30 Bedroom Decor Ideas to Showcase Your Personal Style

Paul Pogue
Written by Paul Pogue
Updated May 25, 2022
Woman sitting in bedroom reading a magazine
Photo: Drobot Dean / Adobe Stock

Transform your bedroom into a personal retreat with these unique decor ideas

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Your bedroom is your haven. It’s where you rest, catch up on your favorite TV shows, enjoy some light reading, and tune out the world. But, let’s face it: Sometimes bedroom decorating ideas are a little overdone.

These 30 bedroom ideas will help make your space feel like it’s totally yours. Showcase your personality—and your flair for design—with creative furniture, a personalized color palette, and finishing touches guaranteed to transform your room. 

Get Creative with Your Bedroom Furniture

Your furniture plays an important role in defining your home decorating style. Get inspired with these out-of-the-box options. 

1. Statement Headboard

Colorful headboard in a bright, white bedroom with a comfy bed and pendant light
Photo: KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

Swap your standard headboard for a splashy addition guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Bright colors set the tone for your space while working as an easy focal point for the rest of the room. 

2. Hanging Swing

White hanging swing in a bright, modern bedroom
Photo: Photographee.eu / Adobe Stock

There’s nothing better than settling in for a quiet evening in your favorite armchair. Unless, of course, you can settle in for a quiet evening in a cozy hanging swing. 

Add a touch of whimsy to your bedroom design and hang a hammock swing from your ceiling. Then, create the ultimate comfort zone with fluffy pillows and a soft blanket. 

3. Makeup Vanity

Elegant bedroom with a dressing table, mirror, and floral wallpaper
Photo: New Africa / Adobe Stock

A stylish, low-profile makeup vanity elevates your space. At the same time, it adds function—and helps clear some clutter from your bathroom. Situate your vanity near a mirror for plenty of natural light and pair a soft, velvety chair for an extra touch of glamor.

4. Standing Mirror

Gray bedroom with painted accent wall and wood-framed standing mirror
Photo: Photographee.eu / Adobe Stock

Working with a small space? Try incorporating an oversized standing mirror. While this may seem counterintuitive, it’s one of interior design’s best-kept secrets. The mirror will reflect light, making the room feel brighter and larger. You’ll also have the perfect spot to check your outfit before heading out. 

5. Extra Seating

Modern bedroom with wall art, a pink headboard, a pouf, and two woven basket chairs.
Photo: Pixel-Shot / Adobe Stock

Feeling stumped while decorating a bedroom? Take a cue from your living room! Extra seating works double-time by providing a place to relax, tie your shoes—or store laundry until you’re ready to fold it. 

6. Wooden Bench

Warm, modern bedroom with two jute rugs, a rattan headboard, and a wooden bench
Photo: FollowTheFlow / Adobe Stock

Matching wood benches and bedside tables help anchor an earthy color palette. Make the most of your space by choosing a bench tall enough to double as a coffee table, too. Then, pair it with a rattan chair for a convenient place to enjoy your morning cup of coffee.  

7. Cushioned Headboard

Elegant bedroom with a bed, green velvet cushioned headboard, green accent wall, and gold hanging lights
Photo: FollowTheFlow / Adobe Stock

Turn a basic bedroom into an elevated oasis with a cushy upholstered headboard. Pair plush jewel tones with a contrasting, simple color palette and minimalistic decor for a livable, luxurious space. 

8. Multifunctional Furniture

Bright guest bedroom with sleeper sofa, rocking chair, wooden room divider, and jute rug
Photo: New Africa / Adobe Stock

It can feel challenging to decorate flex spaces like a guest bedroom. Instead of filling the room with traditional pieces, opt for multifunctional furniture that can adapt to suit any situation, like this sleek sleeper sofa. 

9. Built-In Shelving

Warm bedroom with cozy bed and built-in shelves full of books
Photo: Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty Images

If you’re lucky enough to have built-in shelves in your bedroom, make the most of them! Line the shelves with your favorite books, artwork, and family photos. Then, put a unique spin on a headboard by pushing your bed against your built-in bookcase for easy access to your next can’t-put-it-down read.

10. Stylish Workspace

Modern bedroom with minimalist bed, a black and white room divider, and a stylish desk and chair
Photo: Pixel-Shot / Adobe Stock

Looking for a shorter morning commute? Turn a corner of your bedroom into a stylish, low-profile home office. Set up shop with a desk and comfy chair and separate your sleeping space with a room divider. Finally, add the finishing touches with minimalistic desktop decor. How’s that for work-life balance? 

Break from the Mold With Eye-Catching Bedroom Walls

Your walls may seem purely functional, but think again. Turn these wide-open spaces into a blank canvas with these bedroom design ideas. 

11. Landscape Wallpaper

Modern bedroom with bed, nightstand, lamp, and mountain mural wallpaper
Photo: Photographee.eu / Adobe Stock

Bring your favorite destinations home with you by installing peel-and-stick landscape wallpaper. Whether you love the beach or the misty mountains, you can visit your dream getaways without ever leaving your bed. 

12. Wall Paneling

Modern bedroom with wood paneled walls and ceilings
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

Add depth and texture with wall paneling to even the smallest bedrooms. Cover every available square foot with honey-colored wood for an homage to cozy cabins. Or, take a more modern approach and use reclaimed wood to create an accent wall. 

13. Painted Accent Wall

Bedroom with wooden bedframe, windows, coffered ceilings, and a green accent wall
Photo: Toyakisfoto.photos / Adobe Stock

Adding an accent wall can be a simple way to update a room. Wooden accent walls may be trendy, but a painted bedroom wall creates a similar effect without requiring a nail gun or wood glue. For best results, use a color that contrasts with the rest of your decor, like a splash of forest green in a crisp white bedroom.

14. Two-Tone Paint

Stylish bedroom with cozy bed, throw pillows, and two-toned green walls
Photo: FollowTheFlow / Adobe Stock

Stuck between two bedroom colors? You’re in luck—you don’t have to choose just one. Two-toned paint has become a major interior design trend suited to any room in your house. You can mix and match any paint colors you like, but we’re particularly fond of pairing a deeply pigmented hue with its lighter counterpart. 

15. Picture Frame Wall

Modern bedroom with window, gray bed, and framed photographs on wall
Photo: Photographee.eu / Adobe Stock

Adding a gallery wall is an easy way to update your space and show off your personality without a lot of time or effort. Matching frames and black-and-white photos create cohesiveness, but you can always pair thrifted photo frames in a variety of colors for an artsy approach to design. 

16. Fun Wallpaper

Small bedroom with a window, cozy bed, floating shelves, and peacock-patterned wallpaper
Photo: Dariusz Jarzabek / Adobe Stock

Wallpaper is back, but it couldn’t be further from the vintage florals in your grandmother’s house. Vibrant colors, patterns, and intricate designs add an elegant finish. At the same time, peel-and-stick varieties let you update your bedroom without the help of pros.

17. Shiplap Wall

Modern bedroom with exposed brick wall, gray shiplap wall, and wood floors
Photo: Sunshine / Adobe Stock

Rejuvenate the tried-and-true shiplap look by painting the horizontal planks a dark gray-blue. The dusky hue contrasts beautifully with dark wood floors while adding intrigue to a neutral color palette. 

18. Wainscoting

Modern gray bedroom with layered blankets, floor lamp, chair, and monochrome wainscoting
Photo: Photogree.eu / Adobe Stock

Put a modern spin on classic wainscoting by opting for a geometric, monochrome finish. The easy DIY project can turn the most basic bedroom into a luxe retreat. At the same time, the contemporary approach ensures your bedroom looks less 1950s and more, well, you

Add Unique Finishing Touches to Make It Yours

After updating your furniture and walls, all that’s left are the finishing touches.

19. Striking Lighting

Elegant bedroom with blue bed, decorative mirror, and chandelier
Photo: ostap25 / Adobe Stock

If you think that statement light fixtures only belong in impressive entryways or living rooms, think again. Installing an oversized fixture like this chandelier ups the drama. At the same time, a striking light fixture takes the hassle out of decorating. Rather than filling the space with smaller pieces, you can let one or two focal points do the heavy lifting. 

20. Oversized Plants

Minimalist bedroom with wooden bed platform, textured walls, and oversized plants
Photo: Nastya / Adobe Stock

When it comes to indoor plants, there’s no such thing as too many. Instead of buying and potting numerous small plants, opt for oversized greenery, like this monstera. The frothy leaves and impressive height pair well with a simple, minimalistic design.

21. Beautiful Rugs

Beautiful boho bedroom with rattan light fixtures, a wooden nightstand, and mix and match rugs
Photo: Pixel-Shot / Adobe Stock

Pair brightly colored, richly textured rugs with natural wood and crisp white walls for the ultimate boho retreat. You can even layer a vibrant area rug over a neutral jute carpet for added texture. 

22. New Hardware

Patterned dresser with mid-century modern gold drawer pulls
Photo: Red Rock Photography / Adobe Stock

Looking to upgrade your bedroom furniture without breaking the bank? Start by installing new hardware. Eye-catching, mid-century-inspired gold fixtures like these pop against white paint or dark, stained wood. 

23. Painted Ceilings

Bedroom with dark leather bed, windows, paisley curtains, gold walls, and gold painted coffered ceiling
Photo: digerati / Adobe Stock

Painting your ceiling may seem like an extra step to the design process, but it’s worth it. Extending the paint from your walls to the ceilings will create the illusion of a taller, larger room. It’s also a quick, contemporary update you can finish in as little as an afternoon.

24. Wood Blinds

Small, cozy bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows, wood blinds, two nightstands, and matching table lamps
Photo: Dariusz Jarzabek / Adobe Stock

Say goodbye to basic white plastic blinds and upgrade to luxurious wooden window treatments. The warm wooden fixtures invoke images of tropical getaways while allowing the perfect amount of sunlight into your space. 

25. Rustic Accents

Cozy, rustic farmhouse bedroom with antique furniture and window
Photo: Perry Mastrovito / Getty Images

Embrace the charm of country living with rustic accents. Pair antique furniture with billowy white curtains and paint old wooden planks to brighten the space. Add dark woven baskets and neutral textiles for a cozy retreat. 

26. Repurposed Antique Furniture

Antique canopy bed in a modern bedroom with white brick walls, carpet floors, and mid-century modern furniture
Photo: miriristic / Adobe Stock

Give an antique four-poster bed, inherited console, or thrifted finds new life. You don’t have to lean into a vintage look, either. This antique canopy bed contrasts with sleek, white bedding, brick walls, and a hyper-modern ceiling fan.

27. Cohesive Color Scheme

Modern bedroom with plush rug, purple bedding, and modern furniture
Photo: Hoda Bogdan / Adobe Stock

Before you start decorating your bedroom, take some time to choose the perfect color palette. Sticking to a color scheme instantly creates a more cohesive space. It also offers plenty of flexibility. 

You can lean into the maximalism trend and deck out your room with vibrant shades and your favorite knickknacks. Or, you can take a streamlined approach to luxury with touches like a soft, furry rug and metallic side tables. 

28. Ceiling Beams

Spacious bedroom with wood floors, seating area, large bed, curtains, and ceiling beams
Photo: moodboard / Adobe Stock

Draw attention to high ceilings by installing wooden beams. Depending on your space, you may only have room for one or two. Regardless, rough-hewn wood or polished, painted pieces add an easy focal point while making vaulted ceilings seem even loftier. 

29. Oversized Art

Eclectic bedroom with blue accent wall, large cactus, rattan lamps, wooden bed and nightstands, and oversized tropical art
Photo: brizmaker / Adobe Stock

Make a splash with oversized art. Brightly colored canvases take up ample space while adding a unique touch to your rooms. Try coordinating the color palettes for a cohesive yet eclectic look. 

30. Wall-Mounted TV

Bright, modern bedroom with wall-mounted TV, white dresser, and wooden bed
Photo: elroce / Adobe Stock

Turn your bedroom into the ultimate screening room by mounting your TV on the wall. You’ll save valuable space on top of your dresser and eliminate messy cords and cables. Bonus points for using an adjustable mount to ensure that you get the best view from any part of the room.

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