Window Treatment Ideas for Your Bedroom

Katie Christopher
Updated July 11, 2016
bedroom drapery with roller shades
You don't have to sacrifice style when shopping for bedroom window treatments. (Photo courtesy of Blindsgalore)

Blackout curtains and window treatments will help shield the sun to protect your sleep.

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You spend nearly one third of your life sleeping. Pay close attention to the way you decorate your bedroom, for something as seemingly simple as your window treatments could be preventing your from a solid night's sleep. 

Opt for one of these blackout window treatment options when dressing your bedroom windows. They help block incoming light from entering your bedroom, allowing you to sleep while the sun is still up. Especially ideal for people working graveyard shifts, everyone can truly benefit from blackout shades when it comes time to rest. 

Roller shades allow the best of both worlds

Blackout roller shades are the most economical window treatment to help block light from disrupting your sleep. Roller shades are minimalistic by design, rolling up neatly into a cassette at the top of the window.

This gives you the best of both worlds — allowing complete control of your window treatments to let in daylight when you’re awake and block it out when you’re deeply asleep. 

bedroom drapery and roller blinds
Pair minimalistic roller shades with soft drapery to add style and block sunlight in your bedroom. (Photo courtesy of Blindsgalore)

Roman shades dominate the bedroom

Roman shades are one of the most popular bedroom window treatments for their soft, elegant look. Available in blackout fabrics, you will be able to easily sleep through the night without light shining in your eyes.

Roman shades instantly brighten the bedroom with their sleek design, and will help you relax and unwind at the end of the day. 

brown roman shades in bedroom
Roman shades are one of the most popular types of window treatments for bedrooms. (Photo courtesy of Blindsgalore)

Keep cool with cellular shades

Cellular shades are known for their insulating properties, but they are just as good at blocking out light as they are keeping your room cool. Combining all of these functions into one window treatment ensures you will get the best sleep possible by keeping your room dark and comfortable.

Crisp and modern by design, cellular shades are available in many different colors as well as light-filtering options.

cellular window shades in bedroom
Cellular shades provide insulation and block out light. (Photo courtesy of Blindsgalore)

Combine curtains with shades or blinds

Providing your window with an additional layer of coverage, bedrooms look best when you use drapery in conjunction with blinds or shades. Layering drapery on top of cellular, roller, roman shades or blinds adds additional privacy and light control.

Drapery is versatile and adds another dimension of style to your bedroom design. Choose from various patterns and styles to further customize your look. 

Blackout shades and drapery will provide your bedroom window treatments with the best light blockage possible. Allowing you to sleep past the sunrise, blackout window treatments make your room a relaxing and inviting environment, encouraging a good night's sleep.

You deserve it. 

What type of window treatments do you prefer in your bedroom? Tell us in the comments section below!

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