How Much Does It Cost to Repair a TV?

Katy Willis
Written by Katy Willis
Updated November 1, 2022
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TV repair costs can vary depending on what the damage is and your TV type

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Many TV repair costs range between $60 and $350, according to HomeAdvisor, with most people spending about $200 to get their TV working again. So if your TV had a great fall, and you're stuck with a broken screen (and a broken heart, let’s be real), it’s worthwhile to seek an expert’s opinion before you take the plunge and buy a replacement.

TV Repair Cost Breakdown

Breaking down your TV repair cost involves looking at replacement parts and labor. If you require pickup or delivery, this will affect prices as well.

Type of TV 

The type of TV you have is one of the major cost influencers when it comes to the price of repair. A simple repair to that old LCD or LED TV you keep in the kitchen for when you're prepping dinner can cost as little as $60, but repairing that big fancy smart TV in the family room can set you back up to $400.

Type of TVRepair Cost Range (All-In)
LCD$60 – $400
4K (Ultra HD)$100 – $275
OLED$100 – $400
Plasma$100 – $400
Smart$100 – $400

Diagnostic Fee

Some TV repair shops offer free estimates, while others charge a diagnostic fee of around $40 to $85.

Replacement Parts

Individual replacement parts can vary considerably depending on what you need. A quick bulb change can be under $100, while a cracked screen replacementcan rival the cost of a whole TV. Getting an estimate from a pro can help determine if your fix is worth it.


In many cases, labor will make up the bulk of your TV repair cost. Most TV repair shops charge between $60 and $125 per hour. Alternatively, some will charge a flat rate based on the type of repair you need.

Transportation Fees

Unless you can fit your TV in the back of your spacious SUV, you may have to pay extra for pickup and delivery fees.

TV Repair Cost by Problem

We’ve come a long way with flat screens—they’re now more ubiquitous and affordable than ever. They also become obsolete faster than you can finish watching Shrek for the 100th time.

That said, the prices for buying vs. repairing a TV are often comparable, so it might make more sense to buy a new one altogether. Paying anything over 50% of the TV’s original cost is generally not a good investment.

Still, certain TV repair costs are justifiable. Below are some average prices for specific repairs to help you weigh your options.

Type of RepairAverage Price (All-In)
Backlight$100 – $150
Bulb$60 – $115
Screen$200 – $1,000
Speaker$75 – $250
Panel$200 – $400
HDMI Port$95 – $350
Inverter$100 – $200
Power Supply Board$200 – $400
Water Damage$150 – $400

TV Backlight Repair Cost

If your TV’s backlight needs repairing, it could cost between $100 and $150. This cost includes the replacement parts and labor.

Bulb Replacement

Replacing a flat-screen TV bulb can cost between $60 to $115 in total. If you’re experiencing sound with no picture, this is typically the culprit.

TV Screen Repair Cost

Repairing a TV screen costs $200 to $1,000. However, the screen is one of the most expensive parts of the device and it's sensitive, too, so if the screen is cracked, it may make more financial sense to buy a new TV. In fact, in some cases, if you ever want to get back to Judith and the rest of The Walking Dead gang, you may have no choice, as screen damage isn't always repairable.

TV Speaker Repair

Fixing a TV's speakers costs between $75 and $250. Smaller repairs like minor adjustments and deep cleaning cost significantly less than rewiring or replacing them.

TV Panel Repair

To repair a TV panel, expect to pay $200 to $400. However, many panels can't be repaired, in which case, you'd need to buy a new television. 

HDMI Port/Circuit Board Repair

Fixing a faulty HDMI port ranges from $95 to $300. It’s also possible that the circuit board that the HDMI port connects to is broken, which can cost between $200 and $350 to repair. This problem is evident if the circuit board randomly powers on and off.

TV Inverter Repair

Repairing your TV’s inverter could cost between $100 and $200. A bad inverter might distort your picture, dim your screen, or even prevent the TV from turning on.

Power Supply Board Repair Cost

If your TV’s power supply board goes bad, replacement parts and labor will run you about $300. For smaller and less expensive TVs, you’re better off buying a new one.

Water Damage Repair 

Repairing water damage will set you back between $150 and $400. Water and electronics definitely don't mix, but if your TV does get wet through a flood or someone spilling a drink, then if the damage isn't too excessive, a repair pro may be able to take the unit apart, let it dry out, and replace ruined parts. But often, a water-damaged TV needs replacement, not repair.

Cost to Repair a TV Yourself

If you have a solid understanding of your TV and all its parts, there’s a chance that you might figure out repairs on your own. This DIY calls for advanced-level knowledge of electronics, if not professional expertise.

Before you begin, ensure your TV is not still under the manufacturer’s warranty. If it’s not, you’ll need to diagnose the issue before figuring out what replacement parts you need. Parts vary in cost depending on what you order. You may also have to pick up a voltmeter for around $20 and a precision screwdriver set for about $10.

Even if you’re extremely savvy, though, professional repair expenses are sometimes necessary. Fixing a cracked flat-screen TV is one of these, as this is very complex and might even be impossible to do on your own. It’s best to consult with a local TV repair specialist before investing any time (or money) into the project.

Cost to Repair a TV Yourself vs. Hiring a Pro 

In theory, it costs less to fix a TV yourself than to hire a pro because you save on labor costs. However, you'll pay full price instead of trade price for replacement parts. Plus, you run the chance of making the problem worse. If that happens, you'll still have to call a repair service and will likely end up paying more than if you'd called the pro to begin with. And there's a chance that your tinkering will render your TV irreparable. So play it safe and let a pro handle any TV repairs, however minor.

How to Save Money on TV Repairs 

There's not too much you can do to save money on TV repairs unless you're an electronics DIY heavyweight. First, make sure you’re not still under the manufacturer’s warranty if something went wrong naturally. If you aren’t, then compare estimates from multiple repair shops before committing. You should also recognize when the repairs are no longer financially smart. If a repair costs more than 50% of the cost of your TV or the cost of a new one, or when you're having to have several repairs over the course of a few months, it's time to stop wasting time on repairs and purchase a new TV with a good warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only if you’re looking to reduce waste. More often than not, your cracked flat-screen TV repair cost will be comparable to, if not more than, the price of replacing it.

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