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Indoor Air Quality

vacuum cleaner on a carpet
Indoor Air QualityAir Duct CleaningCarpet CleaningHouse Cleaning
Clean surfaces bring relief from allergies, but cleaning itself can release allergens. Here's how to overcome the spring-cleaning dilemma.
Air duct vent
Indoor Air QualityFurnaces & Home Heating SystemsAir Conditioning
If you're looking to give your home's air quality a boost, consider a HEPA filter.
Indoor Air QualityBathroom Remodeling
A good bathroom exhaust fan reduces moisture in the dampest room of the house.
HVAC air filter being removed
Indoor Air QualityHVAC Maintenance
Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rates the efficiency of air filters at removing airborne particles from buildings. What is the MERV rating for your air filter?
Dehumidifier unit
Furnaces & Home Heating SystemsIndoor Air QualityAir Duct Cleaning
Your home's relative humidity should be 45 to 50 percent. If it's higher, consider a dehumidifier.