9 Under-Bed Storage Hacks to Maximize Your Sleeping Space

Lawrence Bonk
Written by Lawrence Bonk
Updated March 9, 2022
An eco style bedroom with under bed storage
Photo: New Africa / Adobe Stock

You don’t have to be scared to look under your bed

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So you’ve used up every inch of closet space and still have plenty of stuff looking for a home. It’s time to think outside of the box… spring. That’s right. Your bed is the perfect storage spot or, rather, underneath it. 

The undercarriage of a bed runs the entire width and length of the mattress and often boasts a foot or so of height. That’s a lot of space, and luckily there are plenty of storage hacks to take advantage of it. Here are nine of the best and easiest ways to make use of your under-bed space. 

1. Use Bed Risers

The typical height of a bed frame is knee-level, or about 12 to 16 inches tall. That leaves a fair amount of room for under-bed storage but to really maximize the space, invest in some simple bed risers. Adding these is a great way to increase storage space in small bedrooms, as these risers lift the bed five to seven additional inches off the floor. 

Even better? Some bed risers stack, meaning you can plop multiple risers on top of one another for even more height. Bed risers are inexpensive, at around $20 for a full set, and are easy to install. However, have a second person on-hand for the installation because mattresses and frames are heavy.

2. Find Appropriate Storage Containers 

While you can simply slide your stuff underneath the bed with no rhyme or reason, think about investing in some size-appropriate storage containers. Many companies even make containers that are purpose-built for going underneath the bed. These containers often stack, doubling your storage capabilities, and many feature wheels for easy storing and retrieving. 

Don’t want to splurge on some of these containers? Use some of the flatter cardboard boxes lying around from your last move. 

3. Purchase a Bed Frame With Dedicated Storage 

Want to really up your under-bed storage game? Reinvent the centerpiece of your bedroom and purchase a bed frame with dedicated built-in storage. Many of these beds feature pull-out drawers and all kinds of hidden nooks and crannies for your favorite items. They pull this off with minimal clutter, thanks to creative designs that seriously up the aesthetics of your bedroom. Storage bed frames also create a natural barrier against dust and grime, simplifying the cleaning process. 

However, they aren’t cheap, costing anywhere from $500 to $1,000 or more, so consider if this might be the investment for you.

4. Use Vacuum Seal Bags

Close-up of a vacuum seal bag for clothes
Photo: bojanstory / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

The humble vacuum seal bag is a fantastic way to save space, especially if you own plenty of clothing items that won’t fit in the closet. Place entire outfits, like suits and dresses, into one of these vacuum bags, seal it up, and slide it under the bed. They’ll be there later on for your next mandatory social event. They are also inexpensive, costing around $10 or so for a three-pack. 

5. Store Items Inside Each Other 

Create a ton of space in a pinch by finding ways to nest smaller items inside of bigger ones under your bed. For instance, you can store suitcases inside one another. Start with the largest one, placing the second-largest one inside that, then the third-largest one, and so on. 

Before long, every one of your home’s suitcases will, essentially, take up the space of just one suitcase. It won’t solve all of your organization-related problems, but it’s a good start. 

6. Hide Clutter With a Bed Skirt

Once you’ve played a mean game of Tetris underneath the bed, hide the evidence by adding an attractive bed skirt. Bed skirts were once the purview of stuffy bed and breakfasts, but modern designs are hip, with sharp seams and flat sides. As an added bonus, bed skirts keep dust, dirt, and debris away, simplifying the cleaning process. 

7. Don’t Forget Guest Rooms 

Your bedroom is not the only place in your home that benefits from added storage space. Go through any room with a bed and choose one of the storage hacks we mentioned above. These hacks stack, turning every bed into an ad-hoc storage space. Before long, everything will magically have a place, and you’ll be wondering when you got so good at organizing.  

8. Build a Loft Bed

A girl playing with a cat on a loft bed
Photo: Sara Monika / Image Source / Getty Images

While considered an extreme solution for some, a loft bed gives access to your bedroom’s entire floor space, freeing it up for storage or, well, anything else. Modern loft bed designs typically include plenty of dedicated storage in the form of drawers and bookshelves, adding further organizational value. 

Of course, these furniture items come at a cost, with premium models costing at least $2,000. They also require some moderate furniture building expertise. 

9. Hire a Professional Organizer 

If the prospect of reorganizing your room gives you nightmares, contact a professional local home organizer. These pros boast more than enough experience to magically transform your under-bed into a storage utopia, but they’ll also work on organizing and decluttering the rest of your home. 

Some companies even clean as they work, adding more benefits, and offer valuable advice on staying organized after they leave. Professional organizers charge $55 to $100 per hour, with projects costing $200 to $700.

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