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Mr. Handy Plus Services

Founded 2017 • With Angi since May 2017


(13) Verified Reviews

Business Details

Phone Number


11020 Katy Freeway

Houston, TX 77043


Mr. Handy Plus Services is your one-stop shop for all of your residential and commercial improvement services; with over 35 years of experience, we are locally own, insured, and happy to serve you. Call us at 832-767-0551 or visit our website:

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Richi B.

Please STAY AWAY from Tulio and his company. We originally had a consultation with Mr. Handy Plus Services after a recommendation from our interior designer. He seemed very professional and knowledgeable and we were eager to hire him. He sent over a quote, we signed a contract, and we were all scheduled to get the work done. Literally 5 days before our project start date, Tulio suddenly sends over a quote that is $2,300 MORE than what was stated in our original contract! He claims that it is because my husband originally told him that we wanted a stand alone grill for our built in outdoor kitchen instead of a built in grill (what sense does that even make?). Keep in mind, that my designer, myself and my husband all agree that during the consultation we discussed having a built in grill. He is the only person that seems to think otherwise, yet he will not acknowledge his mistake. After sending me that ridiculous price increase (which we were not willing to pay), my designer contacted him on our behalf to attempt to rectify the situation. He then took it upon himself to call me and yell and berate me on the phone, calling myself and my husband liars and claiming him that we gave him the incorrect information. Despite all three of us having the same recollection of events, he told me in no uncertain terms that he did not make a mistake and essentially all of this is our fault. He was very rude and aggressive. I am a woman, so the fact that he would speak to me that way as a man is disgusting. Completely deplorable and unprofessional behavior. I would NEVER suggest anyone hire this company. Especially no single women, as it seems that Tulio will attempt to use his power to take advantage of us. Just to further illustrate how bogus his claims are, we realized that he made a mistake regarding the stand alone vs built in grill on a Sunday and corrected him. We saw Tulio in person on Tuesday. He never once mentioned the mistake or that it would be accompanied by an increase in price. Late Wednesday night (practically Thursday) is when we suddenly got this demand for more money via email. I found out after the fact that he had another job with my designer that day and it didn't go well, so he may have suddenly tried to raise our price to either recoup his loss from the prior job or to get back at her. Either way, completely disgusting and inexcusable behavior!

Description of Work
Outdoor Kitchen

Category outdoor kitchens

Service Provider Response

Hello Mrs. Bicette, I cannot imagine what you would have written here if I've ever met you. I don't know where you get that you have spoken with me when you were not present. Disagreeing with pricing for services does not give you the right to post reviews and lies. You are correct about my professionalism, and you should add integrity to that for we work very hard to have satisfied customers by providing quality workmanship and fair pricing. You have probably gotten other estimates and realize that the price we've given you was the best for the plan your husband wanted: a pressure treated outdoor kitchen counter space (did you even look at the drawings I sent for you submit to your HOA? Do you see a built-in grill on those drawings????) I cannot build a wooden frame for a built-in because is just not safe! you changed the plan, I changed the estimate with an aluminum frame and therefore, price also changed. If you thought that by posting lies here you are going to have me build you an unsafe project, you've got the wrong company! So, good luck with your project, and you are a horrible person!


Anne W.

Bathroom was in horrible condition. Mr. Pineda completely gutted bathroom from top to bottom. Walls, floor,everything. He sent us to great place to choose tile, sink and counter top. We had a particular toilet we wanted and he picked it up. We let him choose appropriate fixtures which were great. He advised us on paint color and he was correct. He was a joy to work with and his crew worked efficiently, cleaning up the end of each day.

Description of Work
Complete bathroom on a short time frame

Category ceramic tile,countertops,drywall,electrician,handyman service,hauling services,insulation,masonry,plumbing,wallpaper removal,home remodeling,interior painters

Service Provider Response

Hello Mrs. [Member Name Removed], I hope you are doing wonderfully! Thank you for your kind words, and appreciation for our services! We are happy that you, and your husband are satisfied with our workmanship, and quality. Thank you, you have a friend here! Tulio Pineda



Great, very pleased. Reuben visually reviewed the job based on my detailed list of chores and determined what materials I needed and went shopping and came back with just what I needed. I was very pleased with his choice of closet shelving. (cost of material included with labor). Mr. Handy Plus provides many more services than the little chores I requested). I have another misc project pending with them for the holidays(1st week in December) and Exterior House Painting scheduled for the first of the year.

Description of Work
General household projects(hand curtain towel bar; Add closet shelves,laundry shelves, refurbish patio chairs; tie down gazebo;clean glass on dining table, replace pickets on fence,moved a bedroom out for donation, other misc items. Great job.

Category fencing,handyman service,moving companies



Joey M.

Rubin came to add a fan and a switch in our bathroom. I showed him where to install the switch and went to my office to work. When the he completed the job i did not thoroughly check his work as it seemed like a simple job and i had a very busy work day in my office. i made a Big Mistake. Rubin picked a random spot on the wall to install the new switch instead of where i asked. I asked for the new switch to be added side by side to the old one so that there would be a double switch. We worked for several months turning our bathroom into our dream bathroom and Mr. Handy Plus came in and ruined it. On top of that, they will not stand by their work and fix the situation unless we pay them more money. My wife was the one that called in and Tulio, instead of trying to help, preceded to argue with my wife. This company does not stand by their work. If they mess up, you will have to pay out of your pocket to get it fixed. How is that standing by your work?? Tulio came to my house today to look at the work and again denied to fix the issue unless i paid him for the additional labor. Since it was clear that Tulio did not want to help fix the situation I asked for a 50% refund so that i could fix the random hole in our wall myself. He refused to provide a refund and continued to argue with me and tell me how this was all my fault. Do not hire this company. This is the first negative review i have ever given but i want people to know what they get when they hire this company.

Description of Work
Install Exhaust fan and switch

Category electrician,handyman service,ceiling fans

Service Provider Response

Hello Mr. [Member Name Removed], It is unfortunate that you are not satisfied with our answer and that you decide to take it out through Angie's review system. While we aim for 100 percent customer satisfaction, there are some things we are not willing to do for anyone. I have personally seen the work done by our tech and it simply matches the work that you ordered ( i know that because I am the one who booked the appointment and prepared all materials for the work). Our company cannot and will not make decisions as to the location of any installation(s), we charge an hourly fee so our customer has control of what is done and how long they want our tech(s) to work. The location of the exhaust fan and its switch were picked by you yourself; you were satisfied with the work done and paid our technician however, your lovely wife got involved when she came home and did not like the location you picked; moreover, you called me to come to your home to do an estimate for the work that it would take to have it done per your wife's expectations and I drove [Member Information Removed] miles to your home only to be bullied by you into doing the work for free (tolerating the bullying is one of the things we are not going to do for anyone). I've offered to discount the $260 that you paid for the work from the estimate to do the work as your wife wants it but you did not want that. Also, if Angie's list had a way to review customers, I don't think you'd find any contractor who would tolerate your bullying for your score would be worse than F. I have a picture of the work our tech did at your home and will be happy to post it here.


Kevin L.

He did half the work. The painting was sloppy. White paint on accent walls not just borders. Trim was terrible. Crown molding was not repaired. Baseboards were not completed. He hired people who could not speak ANY English. Hire at your own risk. Thousands of wasted dollars. This service is bogus.

Description of Work
Painting and crown molding

Category contractors,drywall,handyman service,house painters,interior painters

Service Provider Response

Hello Mr. [Member Name Removed], we regret that you have chosen to use the review system to express your anger after we almost ended up in court for your refusal to pay after the work was completed. We document everything as you now know; contracts, pictures, and your threatening text messages at late hours. Truth is, for some reason you thought you could get the work done and not pay. I would advise you to budget and plan before you hire anyone and more importantly, read contracts and ask questions so you don’t have any doubts as far as your responsibility to pay for work done. The quality of the work done at you house is as high as it gets, and as a matter of fact, we saved your walls after you and your dear friend attempted to do the work yourselves. Anyways, I had to block your number so I don’t have to deal with your childish ways.


Emy R.

Very excellent service, highly recommend to others.

Description of Work
Remodeling of kitchen

Category countertops,home remodeling



Emy R.

No problems whatsoever, work was done in a very timely manner. Thank you for your services!

Description of Work
Drywall replacement.

Category drywall,handyman service



Levent T.

I wouldn't recommend Mr Handy Plus Services for handyman services. They're expensive and they don't do a good job. What went well: The handyman started with fixing the cracks, which primarily involved caulking. He did a decent job. He was also able to fix the drawer that didn't stay closed. What did not go well: Repairing the hole and reinstalling the towel rod was the longest job that required waiting for the the filling to dry, waiting for the paint to dry, etc. I'd say it would take about 3 hours from start to finish including all the waiting periods. The handyman was at my house for a lot longer than that but was unable to finish the job because he didn't do a good job planning. I had even sent pictures beforehand to help with the planning. He should have scattered the work around such that while he waiting for something to dry he could fix something else. I think planning is especially important when the client is paying $95 per hour. Despite the fact that I told Tulio that one of the items on the list was to run TV cables through wall, the handyman he sent had no experience with that. He went to the store to get the equipment. He had to take pictures of an existing installation to know what to buy. He came back with gang plates but no box. He was about to leave to get a couple gang boxes when I asked him to stop for a second and plan how he was going to do the job from start to finish. He didn't have the right tools and he didn't know what the right tools were. I explained to him that he couldn't just dangle the cord from the higher hole and hope to catch it at the lower one. I explained to him that he needed to tie the cord to something more rigid (there is a tool handymen use for this purpose), and use that tool to direct the cord from the higher hole to the lower one. I pointed out that the cord might not be long enough. After thinking for a bit he said the cord was probably a bit too short, so we abandoned the task. The handyman spent quite sometime trying to fix the cabined doors that didn't close completely, but he couldn't figure out how to fix them, so we abandoned the task. The handyman said he had to remove the doors in order to fix the seals, but he couldn't figure out how to do it. After I watched him bang on the door for a while with no luck, I told him to forget about it and move on to the next task. When Tulio mentioned $95 per hour, he talked as if he was going to send multiple people. There was only one person. $95 per hour is quite high for a one man crew in my opinion. If the person he sent was competent enough to handle all the tasks then I might feel better about the price. I explained to Tulio what needed to get done and sent him pictures; he should have sent someone who could handle the job. The handyman he sent did a good job on the two tasks he was comfortable with and had experience with, but he clearly didn't know what to do on some of the more difficult tasks. Tulio both texted me and called me multiple times after the job to tell me that he sent the invoice. Unfortunately, he didn't ask once how the job went and whether I was satisfied.

Description of Work
- Fix cracks on baseboards, and crown moldings. - Repair a 2 inch hole on a wall, and reinstall towel rod - Run TV wires through wall - Fix cabinet doors that don't close fully - Fix a drawer that doesn't stay closed - Repair the seals on doors facing outside to prevent rain from leaking

Category handyman service

Service Provider Response

Hello Mr. [Member Name Removed], My apologies for your experience with our company; we take customer satisfaction very seriously for it is the foundation of our business. I don't know exactly why you were under the assumption that we would send more than one person to do the work you wanted us to do nor do I know why you have not called once to say that the work we performed was not to your satisfaction. We could have provided services to correct the situation if given an opportunity to do so and our offer to correct any work that was not done to your satisfaction still stands. We pride ourselves for our quality workmanship and will do anything within reason to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction. Please give us a call: 832-767-0551 or my personal cell number (which you already have): 720-206-6621


Mark I.

Tulio and the Mr Handy Plus Services Team did an excellent job. They completed work started by another Angies List vendor (I wasted $800 with that joker, before I fired him)...

Description of Work
Completed exterior prep work (for painting) on Fascia, installed breather vents, and refurbished the outside patio ceiling with proper plywood, reinforced rafters + installed correct support beam with proper size. They cleaned up afterwards...very professional and timely.

Category contractors,handyman service,house painters,patios

Service Provider Response

Thank you Mr. [Member Name Removed], Glad you are satisfied with our services and quality. We are here to serve you!


Taryn A.

He did an exceptional job. Excellent work. Highly knowledgable. Great finished product.

Description of Work
Tulio and his team did some post-hurricane restoration work on our third floor. There was water damage and some flooring that needed to be replaced.

Category contractors,decks,drywall,deck cleaning,interior painters

Service Provider Response

Thank you Mrs [Member Name Removed]! It has been a pleasure serving you! We work hard to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and we do that by providing quality workmanship and materials at fair pricing and always with sustainability in mind. We want to be your one-stop shop for all of you home improvements/repairs needs. Thank you again!

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    How is Mr. Handy Plus Services overall rated?

    Mr. Handy Plus Services is currently rated 4 overall out of 5.

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    Mr. Handy Plus Services is open:

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    Mr. Handy Plus Services accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Check, American Express

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    Yes, Mr. Handy Plus Services offers free project estimates.

    Does Mr. Handy Plus Services offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, Mr. Handy Plus Services does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Mr. Handy Plus Services offer emergency services?

    Yes, Mr. Handy Plus Services offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by Mr. Handy Plus Services?

    Yes, Mr. Handy Plus Services offers warranties.

    What services does Mr. Handy Plus Services offer?

    Mr. Handy Plus Services offers the following services: Handyman, construction, renovation and make-overs, home cleaning/janitorial, movers/delivery services