and the planet), so we think that this is an unpleasant task worth doing with nontoxic items.

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Tools & Materials Needed 
wire coat hanger
baking soda
white vinegar
lemon juice
rubber gloves (optional but recommended)
plunger (optional)

Some showers have a removable, strainer-like piece covering the drain. If your shower is one of them, remove the strainer before you begin. Then throw on your rubber gloves and start clearing any hair near the surface of the drain. Gently pull away lingering strands with your fingers, taking care not to push clumps further down the drain your cleaning.


Straighten the wire coat hanger out, making a hook at the end. Slowly insert it hook-end first into the drain and then remove it slowly while making a slight twisting motion. You should catch some cringe-worthy clumps this way, but it may take several attempts. Be strong. Be patient. And think happy thoughts.


To rid the drain of any lingering gunk, flush it with an eco-friendly mixture of baking soda, water and white vinegar (or lemon juice).


If your drain is still clogged, fill the shower with enough hot water to cover the drain – usually about three to four inches. Then, place a plunger over the drain and plunge steadily for 30 seconds. If the standing water doesn't recede, repeat this action for another 30 seconds.