14 Absolutely Brilliant Ways to Hide the TV

Jenna Jonaitis
Written by Jenna Jonaitis
Updated February 2, 2022
woman sliding cabinet door to expose TV
Photo: Hero Images/Hero Images / Adobe Stock

A little sneakiness can go a long way

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A big blank TV screen doesn’t make for the prettiest home decor, and its cords and devices can also clutter up the room and cramp your style. Try these 14 clever ways to hide your TV so the screen isn’t the focal point of your space.

1. Tuck It Behind Cabinet Doors

Building beautiful cabinet doors that open and close in front of your screen can bring texture to your space while hiding your TV away. Keep the doors a natural wood tone or paint them depending on the room’s style. Consider constructing a spot behind the doors for your TV cords and wires, too. 

2. Add a Sliding or Bifold Painting

When you’re not watching your favorite show, imagine looking up at a stunning painting instead of your TV screen. Whether it's an abstract design or a landscape, choose a framed picture that complements the rest of your room. A bi-fold structure allows you to close the painting over the TV from either side, while a sliding painting offers a cohesive finish. 

living room with gallery wall and tv
Photo: FollowTheFlow/ Adobe Stock

Surround your TV with a collage of photos, art, mirrors, and other items so your flat screen disappears amidst the wall decor instead of taking center stage.

4. Opt for a Sliding Panel or Barn Doors

For a rustic or farmhouse look, fashion a cover out of retractable shutters or a sliding barn door. Achieve a contemporary feel with a moveable panel in a streamlined style.

5. Stow It Away in an Armoire

Instead of mounting your TV on the wall, store it in a beautiful piece of furniture with doors. A wardrobe usually has plenty of space for hiding TV wires and cords, too.

6. Switch to a Projector

Want a hidden TV with plenty of size? A projector screen rolls up and can tuck behind molding or trim work. You'll surprise guests when you bust out your theater-size screen (or a smaller version if you prefer).

7. Erect a Room Divider

Depending on the size and setup of your TV room, a room divider or partition can be a decorative way to hide the TV. Coming in an array of styles from antique to modern, find a divider that boosts the room’s aesthetic. 

8. Use an Electric Lift

You can mount your TV on an electric lift so it tucks inside a cabinet or into the foot of your bed. When you’re ready to turn on the news, simply hit a button and the TV will roll up for easy viewing.

9. Hide It Behind Curtains

Hang curtains and rods on the wall where you want your TV. Choose curtains that are thick and dark enough to hide your screen on the other side. Keep the set of curtains closed for a fluid look then part them when you’re ready to watch.  

10. Paint the Wall a Dark Tone

living room with black wall and mounted tv
Photo: piovesempre/ iStock/ Getty Images

Make your TV less of an eyesore by painting the wall black or another dark hue such as charcoal gray or dark green. The richer tone can serve as an accent wall in your living room or bedroom. Your screen will blend in and become one with the wall instead of being the focal point. 

11. Hang a Map or Oversized Canvas Print

Cover your flat screen with a vintage pull-down map of the United States or globe. If a map doesn't match your decor, attach brackets to a canvas larger than the size of your TV and hang it over the screen. You can also paint or wrap an inexpensive roller blind with fabric for a similar effect.

12. Install a Pocket Door

Create a spot for your hidden TV by building a pocket door. Have the exterior be a mirror or piece of artwork to boost your decor. Be sure the door locks or stays in place for when you’re binging or watching a movie.

13. Nest It in a Nook

Build an alcove for your TV into (or protruding out of) the wall. Bonus: If you construct a nook and mount the TV above the fireplace, you can hide the cords behind the mantel.

14. Turn It Into Digital Art

Some TVs and subscription packages include scenic screensaver options that activate when the device is off. You can also play a slideshow of family photos or other artwork to make your turned-off TV better than a dark screen.

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