Who Can I Hire to Prepare My Patio for Spring?

Amber Guetebier
Written by Amber Guetebier
Updated December 22, 2021
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Getting your outdoor living space ready for warmer weather is no doubt on your annual home maintenance checklist. Whether it’s regular yard work services you’re after, or you’re thinking about adding a patio off of your existing porch, spring is an excellent time to get your patio in order. Whether you’re thinking about hiring a professional or you’re going DIY, this guide will help you determine who to hire to prepare your patio for spring. 

Benefits of Hiring Someone to Prepare Your Patio for the Season

Once winter is over, you’re ready to tackle some serious spring cleaning around your house. With a long list of to-dos, having a professional tackle your spring patio prep has some serious benefits, including: 

  • Saving time compared to doing it yourself. 

  • Having your patio professionally sealed in the spring ensures your patio will hold up to future wear and tear.

  • A professional pressure washing service can make your patio and outdoor furniture look like new.

  • A yard service can prep your patio and your yard simultaneously.

  • Avoid injury from moving heavy patio or lawn furniture.

  • Use the extra time to prep your garden beds and lawn for spring instead.

  • Relax on your patio and enjoy the spring weather sooner.

  • You’ll be one step closer to that effortless garden party you’ve been looking forward to all winter. 

Can You Prepare Your Patio Yourself?

Before you roll out the outdoor carpet, you’ll need to do some prep work on your patio. Unless your patio needs extensive repairs, you can probably do most essential spring patio maintenance yourself. Make sure to turn your outside spigots on before you begin. 

  • Use a pressure washer on tough stains and furniture. Never pressure wash painted surfaces or stained wood.

  • Clean garden pots and add fresh potting soil.

  • Plant spring annuals and summer perennials.

Can I Hire Someone Else to Prepare My Patio?

If winter took a toll on your patio and you need a bigger fix to your paver stones or concrete, consider a local patio repair service. Even if your patio does not require extensive repairs, you may want to hire a landscaping company, general handyperson, or a pressure washing service. However, you don’t have to hire someone else to prepare your patio. Still, it may be the right call, depending on your goals. 

How Do Pros Prepare Patios for Spring?

If you want to do as the pros do, you’ll need to decide what kind of professional you hire. Base this on what work you need done. 

How Do Patio Contractors Prepare Patios for the Spring?

If spring means it’s finally time to install the outdoor kitchen you’ve spent all winter dreaming about, you can hire a local patio contractor. They can:

  • Help design and build your patio.

  • Clear and level the ground before laying stone or pouring concrete.

  • Build a firepit or install an outdoor fireplace, pizza oven, or outdoor kitchen.

  • Work closely with landscape designers to create a backyard wedding-worthy outdoor space.

  • The current national average cost for installing a patio ranges from $1,900 to $5,300.

How Do Landscaping Companies Prepare Patios for the Spring?

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Hiring a yard work service is the most common way to prep your patio for spring if you have an existing patio that hasn’t suffered any significant damage through the winter. 

  • Local hardscaping companies will be able to repair your pavers, stepping stones, and walkways.

  • They’ll also prep and plant your containers.

  • Some landscaping companies will also offer general patio cleanup, but be sure to confirm beforehand.

  • Hire them as part of a larger yard, lawn, and garden spring cleaning. 

  • The current landscaping cost range for this type of maintenance landscaping shows that you should expect to pay between $25 to $50 an hour. 

How Do Pressure Washing Services Prepare Patios for the Spring?

worker using pressure washer to clean patio
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Unless you already own a pressure washer and have a few hours to spare, consider hiring a  local pressure washing service to: 

  • Pressure wash your concrete pavers or concrete patio.

  • Clean your patio furniture.

  • Clean walkways and paver or concrete driveways.

  • The current average cost for pressure washing is between $250 to $300 and may include washing siding and decks. 

How Does a General Handyperson Prepare Patios for the Spring?

If you have several smaller tasks around the house and yard, hire a local handyman service to: 

  • Make patio repairs.

  • Seal your patio.

  • Move and place furniture and garden containers.

  • Perform repairs to your deck, railings, or fence.

  • Help clean your deck.

  • Apply a stain to wood surfaces, such as your deck or deck railing.

Expect to pay between $60 to $125 per hour based on the current national average cost.

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