Who Makes the Best Fiberglass Entry Doors?

Updated December 23, 2020
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Question by Guest_9254562: I'm looking to replace my front door and sidelites. I haved looked at Provia and Thermatru, not sure if the extra 1/3 in cost is warranted. What manufactures make solid good quality doors? Is $4100 a good price for a Provia door?

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Answered by Guest_9091526: Fiberglass doors have a much higher R value than steel doors. As the owner of a home with steel exterior door in the midwest, I can state that in the winter ice forms on the inside of the door, even with a well fitted storm door. In the summer, you could fry an egg on the INSIDE of the door if you could get it to hold on a vertical surface. Fiberglass first, and wood second. Steel is a dead last.

Answered by the new window man: how many doors do you get for four thousand dollars? try HGI home guard industries .get a quote from your local distributor. www.home-guard.net tell them Tri-Pane installations in N.Y. recomended them.

Windowman, the price is for the door and two sidelites. Sorrry for not going into more details.

Answered by Guest_9254562: For the Provia door the estimate is for the Heritage Smooth Fiberglass door 6 panel door 2 side lites (1/2 glass) 130 glass Gemstone, Enzian blue external/white internal color, satin nickel hinges, satin nickel peep hole, satin nickel kick plate. On the TT door its for the smoothstar 6 panel door 2 side lites Longford Glass other accesories the same as the Provia. I would like to know what are good quality doors so that I can make an edcuated purchase. If there are other companies I should consider I'm interested in hearing from the professionals. Thanks for responding to the initial question.

Answered by the new window man: Door and two side lights , deco glass, etc.. four thousand installed ? thats sounds fair, ifyou are getting nickle hardware, try to make sure that the camming in the glass, the hinges, peepsite, door knocker, sill plate, etc. all match in color too.

Answered by LCD: I would say, assuming this is an installed price, that unless you are enlarging from a standard entry door (so need major structural work) AND your house is concrete or brick walled, you are paying a real premium. I am used to seeing $1000-1500 purchase cost range for fiberglass, and $1500-2500 range for high quality wood/steel full size entry doors with 2 sidelights, plus about $500 to install as a same rough opening replacement, or $1000-1500 for the install on an ordinary situation upsize from standard door in a wood or metal stud house where the opening has to be enlarged and new header installed. This assumes no overhead eyebrow, crown or transom windows, and no moving electrical or plumbing. Of course, I would not have a fiberglass door anyway - I can never understand people paying premium prices for a material with poor sunlight tolerance, hard to paint well, and no security advantage - if you want low maintenance or security I recommend factory finished steel.

Answered by the new window man: I agree with LCD's comment on fiberglass. The topic of why fiberglass puzzles me too, I have been selling doors for over twenty years and I will almost always try to convert a fiberglass request into a steel door. the topics of Security, insulation, durabilty, sunlight, paint, price, always wins with a steel door.

Source: www.tri-pane.com

Answered by Myracle: GlassCraft Door Company, Houston, TX. They sell through distributor stores all over the US

Source: www.glasscraft.com

Answered by the new window man: again, we recomended one year ago try hmi find the local distributor by going to www.hmidoors.com

Answered by WoWHomeSolutions: Provia makes a nice unit as well. All the manufacturers has some nice grains out now. Finishing is what makes the critical difference between a door looking okay and looking fantastic.

Answered by kkkkkulia: I don't know! It's very expensive!

Answered by Bumi: Hello! In my house, there are 6 windows, recently they were completely changed. I appeal to the windows and doors company from http://thwindowsdoors.com/doors/ I recommend them to you too, they offer excellent service and price!

Answered by markecotech: Hey there,

You have many options when looking for high-quality fiberglass entry doors. There is one door manufacturer that I can highly recommend. That company is called MasterGrain doors. You can learn more about their product here - www.ecotechwindows.ca

Answered by Ebin: I chose the entry doors installer on Homestars. I liked the Comfortec company's reviews and rating. I recommend them.

Source: https://www.comfortecwd.ca/

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