How Much Does It Cost to Raise My House?

Scott Dylan Westerlund
Updated May 31, 2022
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  • The cost to lift a home ranges from $900–$18,500.

  • It takes a team of different pros to raise a house.

  • Structural moves, flood zones, and foundation fixes will impact price.

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If you need to lift up and move your house—whether to save it from future floodwater risks, make a large update to its foundation, or even transport it down the street to a new location—a team of pros will come in to help raise it.

Most people pay $6,000 to raise a house. However, this can vary from as little as $900 to as much as $18,500, depending on various factors. Raising a house is a big repair project that often means swapping out foundations. Before you start on this project, learn all the costs associated with raising a house and what factors go into the price.

Cost to Raise a House

Lifting a house off the ground might seem like a David Copperfieldian feat, but it's more common than you think (and doesn’t require any magic). Raising a house is often the only way to fix long-term foundation problems, sort of like surgery for your home.

The three reasons why people lift homes are:

  • To repair or replace a foundation

  • To elevate the home in a flood area

  • To move the home

In all cases, the biggest cost factor of raising a house is expertise. It takes a team to successfully lift a house. Here's a look at who and what you can expect to pay:

  • Structural engineer: $100–$200 per hour

  • Architect: $125–$250 per hour

  • Plumbing: $45–$200 per hour

  • Electrician: $50–$100 per hour

  • Excavation: $40–$150 per hour

  • Laborer(s): $16 per hour

  • Heavy equipment operator: $22 per hour

  • Permits: $1,200–$2,000

7 job roles that help raise a house, with architects costing the most per hour

The average cost to repair your foundation once the house has been lifted is $4,500.

Raising a House: Common Scenarios and Associated Costs

The cost to raise a house depends on if you want to get out of town, lift the house up from water, or put it on solid ground again. Here are the top three reasons to raise a house and how much they add to the total cost. 

3 reasons for raising a house, with lowering flood risk ranging from $20,000 to $80,000

1. Raising to Transport Your Home

Costs for lifting a home for relocation are based on:

  • The home's dimensions

  • The home's "fitness" for transport

  • Relocation distance

  • Terrain and topography of the relocation route

You'll also need to have a foundation ready and waiting at the relocation site. All these factors mean that the cost to raise and move a house ranges from $15,000 to $200,000.

2. Raising From a Flood Zone

Raising a home to lower flood risk means planningshelling out for piers, posts, and pilings, as well as. It also means extensive engineering work, planning, and permits. You can expect to shell out between $20,000 and $80,000 to keep your home from swimming with the fishes. The good news is that Flood Mitigation Assistance grants can cover some of this cost if your property is covered by the National Flood Insurance Program.

3. Raising to Replace Foundation

If foundation repairs just won’t cut it, you probably need to raise your house and replace the entire foundation. This is a major project that costs between $20,000 and $100,000. The final cost will depend on the type of foundation.

Cost Breakdown for Lifting a Home

It takes a village of professionals to raise a house safely, but that's not all. You'll also need the usual suspects like insurance and permits, and possibly pillars and a new foundation. Let's go over some of the other costs of raising a home besides expertise and labor.

Home Size

The bigger the house, the more it costs to raise. Here’s what you can expect to pay depending on the size of your home:

House SizeAverage Raising Cost
1,000 sq. ft.$10,000 – $30,000
1,500 sq. ft.$15,000 – $44,000
2,000 sq. ft.$20,000 – $55,000
2,500 sq. ft.$25,000 – $60,000


You'll need to have adequate coverage on your homeowner policy before beginning this project. Your contractor will also need proper insurance to cover a project of this scope.


Like most home improvement projects, raising a house requires permits. Getting proper permits can cost between $1,200 and $2,000. Talk to your contractor to see if they include permits in their estimate.

Plumbing and Electric

During a house raising, a licensed plumber and electrician will need to disconnect all your utility hookups. Electricians charge between $50 and $100 per hour, while plumbers charge between $45 and $100 per hour.

Replacing Foundation

Replacing a damaged foundation while a home is lifted can add $20,000 to $100,000 to the total cost depending on square footage.


Pillars can be embedded into bedrock to fasten your foundation if soil or ground movement has caused damage. Pillar costs range from $1,400 to $2,100 each. This is essential to keep the same issue from happening again.

Adding a Basement

If you're lifting your home to add a basement, digging out a basement can cost between $10,000 and $175,000 based on square footage, drainage and plumbing, and finishing work.


Positioning large equipment, excavating dirt, and relocating trees during the lifting process can all wreak havoc on your lawn and landscaping. You may need to budget for landscaping fixes after the project.

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House Raising Questions and Answers

Can I raise my home?

You may be thinking of raising your home to correct structural issues, move it, or prevent flood damage. However, the only way to know if it's even possible is to contact a structural engineer for an assessment.

How do I raise my house to make foundation repairs?

In order to raise your home to make foundation repairs, you'll need to bring in a structural engineer to help you design the project. You'll also need to see if you're eligible for the permits needed and contact a foundation repair company near you.

Why should I add structural support for my house after I raise it?

If your home's foundation was damaged due to shifting soil, the same problem will recur unless you stabilize the structure by adding posts in the bedrock.

What should I consider when lifting my house?

It's important to consider your home's condition to see if it's fit for the extreme stress of being lifted. There are two different methods typically used during lifting a house: raising or underpinning. While both are tried-and-true ways to lift a house, your home will likely withstand some disruption to walls, floors, and ceilings like cracking drywall.

What other projects should I do at the same time?

If you're already going through the trouble of lifting your home, you may want to also consider:

  • Adding a basement

  • Adding a crawl space

  • Adding more structural support

  • Doing foundation repairs

  • Installing a new foundation

How long does it take to raise a house? 

Raising a house requires securing the necessary permits and doing prep work. The entire process can take several weeks, but the actual lifting (not including all the preparation) usually takes about a week.

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