What Is a Fascia Board and What Does It Do?

José R. Mendoza
Written by José R. Mendoza
Reviewed by Eric Gonzalez
Updated February 7, 2022
Metal house roof with soffit boards
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A fascia board is generally a piece of wood installed at the end of the roofline that helps protect your home from the elements

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Ever wondered what a fascia board is or why it’s such a crucial component of the roof of your house? Fascia boards run parallel across the roofline where the roof rafters and trusses end. Fascias are not only beneficial to the well-being of your home but also have an important aesthetic function to give a better finish to the exterior of your home. 

The most commonly used fascia boards are made out of wood, but they can also be made of different materials, such as aluminum, vinyl, PVC, and plastic. These also come pre-finished in different colors and require very little maintenance.    

What Is a Fascia Board and Soffit?

Many homeowners get confused between the terms fascia and soffit given their location, and we don’t blame them. They are not common terms. However, they are both essential parts of the roof and play a major role in keeping moisture away from your home.

A fascia board runs along the lower edge of the roof and the soffit is what’s underneath the fascia and against your house’s walls. Fascia boards help keep moisture away, and are used to hold the gutter system that helps keep rain away from your house and foundation. Want an easy way to remember what fascia is? Just think of it as the “face” of the edge of the roof.

Soffits are frequently made out of vinyl, given that this material is durable, water-resistant, and low maintenance, similar to what you would expect with vinyl siding. Soffits help ventilate your attic and fascias prevent moisture and rainwater from going into your home. 

What’s most important, regardless of what you call them, is that both fascias and soffits are installed in your roof to provide that extra layer of protection against the elements and keep your home dry.

Cost to Install or Replace a Fascia Board

Most homeowners have fascia boards made of wood because they tend to withstand the elements for a long time. However, these can be susceptible to water damage when not installed properly or when they are aging. 

The average cost to replace or install a brand new wooden fascia board is around $7 to $23 per linear foot, with labor included. 

The price increases when using different types of materials, such as aluminum or vinyl,  which are more expensive and require more skills to install. However, they offer great benefits since they are low maintenance, provide a smooth finish, and come in a variety of colors to choose from, which can make them worth the extra cost.

How to Protect Your Home’s Fascia Boards

Like any other part of your home, it is important to properly maintain your home’s fascia boards to keep them in good condition. As a homeowner, you need to make sure they are securely attached using galvanized or anti-corrosion nails, paint them as needed depending on the material, and keep your gutters free of debris to avoid clogs, which are the main cause of fascia boards being damaged. The easiest way to maintain them is by wrapping them in metal.

Another way to protect your fascia boards and keep them in good shape is to get a professional roofer to install a metal drip edge if one is not installed in your roof yet. These drip edges help to keep water away from the fascia.

Fascia Repairs

It is important that, when your fascia needs repairs, you act on it in a timely manner. Failing to do so can cause water damage to the boards and your house. 

If you have the tools and skills needed to maintain the fascias yourself, always use caution when working on a ladder and on the roof. But if not, you can always hire a local siding contractor for the job.

What Is a Fascia Trim?

Fascia boards are also known as fascia trim and people use these terms interchangeably. However, wooden fascia boards can have a layer of a metal sheet installed that wraps around the fascia board, which is also sometimes referred to as “trim.” 

This “fascia trim” protects the fascia board from the weather and also gives it a nice, finished look, since you can pick a color that matches your siding. When you have a metal or a vinyl fascia, these types of boards don’t need to be finished with a different material or painted since they come pre-finished already.

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