How Much Do Exterior Shutters Cost?

Normal range: $295 - $1,136

The cost to install exterior shutters is $712 on average, but it can cost between $295 and $1,136—or more if you opt for a high-end style.

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Kelly Weimert
Written by Kelly Weimert
Updated October 12, 2022
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Exterior shutters are among homeowners’ favorite types of window treatments. These shutters can improve your home’s appearance, enhance its value, and protect against storms, intruders, and energy waste. How much, though, does it cost to install them? Nationally, homeowners pay between $295 and $1,136 for shutters, with an average price of $712.

This guide outlines the cost to install exterior shutters in various types of material—including rolling shutter garage doors and industrial rolling shutter doors.

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Normal range for U.S.
$295 - $1,136
  • Average
  • $712
  • Low end
  • $125
  • high end
  • $2,500

Exterior Shutters Cost Factors

While the type and material of shutters you choose will be the most significant cost determinants, some additional factors may impact the total price. These include: 

Window Placement

While hourly labor costs are consistent across different types of shutters, the rate may be higher for windows on upper floors or in hard-to-reach places. That's because it'll likely take more time for your pro to access and install them, driving up costs. 


Decorative exterior window shutters come in a standard width of 15 inches and lengths between 36 and 72 inches. If your windows are longer than 72 inches, your costs may exceed the standard range for a material. Functional shutters must fit the exact measurements of your windows to suit their purpose—if you’re considering them for a window with unusual dimensions, expect costs to be higher. 


The type of shutters you buy can significantly impact costs. For example, basic exterior shutters range from $155 to $1,400, depending on their material and size. Meanwhile, protective shutters like rolling window hurricane shutters usually cost between $1,475 and $2,400. 


Exterior home shutters come in different styles, with the most common being: 

  • Board and batten

  • Flat paneled

  • Raised paneled

  • Louvered

The style you choose affects the price, though not to the same degree as the materials. If you opt for a raised- or flat-paneled shutter, expect to spend an amount on the lower end of the cost range. If you select a more elaborate board and batten model, look toward the higher end.  


If you want to change the appearance or function of any of these shutter types, some manufacturers will make them according to custom measurements—but for a price that's usually much higher than off-the-shelf models. 


Most professional shutter installers charge between $65 and $100 per hour. Since this type of installation usually takes two to four hours, you can expect to pay $130 to $400. However, if you're installing many shutters on multiple levels or in hard-to-reach places, installation can take longer, meaning your costs will be higher.

How Much Do Exterior Shutters Cost by Type?

The range of exterior shutters can be divided into two broad categories: functional and decorative. Functional shutters protect windows (and sometimes doors) from weather and break-ins. Because they require sturdier materials and additional precision in installation, they are typically more expensive than decorative shutters, with average installation expenses for the lowest-cost security shutters ranging from $125 to $525. At the most expensive end, roller shutter garage doors cost homeowners between $1,760 and $2,900.

The window treatments we now think of as decorative shutters once offered crucial protection from the elements when home windows didn’t include glass but persist today primarily for their visual charm. Materials determine their cost; vinyl exterior window shutters are the most inexpensive option. Customers can expect to pay an average total of $155 to $650 to install them in a single window. Mahogany is at the highest end, with an average installation cost between $280 and $1,400

Exterior Accordion Security Shutters

Most common in commercial applications, security shutters have become increasingly popular among homeowners for their ability to withstand strong force. The most common type folds open and closed, accordion-style. For installation in a single window, expect to pay between $120 and $525 for the shutters, and between $260 and $400 for a two-hour installation, bringing the final cost to $380 to $925

Exterior Folding Security Shutters 

There are two-panel folding shutters for windows that cannot accommodate the size of accordion shutters. Labor costs average between $260 and $400, while the materials are more expensive, typically ranging between $300 and $1,000. The average total installation cost for one window falls between $560 and $1,400

Exterior Rolling Shutters

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Exterior rolling shutters open and close to block sunlight when desired. You’ll pay between $620 and $1,900 for installation of a single window. A more basic, hand-cranked unit costs between $350 and $1,200. For an additional $300, you can include a motor operated by a switch, remote control, or smartphone app. Installation typically takes four hours, at a rate between $65 and $100 per hour, for an average of $270 and $400 in labor costs.

Rolling Window Hurricane Shutters

Rolling hurricane shutters are built with materials that can withstand extreme wind speeds to protect your windows in the most intense storms. Installing a unit in one of your windows will cost between $1,475 and $2,400 on average, with $1,200 to $2,000 for materials and $270 to $400 for labor costs. 

Rolling Window Security Shutters

Rolling security shutters include an extra set of locking mechanisms for additional protection. The total cost of installation averages between $620 and $1,900. The units cost between $350 and $1,500, with the option to add a motor at $300. Installation requires about four hours of work, costing between $270 and $400

Rolling Shutter Garage Doors

Installing a rolling shutter garage door will cost more than exterior window shutters due to sheer size, among other factors. For an 84-inch-by-96-inch opening in a single-car garage, you can expect to pay between $1,500 to $2,000 for materials, plus an additional $500 for a large electric motor. The average installation price is between $1,760 and $2,900.

Industrial Rolling Shutter Door 

Though not necessary in most circumstances, some homeowners may want to opt for the maximum security an industrial rolling shutter door offers, with an average total installation cost between $1,260 and $2,500. The rolling shutter door typically costs between $1,000 and $1,600, plus $500 for the electric version. You can expect labor costs to range between $260 and $400.   

Exterior Home Shutters

Decorative exterior home shutters come in a range of different styles. A single pair costs, on average, between $25 and $1,200, depending on the materials. Installation typically requires two hours of labor, at an average charge between $65 and $100 per hour, for a total cost between $155 and $1,400

Bermuda Shutters

Bermuda shutters—also called Bahama shutters—are a type of louvered shutters, hinged at the top of a window rather than from the sides. Associated with the tropics, they let the breeze in while keeping the elements out and give your home a festive, summery feel. A single window panel costs between $200 and $1,600. The typical two-hour installation costs $130 and $200 for labor. 

Additional Costs to Consider

Shutters can be made of various materials, including cedar, vinyl, and mahogany. The type you choose will significantly affect your overall costs. 


Vinyl shutters offer a similar appearance to wood shutters, but they're usually lower maintenance and better able to withstand weather conditions. The cost of vinyl shutters can range anywhere from $25 to $450, depending on the type. 


Cedar shutters are naturally insect- and rot-resistant, and do a great job of withstanding intense weather conditions. Prices range from $30 to $1,150, depending on factors like size, finish, and style.


Composite shutters are made of medium-density fiberboard coated in vinyl. They offer the appearance of wood shutters, but they're lower maintenance and often more affordable. Composite shutters usually range from $60 to $685.


PVC shutters, or polyvinyl chloride shutters, are made of a durable, lightweight plastic, typically reinforced with an aluminum core. They come in many different colors and can mimic the appearance of wood shutters for a lower cost. They range from $100 to $300.


Mahogany shutters are moisture-resistant and durable, with a red-tinted grain that can elevate a home's exterior with cozy warmth. Depending on the size and design, these shutters typically range from $50 to $1,500


Although not very common, aluminum shutters are incredibly low maintenance and durable. They're also among the most affordable shutter types, ranging from $200 to $300.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Exterior Shutters Yourself?

Window treatment installers typically charge between $65 and $100 per hour for shutters. The job typically takes two to four hours, meaning installing the replacements yourself could save between $130 and $400. However, if you don’t have previous experience with shutters, we recommend hiring a local shutter installer since there’s a lot of room for error and an injury risk —especially with motorized shutters, which entail electrical work.

Common Shutter Installation Add-ons

You can add decorative hardware to your shutters to enhance their overall look, including hinges and shutter dogs, which secure your shutters to the house when open. Shutter hardware comes in many different styles, from minimal and modern to ornate and traditional, so you can find the perfect complement to your exterior aesthetic. Depending on the hardware's style and material, you can expect to pay between $20 and $60 per shutter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since shutters are a semi-permanent enhancement to your home, they typically increase your home's value. However, the shutters must be properly installed and in good condition. Suppose you install shutters but only decide to sell your house after the shutters experience many years of wear and tear. In that case, they can decrease your home's value since new homeowners will likely want to replace or remove them.

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