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About Boston

Members living in and around Beantown are able to search the list whenever they need to hire someone for home repairs, landscaping and other professional services.

Boston is home to some of the most vibrant communities in New England. Brookline, for example, is home to many medical professionals and academics, Cambridge is the center of higher education and intellectual endeavor in Massachusetts, Needham is attractively old-fashioned and historical, and Watertown offers great opportunities to raise families.

The Boston metro area is home to some of the most attractive and valuable housing in the Bay State, and homeowners can rely on us to find the most reliable service providers.  Find the best contractors and plumbers, and keep your Boston-area home in perfect condition.



Local Boston, MA Home Improvement Tips, Trends, and Hiring How-tos

two women holding dogs

Pets Come and Go, but Dog Walker Sticks Around

Dog walker in Watertown, Massachusetts, serves same family with three dogs for 18 years. Learn more about one of many long-term Angie's List relationships.
man and woman standing in kitchen

Remodeler Provides Reliable Service for 25 Years

PBI Construction in Brighton, Massachusetts, provides service to same Boston Angie's List member for 25 years. Read more about this long-time relationship.
Copper pipe

Is There Lead in Copper or Brass Plumbing Pipes?

Lead may be found in older copper or brass plumbing pipes and fixtures, and may contaminate your home's water supply. Learn to identify and control the risks.
homeowner talks to contractor in unfinished new home

What Is a Home Improvement Contractor's Bond?

Verifying a remodeling contractor's bond offers a homeowner better financial protection for home improvement projects than insurance or proper licensing.
Toilet view from above

Why Does Wind Drop My Toilet Water Level?

Read more about why windy weather means lowered water levels in your home's toilet bowl.
claw-foot bathtub in process of refinishing

Bathtub Refinishing Experts Share the Facts

Three highly rated service providers share the average price of bathtub refinishing to update your bathroom and how long this home improvement often takes.
Power lines running in front of houses

Downed Power Line in Your Yard? 4 Immediate Steps to Take

Downed power lines are not just an inconvenience—they can also be dangerous. But knowing what to do when a power line falls in your yard will help protect your home and family. Learn who to contact and what to do if you see a downed power line.

How to Find the Best Child Care Provider for Your Family

New Massachusetts regulations make it easier for parents to verify that a caregiver working outside the family's home is properly licensed, which is important.
a woman's teeth are revealed when she smiles.

4 Types of Teeth

Learn about four types of teeth, how they function and how they develop.
A woman applies a teeth whitening strip to her teeth.

Are Teeth Whitening Strips Safe?

Despite concerns over tooth sensitivity and minor irritation, whitening strips have few side effects.
dogs on stairs

Boston Area Pet Experts Discuss Dog Training

Boston area pet experts discuss dog training and obedience with Angie's List Magazine.

3 Home Health Benefits to Carpet Cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning not only means cleaner carpets, but can also contribute to a healthier home environment.
wool carpet

4 Types of Carpet Fibers

If you are putting down carpet, know the types you might want to buy.
stopping squeaky hardwood floor

Squeaky Floors? A Boston Area Expert Explains the Fix

A flooring expert issues tips for squelching the squeaks in your home.
gloved hands holding a sponge and spray bottle

How Often Should I Clean Dish Scrubbing Tools?

Your cleaning supplies need a good scrubbing to stay sanitary. Keep bacteria away by regularly washing and replacing your sponges, rags and brushes.