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There are almost a half of million plumbers in the US alone.  Each state has its own licensing and certificiation rules for plumbers.  At Angie's List, we provide the best reviews to find and hire plumbing pros that can help install or repair any type of pipe or plumbing need.  You can see our list of plumbers along with ratings or browse plumbers near you to match with a plumbing company quickly.

Learn more about plumbers including the cost of plumbing repairs, common plumbing problems, and questions to ask before hiring plumbers, and many more plumbing details.

Common Plumbing Problems

Drop-in cleaners often just mask a drain odor and don’t take care of the root of the problem. A plumber can help eliminate odors where they start. (Photo courtesy of Angie’s List member Kristen M. of Franklin, N.J.)
Common Plumbing ProblemsPlumbersTravel Agent & Agencies
If and when closing your vacation home, you may encounter plumbing issues such as bad odors emanating from plumbing pipes.
Water heater and furnace
Common Plumbing ProblemsPlumbersWater Heaters
Calcium build-ups from hard water can lead to annoying water spots and soap scum.
The P-trap is the U-shaped piece designed to stop valuables from disappearing forever. Unfortunately, it sometimes causes junk to clog the drain. (Photo by Grant Smith)
Common Plumbing ProblemsPlumbers
Many plumbers recommend against using chemical products for clogged drains. Read up on 5 ways to avoid using them.
Garbage disposal
Common Plumbing ProblemsPlumbersGarbage Disposal
Plumbers explain how to use a garbage disposal and keep it running smoothly.
Eight-headed shower fixture
Common Plumbing ProblemsPlumbersHiring a Contractor
Plumbers recount the funny and sometimes odd things they've encountered on the job.