10 Unique Ideas for Interior Door Designs

Jenna Jonaitis
Written by Jenna Jonaitis
Updated December 28, 2021
white interior doors in apartment
Photo: Dariusz Jarzabek / Adobe Stock

Open your door to a wide range of interior design possibilities

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Your interior design touches make your home a home, but you may not know all of the ways you can customize your space. You can add instant dimension and color to any room with decorative interior doors, and installing one typically takes less than a weekend. 

We share 10 unique interior door styles, from farmhouse options to French doors, so you can find the choice that suits your home best.  

1. Frosted Glass Doors

frosted glass door in home
Photo: Ghada Alam of Ultimate Doors and Joinery

Frosted glass doors let light enter a room or hallway while still providing some privacy. Whether it's the door to your kitchen or bathroom, this style offers a unique look. 

Coming in a range of styles, from sliding barn doors to three-panel and five-panel single doors, frosted glass can up the ambiance in any space. Ghada Alam of Ultimate Doors and Joinery chose this paneled door as the entrance to the living room. She says, “The frosted glass panels allow for a comfortable balance between light flow and privacy.”

2. Arched Doors

 arched door in home
Photo: Jennifer Cox

With its rounded top, arched doors offer sophistication and character. Arched interior door styles work for both single and double doors, and you can combine them with another unique door style like French doors or decorative glass. “We fell in love with these arched doors because they bring character to the home and give it the modern English Tudor vibe we were looking for,” shares Jennifer Cox, a home renovator.

Arched doors are best for new construction projects because of the extended opening. But you can replace your regular door with an arched one with the help of a local professional door installer.

3. French Doors

french door in home
Photo: Josh Williams of E & J Interiors

French doors are double doors featuring panes of glass. They flood the space with natural light and character and create an expansive opening with the hinges secured on the sides and not the center. 

Josh Williams of E & J Interiors shares that these dark French doors divide the dining room from the lounge. “Not only are the doors fit for purpose, they let in plenty of light—leaving the lounge feeling spacious and classy being finished in black.”

Whether it's leading to your home office or your den, French doors can bring beauty and pizzazz. If you think these might suit your style, you can get in touch with a local interior designer who can help you determine the placement and style of your unique French doors.

4. Dutch Doors

dog in dutch dorr
Photo: Alexandra Small of TheSmallsHouse

Consider a Dutch door for your pantry or front door if you love farmhouse style. These half doors, also known as stable doors, are split horizontally. The top and bottom parts can open separately to let in light or air from another room. Dutch doors are a great way to keep your children or pets in one room while still having the door partially open. 

Alexandra Small of TheSmallsHouse decided on the Dutch door “because it’s perfect for my dogs when it’s time to eat.” She can close the bottom half and still check on them—and clearly, they check in on her too! Small says her Dutch door is a “perfect and useful addition to the kitchen.”

5. Glass Panel Doors

glass panel door in home
Photo: Angela Cross of Harmony Grove Designs

“When we first moved into our home, I had the vision to do a glass-paneled wall,” shares Angela Cross of Harmony Grove Designs. She chose sliding glass-paneled doors for even more character. “I was so happy with the outcome,” she continues.

A bit of glass or decorative glass goes a long way with an interior door, especially if natural light shines through it. Interior doors with glass can be simple or intricate and can help you reflect your personal style.  

You can find glass-paneled doors at most home improvement stores, while it's best to order colored glass designs from a local stained glass professional.

6. Mirror Doors

mirror door in home
Photo: Michael Guillerm of Hickory Grove Carpentry

Mirrors usually make a room feel larger by reflecting natural and interior light around the space. Include one or more mirrors in your interior door design to boost the vibe and make the room feel extra spacious. 

Before installing this sliding mirrored door, Michael Guillerm of Hickory Grove Carpentry shares that he evaluated the opening and style of the room before installing. Ensuring your door complements the rest of the room is key. 

Consider mirrored interior doors for your bedrooms and bathrooms, as they offer an easy way to check your outfit or hair before leaving home.

7. Wallpaper Doors

white wallpaper door
Photo: Ruth Gasson of Midcentury Houghton House

One of the easiest ways to add unique style to your interior design is adding wallpaper to an interior door. Whether it's a floral, farmhouse, or geometric pattern, decorate the inside of a door with color and style for an easy DIY project or hire a local wallpaper hanger

Ruth Gasson of Midcentury Houghton House says that all the doors in the upstairs of her 1960s home are covered in this same textured wallpaper. The doors match the wallpaper in the hallway and landing, creating a cohesive look throughout the floor. 

8. Sliding Barn Doors

sliding barn door home
Photo: Katherine Kidd of KKD Design Co.

White, natural-colored, or reclaimed wood barn doors give any room an instant farmhouse feel. Often made of solid wood, with the ability for you to paint it any color, sliding doors roll on a track instead of having hinges.

Sliding barn doors save space because the door doesn't swing open into the room. They're also nearly silent, so someone sneaking to the kitchen for more popcorn won’t interrupt everyone’s movie night.

Consider a sliding door for closets, bathrooms, pantries, or to divide two rooms. You can find sliding barn door kits at most home improvement stores, ranging in style from classic to bi-parting.

9. Painted Doors

painted door
Photo: Michael Guillerm of Hickory Grove Carpentry

A fresh layer of paint, especially a bold color, makes a statement. Turn any door into a focal point by painting it a solid color, or painting pieces of the door, such as the panels, for a two-toned look.

From deep greens to soft lavender, choose a color that complements the rest of your decor. Take colors from your throw pillows, dining room chairs, duvet, or area rug to inspire your door's hue.

10. Antique Doors

antique door in home
Photo: Jessica Hamlet of The Manor Antiques

Create a striking accent by replacing a builder-grade door with an antique one. “This door is a 19th-century European door,” shares Jessica Hamlet of The Manor Antiques. She picked the door because of the beautiful ironwork, natural wood, and original hardware. “It’s truly a work of art and a piece of history,” she says.

You can find antique doors with ornate carving to stained glass and vintage hardware; a single swap can change the whole aura of your space.

If the door is the same size as your old one, you can often install it yourself. If the antique door is a different size, you may want to hire a local door installer to ensure the door opens and closes properly.

Consider an antique door for interior rooms such as your dining room, bedroom, or home office. Antique doors may not provide the same weather protection as a modern exterior door.

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