How to Pick the Right Contractor for Your Soffit Project

Andy Sparhawk
Written by Andy Sparhawk
Updated March 16, 2022
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Soffits are the unsung hero of your home. They protect your house from weather and pests and can also add to its beauty.

A variety of roofing and carpentry pros can handle the job of repairing or replacing soffits. The key is to find companies that specialize in soffit work and know what qualities to look for in a pro. Let’s look at how to hire the best soffit specialist for your home.

How to Find a Soffit Repair Contractors

You can start by searching online for a soffit repair contractor near you. The types of pros who take on this work include roofers, carpenters, and gutter experts. You can even call a contractor you’ve worked with before—a variety of handy people have soffit repair in their skillset.

Pro tip: Make sure to keep track of these outstanding individuals by making an A-Team Contractors List so that you can hire them again and again and refer them to friends in a pinch.

Before Hiring a Soffit Repair Contractor

Before hiring your soffit repair person, look at the area that needs repair. Take notes and photos so you can explain the problem to your contractor.

It’s helpful to know common types of damage that soffits often see. For example, the soffit and fascia will often make contact with moisture and rot. As the soffit deteriorates, openings may let water into the home’s interior, causing damage and mold. Soffits also are also favored spots for animals to make nests; the last thing you need is a family of raccoons moving in.

Once you gain as much information as you can on the specific soffit issue, set your sights on finding the pro you can trust to do the job. Standard questions to ask before hiring a contractor include asking for copies of their licensing and insurance and a list of references.

Soffit Replacement Hiring Prep

  • Identify and list all of the evidence of damage

  • Try to measure the length of the rotted or damaged soffit area

  • Take pictures and list which part of the soffit area seems affected

Note: Do not attempt to climb or remove portions of the soffit yourself. With a prepared list of questions and information on the issue, contact at least three soffit repair professionals for quotes. 

Check Your Soffit Repair Contractor's Qualifications and References

You should search for a contractors license by state online, to ensure they’re qualified for the job.

Questions to Ask Your Soffit Repair Contractors

One of the best things you can do when hiring a contractor is to ask the right questions. This sets expectations for both you and the contractor.

Here are some good questions to ask:

  1. Are you bonded, licensed, and have insurance? (Don't hire unless they do.)

  2. How many soffit jobs have you done in the past year?

  3. What fees are associated with any estimate?

  4. What materials will you use to repair the soffit, and why?

  5. What else needs to be repaired or replaced (fascia, rafter, molding)?

  6. What caused the soffit and fascia problem? Is this part of a more significant issue?

  7. What will this cost?

  8. Is it covered by, or will it affect my insurance?

  9. What is your preferred form of payment?

  10. How much is the deposit?

  11. When do you expect to finish the job?

Hiring Your Soffit Repair Contractors

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When hiring for soffit and fascia repair, hire a contractor that provides:

  • Answers to all of your questions

  • Proof of proper qualifications and positive reviews 

  • An explanation of the problem 

Once you've found the contractor for the job, be sure to get your agreement in writing, track every step of the process with notes, and be vigilant that the contract is followed. If things go awry, know your rights to void the agreement.

Get a Contract and Arrange Payments With Your Soffit Repair Contractors

Before any work starts, make sure that you and your contractor agree on the task, detailing project completion expectations. You'll want to discuss payment expectations and a reasonable down payment for your contractor, as well as the total cost, payment schedule, and form of payment.

Finally, get it all in writing. Both you and the contractor should sign a contract that you have reviewed thoroughly. A standard contract should include details such as:

  • Contact information 

  • Description of service and scope of work

  • Compliance and insurance requirements

  • Payment terms

  • Lien waiver clause

  • Indemnification

  • Warranties

  • Steps if there is a dispute

Keep Records of Your Soffit Repair Project

Records are important to have in case there is a dispute in the agreed-upon timeline or project. They can also serve as a red flag before the project falls into total disarray.

As the work starts, it's essential to monitor how the work has progressed, tracking time and milestones. Keep a receipt of all payments, including a copy of checks. In the memo section, note which part of the project that money is covering. 

Know Your Rights and Avoid Soffit Repair Scams

Your rights depend first and foremost on if the contractor you hired is licensed. It is challenging to have any recourse if not. Licensed contractors have an obligation and incentive to make sure the contractor completed the job. If negotiation fails, you, as the homeowner, can file complaints with the municipalities where the contractor is licensed.  

Potential Signs of a Scam

  • High down payment

  • Insistence on cash payment

  • Evasive behavior on questions about qualifications 

  • If they have had a business under a different name

What to Do After Your Soffit Repair Pro Is Done

It's always good to do a final walkthrough of the work with your contractor. Review the job and ensure that it is complete and the area is clean. If the contractor did the job correctly, be sure to pay the final agreed-upon amount. 

If they did a great job—leave a positive review! A good review is vital to good business for your contractor. If you’re particularly happy with the work, you may also offer to be a reference for future customers. 

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