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There are almost half a million plumbers in the US alone. Each state has its own licensing and certification rules for plumbers. At Angi, we provide the best reviews to find and hire plumbing pros that can help install or repair any type of pipe or plumbing need. You can see our list of plumbers along with ratings or browse plumbers near you to match with a plumbing company quickly.

Learn more about plumbers including the cost of plumbing repairs, common plumbing problems, and questions to ask before hiring plumbers—plus many more plumbing details.

Common Plumbing Problems

open dishwasher
Water SoftenersAppliance Repair & Maintenance
The mineral buildup in your water could be impacting your appliances.
water softener loop
Water Softeners
If you’re moving into a new home with hard water, you'll want to be in the loop about the plumbing requirements for having a water softener.
sink faucet
Water Softeners
Is buying a water softening system worth the cost? Read what the experts say.
hands of the worker, in blue gloves, laid a plastic pipeline in an open trench in the ground (Photo by  Kurgu128/iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images)
Sewer and Main Drains
French drains are ditches and pipes for diverting water from basements or yards
An ejector pump carries sink and washing machine water out of member Julia Bell's basement. (Photo courtesy of Bell)
Basement WaterproofingSewer and Main Drains
Chicago homeowners can choose from several options to prevent basement flooding, including overhead sewers and exterior flood control systems.