Use These Stunning Trim Colors to Complement Your White Walls

Kristin Luna
Written by Kristin Luna
Updated May 3, 2022
A woman paints trim
Photo: Orbon Alija/E+/Getty Images

Make your white walls pop with these go-to color combos

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There are a ton of reasons to paint your walls white. They make the room brighter, allow for more versatility in furniture selection, and create a blank canvas from which to design your house. They also pair perfectly with so many trim colors. 

Using a fun trim color with white walls is a creative way to accent your space, whether you want to keep it neutral or make it pop. No matter which direction you take, here are some of our favorite white wall and trim color combinations.

1. Gray

There’s something about white walls with gray trim that gives off a soothing vibe. Whether you go with a lighter gray that blends into the clouds or with a darker shade to create a clear definition between trim and the flat walls, this color combination is for the minimalist who also wants a classic look that won’t go out of style anytime soon.

Gray paint recommendations:

2. Blue

A view of blue paint cans
Photo: Vera Livchak/iStock/Getty Images

Blue trim with white walls is a classic Victorian approach if you choose shades more in the purple-ish or electric range of the color spectrum. Go heavy on the blue to have a big impact by painting your staircase balusters, or paint your wainscoting blue to create a two-toned look to tastefully frame your space. 

Blue paint recommendations:

3. Black 

Painting black trim with white walls gives your space a bold and contemporary look. This yin and yang aesthetic is perfect for well-lit rooms and moody studies alike. 

lossy and satin sheens will show imperfections more easily with black than with lighter colors, so be sure to spend time getting your trim looking perfect with the right sheen level before painting with this sophisticated shade. You can also use a matte or flat black sheen to reduce or even eliminate any small visual imperfections you might have.

Black paint recommendations:

4. Off-White

Painting trim off-white is a timeless option that will never go out of style. For many homeowners, it’s an obvious choice as it creates the perfect backdrop for any design style, from vintage furniture to minimalist decorating.

Additionally, if you decide to change the wall color in the future or add an accent wall to alter the space, off-white trim won’t need to be repainted to match the new look.

Off-white paint recommendations:

5. Green

A view of green paint
Photo: Alyssa Stasiukonis/EyeEm/Getty Images

Give your space a natural look with green trim, wainscotting, and built-in cabinets. Green offers a lot of versatility, too, from richer, more gem-toned emeralds to olive and sage greens to pretty pastes. To stay up to date on the latest trends, you can’t go wrong with seafoam green paint.

Green paint recommendations:

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