Feng Shui Decorating Rules to Follow for a Soothing Bedroom

Paige Novak
Written by Paige Novak
Updated March 10, 2022
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  • Feng shui focuses on increasing positive energy called chi.

  • Decluttering and decorating with calming colors is essential.

  • Feng shui design specialists are available to help transform your space.

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Your primary bedroom should be a place where you can unwind after a long day and catch up on some much-needed sleep. But if your bedroom feels cluttered and chaotic, it can be challenging to wake up feeling refreshed. Luckily, feng shui design principles can help.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that creates a comfortable and positive home environment. What sounds better than a peaceful home? Let’s take a look at some feng shui decorating tips to reach ultimate relaxation in your bedroom.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy focused on the balance of energy. The main focus of this practice is on balancing the energy that is present within every room you occupy. This intriguing concept has reportedly been around for more than four thousand years.

Creating the right energy is the top priority when trying to create a feng shui home. The positive energy you want to tap into is ‘chi.’ When a space follows the flow of feng shui, it maximizes the amount of chi energy. When you focus on creating more chi, you also open the metaphorical doors for happiness and calm. As a best practice, feng shui encourages you to take this energy into account when decorating, lighting, placing objects, and choosing the position of items within your home.

Feng Shui Tips to Create a Balanced Bedroom

In traditional feng shui practices, there are specific principles for certain items and rooms. Each item’s position leads to various predictions about a person’s wealth, well-being, and happiness. Let’s take a look at how to apply feng shui principles to your bedroom.

Place Your Bed in the Command Position

To have a bedroom that follows feng shui principles, you’ll need to ensure your bed is in the right spot. The ideal bed placement is called the command position, and it’s the perfect method to be in command of your life. Usually, it’s the diagonal spot in your bedroom where you can easily see the doorway.

To determine where to position your bed, you’ll have to consider the places feng shui doesn’t recommend for placement. The most significant unfavorable choice in feng shui is placing your bed directly in the path of your doorway. You should also put your bed in the center of a wall for optimal energy flow and less obstruction.

Avoid Placing Mirrors Opposite the Bed

Try to avoid placing mirrors directly opposite your bed. According to the principles of feng shui, the mirror acts as a way for energy to bounce around. For this reason, it’s not ideal to have a mirror directly across from your bed because it can disrupt sleep.

The goal is to have little to no energy flowing in your bedroom during restful times, and a mirror increases that flow. With this in mind, some feng shui experts rule out bedroom mirrors entirely.

Paint the Walls a Soothing Color

If there’s one central vision at the heart of feng shui, it’s that your home should be a comfortable haven of good energy. An easy way to start de-stressing is to paint your bedroom walls a serene color.

These paint color options are an intentional way to promote a feeling of serenity that feng shui strives to elevate. Here are some feng-shui friendly ideas:

  • Light gray and off-white instill a sense of peace and purity.

  • Soft green is calming and evokes nature.

  • Light toned-blues are soothing and likened to bodies of water.

  • Yellow is known for its ability to boost your mood.

Keep Doorways Clear

Always keep your bedroom doorways clear to promote the harmonious flow of energy. As a general rule of thumb for feng shui practices, you should keep furniture and belongings out of the path of the doorway.

Most of all, ensure your bed isn’t directly facing the entrance because this disrupts energy flow. As for openings within your bedroom, like a closet door or en suite bathroom door, simply make a note to keep these separate spaces closed off. For example, you could close both doors so energy doesn’t flow from these areas.

Let in the Natural Light

King size bed in bedroom
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Let in as much natural light as possible during the day. Typically, feng shui principles recommend natural light over artificial lamps. More specifically, it’s not wise to place lights directly above your bed to promote chaotic energy flow that’s harmful to sleep. Instead, a goal for feng shui energy is to allow the space to feel supported by the natural rhythms of life rather than focusing on using technology to alter that energy.

Place Items in Specific Positions

Place items in exact directional positions for specific meanings. Diving deeper into feng shui practices reveals that you can tap into some directions like north, south, east, and west for particular results. However, to find your ideal direction, you must consult something called a bauga map, which helps you determine your lucky numbers based on your aura and goals for your bedroom.

Another note is that harsh corners should never be at an angle toward your bed. So you should avoid placing your bed at an angle because it will throw off the orientation of the room.

Add Natural Elements

Add natural elements to your home like wood, plants, and other materials. Any variety of these elements may combine for a sense of warmth and harmony. Consider adding wicker baskets, wooden decor pieces, and many new houseplants. These elements will work in harmony to create a feng shui-friendly bedroom.

Keep Your Room Clutter-Free

Find hacks to keep organized and cut the clutter to an absolute minimum. Clutter is an energy disrupter. Not to mention that excess material objects and knick-knacks tend to make many homeowners feel overpowered. To create feng shui in your bedroom, start by letting go of items that don’t serve a purpose so you can stay organized.

When to Hire a Feng Shui Professional

Take a nice, long deep breath because feng shui principles can be a lot to take in. So if you feel overwhelmed, fear not; there are feng shui professionals who can help you transform your bedroom into a peaceful oasis.

When ready to fill your home with good chi energy, feng shui consultants who know how to work with your space and apply all of the feng shui techniques can help you redesign your bedroom to let the positive vibes flow.

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