How Much Does a Stamped Concrete Patio Cost?

Dawn M. Smith
Written by Dawn M. Smith
Reviewed by Tara Dudley
Updated January 11, 2022
Friends have party on stamped concrete patio
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The typical cost for a stamped concrete patio ranges from $2,700 to $6,220

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The average cost for a stamped concrete patio is about $4,500. Depending on factors like customization, expect to pay between $8 and $28 per square foot. 

Homeowners love the appeal of stamped concrete patios for multiple reasons. To start, they’re low maintenance and highly customizable. And, they’re affordable compared to other patio materials like stone, slate, and marble because the poured concrete is the same inexpensive material used for traditional patios and driveways.

How Much Does It Cost to Pour and Stamp a Concrete Patio Yourself?

Unless you have the experience and the tool collection for pouring concrete, you should probably let professionals install your stamped concrete patio. Not only do you have to know how to mix and spread the concrete, but you also need the confidence to quickly and precisely lay the stamps in the correct order and add in color if needed. Unfortunately, you won’t have the chance to practice perfect placement. 

But, if you have the experience, or you’re just curious about the costs of DIY stamped concrete patios, the materials for the average 200-square-foot patio cost between $400 and $700. The material prices are the same for professional and DIY installations.

The price includes:

  • Screws

  • 2"x4" lumber (for the form)

  • Gravel for sub-base

  • Concrete mix

  • Edging trowel

  • Concrete sealer

Don’t forget the best part: the decorative concrete stamps. For example, the popular brand Stampcrete has more than 28 different stamp styles available at $150 to $440 each.

Cost Breakdown of a Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped concrete patio closeup
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You’ll pay local stamped concrete patio companies between $8 and $28 per square foot for the labor and materials needed for a stamped patio. If you break down the costs, you’ll need up to $1,000 for materials (estimate enough for 3.5 cubic feet) and $1,100 to $3,100 for 32 to 36 hours of work at $35 to $85 per hour. If your patio needs excavation, the labor increases by 50%.

Total Stamped Concrete Patio Costs (Based on Patio Size)

Patio SizeCost
10'x10'$800 – $2,800
12’x12’$1,150 – $4,000
12’x16’$1,550 – $5,400
16’x20’$2,600 – $9,000
20’x20’$3,200 – $11,200

Depending on the company you choose, they could have hundreds of combinations of colors and textures available. Don’t get overwhelmed; just ask for a bit of guidance. The vast number of choices is why the cost of a stamped concrete patio varies so widely.

Take a look at the categories your favorite stamped patio picks likely fall into.

Basic: $8 to $12 per Square Foot

For a simple patio, contractors use one pattern, like sandstone, and one color. The job is straightforward; they move the stamp repeatedly from section to section of the patio.

Intermediate: $12 to $18 per Square Foot

Usually, the patio has two or three colors with a contrasting border and a repeated pattern. Some elements, like faux stones, can have different colors.

Complex: $18 to $28 per Square Foot

Complex patios call for intensive and artistic labor to bring out the fine details of the overall design. You’ll pay for the hand-stained variations in color in addition to saw-cut designs in the concrete to elevate the design to look true to the natural element.

How Much Does a Stamped Concrete Patio Cost by Style?

Now that you’ve seen the base costs for a patio, it's time to check out prices for the options your contractor could present when you’re searching for the best stamp concrete patio design.

Stained and Stamped Concrete

In general, stained and stamped concrete costs range from $10 to $28 per square foot. Of course, if you’re happy with a durable, attractive, yet simple style, you’ll pay less. If you want to make a design statement that your neighbors will envy, add embellishments like multiple colors and intricate borders. 

These additions bump your costs to the high end of the range, especially if the contractor uses intricate handwork to replicate wood grain or another material that needs beveled edges or sandblasting. 

These are examples of some of the styles available.

  • Cobblestone

  • Yorkstone

  • Fractured Slate

  • Fractured Earth

  • Riverstone

  • Ashlar Stone

  • Natural Stone Rock Garden

  • Sandstone

  • Limestone European Fan

What Factors Influence the Cost of a Stamped Concrete Patio?

The size of the patio, the location, the intricacy of the design, and the labor required all influence the total cost of a stamped concrete patio. But, there are other factors to consider.

6 cost factors for a stamped concrete patio, including size of the patio and materials
Photo: PaulMaguire / iStock / Getty Images

Concrete Patio Sealant

Part of the appeal of stamped concrete is the long-lasting durability of the poured concrete. Still, to maintain the quality look of the design, you'll have to seal the concrete on a schedule according to the manufacturer's guide, about every two to five years. 

Consider how your concrete is used when choosing a sealant,” says Tara Dudley, owner of Plant Life Designs in Iowa. “Concrete around a pool, for example, requires a different sealant than concrete used for a front entryway.”

Depending on the type of sealant you use, you’ll pay $0.10 to $0.20 per square foot. Water-based elastomeric sealers are the least expensive and have a smooth appearance. Water-based clear coats have a natural finish and run in the middle of the price range. Acrylic sealants add the most shine, but they also cost the most.

Regularly cleaning your patio extends its lifespan and properly showcases your beautiful patio furniture and potted garden. For a light wash, use dishwashing detergent and a stiff brush, but a power washer is a good choice (if the sealant material can handle the pressure) if you need a heavier cleaning. Test a small area of the patio’s surface. You don’t want to ruin look-alike cobblestone perfection.

FAQs About a Stamped Concrete Patio

How is a stamped concrete patio made?

First, the landscape or patio company pours concrete (the color is added while mixing) into the desired size and configuration of forms. Then, before the concrete dries, the experts use stamps to replicate other materials like cobblestone, brick, or wooden planks.

Why should I pick stamped concrete for my patio?

You should pick stamped concrete because it's affordable and boosts your home’s overall appeal. It also has plenty of options for customization. And, if you take care of it (proper installation and scheduled sealants), the patio will stay in good condition for up to 25 years: long enough to host dozens of birthdays, cookouts, and graduation parties in style.

What other projects should I do at the same time?

Think about your overall yard. Would the patio be enhanced or completed by adding stamped concrete patio steps ($275 to $325), a walkway ($800 to $2,800), or a sidewalk ($1,600 to $5,600)? The answer is likely yes, but keep in mind; prices go up if you add multiple layers of design elements or if the project is extensive.

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