The Top 4 Paint Colors for Selling Your House for the Best Price

Dawn M. Smith
Written by Dawn M. Smith
Updated December 21, 2021
A modern beige suburban house
Photo: Mark Herreid / Adobe Stock

When it comes to selling your house for the best price—neutral colors rule

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Does paint color matter when selling your house? The answer is overwhelmingly yes. Ask any real estate agent or home stager; they’ll tell you to cater to buyers’ tastes, which have been neutral colors for years, with good reason. They easily match buyers’ belongings and don’t require immediate updates.

Embrace the power of neutral colors when you’re prepping for a home sale. Real estate reports and statistics prove neutral paint’s continuous appeal. You might love bold, creative colors, but give the buyers what they want to sell your house for the best price, 

1. White

An all-white two story suburban farmhouse
Photo: Ursula Page /

When you’re scrolling through real estate listings, notice how often the words “light,” “bright,” and “airy” pop up. Those words immediately grab buyers’ attention because they signal that the home feels new and spacious. One of the best ways to achieve the “fresh effect” is using the perfect white paint. To maximize your update dollars, start in the kitchen—white kitchens and cabinets consistently rank high on buyers' wishlists.

Interior White Shades

Exterior White Shades

2. Gray

The exterior of a gray Cape Cod style house with its outdoor lights on
Photo: Andrew Jalbert /

Love it or hate it, gray paint is here to stay. Home professionals like interior designers and painters might be ready to move on from the color, but buyers still embrace everything gray paint has to offer because it's versatile and a safe way to add personality inside and out. The right gray can work its magic and cozy up a large room or expand a small room with a few coats of paint. And, depending on the shade’s undertone, it can cool down or warm up a space instantly.

Interior Gray Shades

Exterior Gray Shades

3. Beige

A beige painted house with a patio
Photo: Iriana Shiyan /

Beige is the workhorse of the paint spectrum. Regardless of whether the exterior siding or living room needs an update, there’s a beige paint that buyers will appreciate. They can easily envision their blue velvet sofa or rose garden fitting in (or standing out) against a beige background. As a motivated home seller, you can’t personalize the open house experience more than that.

Interior Beige Shades

Exterior Beige Shades

4. Taupe

A taupe colored house at dusk
Photo: Iriana Shiyan /

Taupe paint is not exactly brown and not exactly gray, but it certainly adds casual sophistication to a home. Buyers appreciate taupe’s practicality because it plays well equally with outdoor scenery like hardscaping and colorful furniture fabric and rugs. Taupe paint is harmonious yet makes a strong color statement for the buyers looking for a little more impact.

Interior Taupe Shades

Exterior Taupe Shades

How to Choose the Best Paint Color for Resale

While you’re turning your house into the number one choice for a buyer, make it easy on yourself and consider using only three colors for the house’s interior: one for the walls, another for the trim, and white ceiling color. This method is the go-to trifecta for simplicity and your best return on investment, saving you time and money. 

The effects of curb appeal on a home sale can’t be understated for the exteriors, so the paint you choose is the base for the rest of your home’s exterior charm. Pick coordinating colors for the siding, trim, and accent work for a cohesive look. Wow your potential buyers and pick from some of the best and most popular exterior paint colors.

Cool, Warm, and Neutral Undertones 

The beauty of neutral colors is that they work well together, and they’re easy to mix and match once you’ve chosen paint colors with similar undertones. 

  • Cool undertones: The paint base has a tinge of blue, green, or purple/violet. Agreeable Gray by Sherwin-Williams has a huge fan base. 

  • Warm undertones: The base has red, orange, or yellow influences. Try Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain

  • Neutral undertones: The perfect paint to use between warm and cool shades, like Clare Penthouse

Let Your Floors and Landscaping Influence Paint Undertone Choices 

Before you buy, consider the colors of your floors because they influence the paint results. For example, if you have warm, brown hardwood floors, pick a neutral color with warm undertones. Greyish blue floors become standout features with complimentary cool undertone paints.  

Use the same tips for planning your exterior paints, but consider your landscaping and hardscaping’s overall undertones (gray paint works beautifully with lush green landscaping) to help you decide.

Ask Professionals for Paint Color Advice

Even with guidance, choosing paint colors takes some thought, so it's a good idea to ask for help from your real estate agent. They’ll guide you through the choices according to your area’s buying preferences. 

If you hire professional painters, take advantage of their expertise and chat with them about the colors other clients use and if they have suggestions for highlighting the features of your house. They’ll know how to make everything from a Victorian to a ranch home shine. 

If you’re a DIYer, check out your favorite paint company’s website. You’ll find helpful tips, no-fail color combinations, and creative color descriptions that’ll inspire you to pick the best colors.

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