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There are almost a half of million plumbers in the US alone.  Each state has its own licensing and certificiation rules for plumbers.  At Angie's List, we provide the best reviews to find and hire plumbing pros that can help install or repair any type of pipe or plumbing need.  You can see our list of plumbers along with ratings or browse plumbers near you to match with a plumbing company quickly.

Learn more about plumbers including the cost of plumbing repairs, common plumbing problems, and questions to ask before hiring plumbers, and many more plumbing details.

Common Plumbing Problems


water heater near a wall (Photo by Photo by Katelin Kinney)
Water Heaters
Learn how to improve your water heater’s efficiency and perhaps even lower your utility bills.
water heater valves
Water Heaters
To prevent pressure buildup in your water heater, the T&P valve and thermal expansion tank are crucial … as is regular maintenance.
Water heater components
Water HeatersElectrician
Angie explains why installing a new water heater may require additional electrical work.
Water heater valve
HandymanWater Heaters
Handymen share advice to keep you safe when attempting to relight a gas water heater's pilot light.
A woman’s hands washing lettuce at kitchens’s sink (Photo by Tay Jnr/DigitalVision via Getty Images)
Water Softeners
Turn on and adjust the water softener system yourself with these easy steps