Colorful Tips to Set the Mood for Any Room in Your Home

Kathryn Marsh
Written by Kathryn Marsh
Updated March 13, 2014
Spaces with warm neutrals, deep tones and dark shades will help to create a formal mood, says Marsh. (Photo courtesy of Kathryn Interiors)

The colors in a room’s décor help to establish the mood and add personality. One highly rated provider shares tips to set the mood for any room in your home.

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Paint is one of the easiest and quickest ways to add personality to a room, as the colors in a room’s décor help to establish the mood. The first and most important step is planning the color scheme. 

Before you walk into a paint shop with its myriad of color choices you should have an idea of what color direction you want to go in.  

Choosing your mood

Decide on the mood you want for each room, how each room will be used and what activities will be taking place in the room. This can help to guide you in the direction of design and color for your rooms. 

In a room that will have a lot of activity, you may want to use colors that are bright, bold and energizing. Where you want to relax and unwind, look for colors that are soft and low in contrast.  

Spaces with warm neutrals, deep tones and dark shades will help to create a formal mood. Rich textures and sumptuous fabrics with warm deep colors help to create engaging or sensuous spaces. 

In playful rooms, think of color combinations that are bright, energetic and high spirited. Use multiple colors to create this effect – not all the colors need to be bright. 

Mood by room

1. Bedrooms 

Your bedroom is your private space where you want to get away from it all. You may want the room to be a relaxing place or a place to feel nurtured in. Softer colors that are similar to each other with low contrast will give you that feeling.

2. Bathrooms

The bathroom is also another private space where we spend time getting ready. Most of our time is spent looking into a mirror, so picking colors that will make you look good in the mirror is vital. Some colors to be wary of are yellows, yellow-greens and greens. 

Lighting is also important. The lighting in your bathroom should be as close to natural daylight as possible, with no fluorescent lights.  

For powder rooms, you may consider doing something bold. Give that space a bit of personality using bold colors, or make it cozy and intimate by going for darker colors.  

3. Kitchens

The kitchen often features buzz of activities, including preparing meals, entertaining friends and family, doing homework with the kids, and managing the family finances. Think of colors that are bold, fun and energizing. Look to your favorite foods to help inspire your selection.

4. Activity rooms

Family rooms, media rooms, game rooms and offices have a lot going on, so use colors that are still bright and fun but toned down. Do you want the room to be cozy? Use deeper colors. Do you want the room to be airy and more open? Use lighter colors. 

Laundry rooms and nurseries are rooms with focused activity where we need to be organized. Bright light colors tend to clear the mind and illuminate the space. 

A good source of inspiration is fun wallpaper that relates to what the space is being used for. Wallpaper that depicts washing day or story book characters for the nursery will bring to mind certain colors that will point you in the right direction for your selection.

5. Formal rooms

Living and dining rooms are spaces where the energy is low key and usually on the formal side. Furniture is usually arranged for conversation and relaxation. Deeper richer colors lend a bit of formality while providing that intimate feeling for long conversations. 

When considering the colors for any room, you have to take into account the size of the room and the amount of light – natural and artificial. Darker colors tend to absorb more light while lighter colors reflect more.  Plan your lighting accordingly.

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