Here’s the Cost to Paint Furniture With Chalk Paint

Jenna Jonaitis
Written by Jenna Jonaitis
Updated April 5, 2022
Drawers painted in blue with chalk paint
Photo: sebos / Adobe Stock


  • Expect to pay between $150–$600 to paint a piece of furniture.

  • The size and intricacy of the furniture impact cost the most.

  • You can paint furniture yourself, but be sure to have the right tools, time, and patience.

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You can turn an outdated or antique piece of furniture into a modern beauty for your home with chalk paint. The cost to paint furniture with chalk paint ranges from $80 to $800 per piece, depending on the size and complexity. 

Here’s how much it costs to paint furniture with chalk paint based on size and whether you do the project yourself.

Average RangeMinimum CostMaximum Cost
$150 – $600$80$800

How Much Does It Cost to Paint Furniture With Chalk Paint? 

No two types of furniture are exactly alike, and neither is the cost to paint them.

Side Table

A side table usually doesn’t require too much time or paint, unless it has intricate designs. 

Coffee Table

Painting a coffee table is often a straightforward project, but if there are ornate features, the project could take longer.


You’ll need to paint the dresser’s exterior and the drawer fronts separately, making this a more time-intensive project. The size also plays a role in the cost.

Dining Room Table

A dining room with clean lines is easier to paint than one with curves and ornate designs. A smaller table is also quicker than a larger one.

Dining Chair

The amount of time it takes to paint a dining chair depends on the size and if it includes intricate woodwork or is more simple in style.  

Bookcase or Armoire

Because they’re larger furniture pieces, a bookcase or armoire takes extra time to paint, especially if it has several drawers or doors. 

Painting Furniture With Chalk Paint Cost Breakdown

A hand painting a furniture with a brush
Photo: kepazuria / Adobe Stock

Beyond the paint and a few supplies, the cost of painting furniture is mostly labor. You can either paint furniture as a DIY or hire a local furniture painter.  


Chalk paint costs $23 on average per quart but can reach $40 or more. A quart of paint covers approximately 100 square feet, giving you enough paint for two coats on most pieces of furniture. But if you’re tackling a big project, like painting a large dresser or dining table, you might need more than one quart. 

You can also buy a 12-ounce can of chalk spray paint, which costs $8.50 on average but can go up to $15 or more. A 12-ounce can covers about 20 square feet. You might need four to five cans of spray paint to adequately cover a large dresser, but only one or two cans for a small end table. 

Tools and Materials

If you’re tackling the project yourself, you’ll need a few tools and supplies beyond the paint: 

  • 1 1/2 to 2 1/2-inch angled paintbrush ($6–$15)

  • Chalk paint wax ($15–$20 per 8-ounce can)

  • Drop cloth or tarp ($15–$40

  • Painter’s tape ($5–$10)

  • 220-grit sandpaper ($4–$10)

  • Screwdriver for removing hardware ($10–$20)

You also want to ensure you have a space that’s large enough for the project, such as a garage, workshop, or outdoor area. You should paint in moderate temperatures and ensure your piece doesn’t get wet. 


Most furniture painting experts charge between $40 and $100 per hour depending on their experience and how custom the paint job is. They usually set a minimum price to take on a project, though, such as $100


If your furniture needs repairing prior to painting, you may have to pay extra for labor and supplies. If your piece is broken or chipped, plan on increasing your budget.

Dipping and Stripping

If you want to remove old paint before repainting a piece, you may consider using a chemical solvent to remove the finish. Before stripping furniture, be sure it won’t damage the piece. Talk with a pro to determine if stripping is right for your project.

Cost to Paint Furniture Yourself

Top view of a hand painting with chalk paing a bedside table
Photo: Violeta / Adobe Stock

Painting furniture yourself usually costs between $50 and $300 for the paint, materials, and tools, but requires time. As a DIYer, give yourself at least a couple of hours to sand, paint, and finish a small piece of furniture such as an end table. For a larger project, like a dresser, expect to spend at least six hours on the project. 

You should also factor in the time you need to wait between coats of paint. Detail and patience pay off when painting furniture, so be sure to give yourself ample time to finish the piece correctly. 

Cost to DIY vs. Hiring a Contractor 

You can save anywhere from $50 to $400 painting a piece of furniture yourself, but you need the time, patience, and workspace to do the job. Find a local furniture refinisher to take on the project and ensure your end result is stunning and durable.  

Get at least three quotes from pros before settling on someone to professionally refresh your furniture.

How to Save Money While Painting Furniture With Chalk Paint

You can save money on your painted furniture project if you: 

  • Sand and paint the piece yourself.

  • Buy smaller amounts of paint, such as a spray can, to avoid waste.

  • Use an all-in-one primer and paint.

Chalk Paint Questions and Answers

What types of projects can chalk paint be used for?

You can use chalk paint to paint furniture, cabinets, trim, picture frames, vases, candlesticks, and more. You can paint metal, wood, and even fabric with chalk paint.

How much area will a quart of chalk paint cover?

A quart of chalk paint usually covers 100 square feet, enough for two coats on most furniture pieces.

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