Did You Know That You Can Recycle Steel?

Updated January 28, 2015
Have leftover car parts, broken-down appliances or just junk made of steel? It can be melted down and recycled.
Junk King of North Texas

From car parts to paper clips, steel is in many of the items we discard — and it can be recycled

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At Junk King, we care about helping you go green. Refurbishing steel is just another way we recycle 60 percent of the items we haul.

Most people don’t think about steel as a recyclable substance. Paper, plastics and aluminum would take precedence. Steel doesn’t even seem like the kind of material we tend to use in our products anymore.

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Look around

Surprisingly, you can find steel in a lot of places. Most cars still use steel for frames and panels.

Often large appliances, such as refrigerators and stoves, are made out of steel. Even smaller items such as cans, nails, screws, paper clips and staples still come in steel.

 Finally, let’s not forget “stainless” steel. Many knife sets and kitchen utensils are made of the stainless variety. And you usually find surgical equipment in stainless steel because of its sterile qualities.

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Steel recycling

Steel goes through a four-step process for recycling:

1.  The steel is separated from other materials using magnets.

2.  Often steel products have a layer of tin that must be removed. This involves dunking the steel into a solution that dissolves the tin.

3.  Then large furnaces melt the scraps of steel. The liquid metal goes through a pressing process that turns the steel into thin sheets.

4.  Once reformatted into these blank sheets, the steel can be used to create new products. The reused metal doesn’t degrade throughout the process and can be infinitely recycled.

Steel has staying power

Many materials lose some structural integrity during recycling, but once steel melts it can be used again and again.

If you have leftover car parts, broken-down appliances or just junk made of steel, Junk King of North Texas can help by hauling it away and recycling 100 percent of the metal.

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