3-Season Room Addition Boosts Space

Larry Greene
Written by Larry Greene
Updated August 3, 2016
3-season room remodel, windows
The three-season room addition features EzeBreeze screens rather than traditional windows. (Photo courtesy of Case Design/Remodeling Indy)

This new three-season room offers the joys of outdoor living with the comforts of the great indoors.

The owners of this beautiful home in Carmel, Indiana, loved their home’s interior but needed an enclosed outdoor space to enjoy as a family for most of the year. This additional functional space is the perfect option to transition from the interior to their spacious backyard.

The original deck was smaller than desired, and it received harsh sunlight that created an unwelcoming atmosphere. With very specific design aesthetics and functional details, the new space feels like you are outdoors, while still enjoying comfortable temperatures throughout three seasons. The goal was to create a welcoming space under roof in which the family could enjoy the peaceful views of the outdoors.

1. Creating the home addition layout

The best location for the new structure proved to be where the deck was, directly adjacent to the heart of the home. The three-seasons room sits right by the open kitchen, dining room and living space. We removed the original deck, allowing for a larger footprint.

2. Matching the existing home exterior

The new rooflines feature the same slope as the existing roof, and the exterior style and materials match the remainder of the home. This gives the appearance that the new porch addition was part of the original build.

3. Special window screens

EzeBreeze screens cover the porch openings instead of glass windows. These specialized screens can be fixed or collapsible. The outer screen layer blocks leaves, insects and animals from getting inside, and the inside layer is a system of quality plastic that averts precipitation and pollen when in the secured position.

With this less-expensive alternative to windows, the homeowners are able to keep lamps, fabric furniture and electronics in the room addition with peace of mind.

4. Designing around the fireplace

The original fireplace was left in place as a focal point, representing the outdoor feel. This beautifully contrasts with the formal ambiance of the clean white trim and tongue-and-groove ceiling treatment throughout the room.

3-season room remodel, fireplace
The design made the original fireplace a focal point of the room, rather than trying to hide it. (Photo courtesy of Case Design/Remodeling Indy)

5. Cabinetry and mini bar

A small dry bar was incorporated into the design with a beverage fridge for entertainment purposes. The white cabinetry and granite countertop add to the custom look.

6. Heating and cooling the three-season room

A separate heating and cooling unit was installed for direct temperature control throughout the year in the fluctuating Indiana weather.

7. Custom trim adds finishing touches

To dress up the space to coordinate with the rest of the home, simple painted trim boards and columns with decorative crown molding perfectly finish the new addition.

Are you thinking about building a three-season room or other addition on your house? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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