8 Swell Seafoam Green Paint Ideas for Your Home

Gemma Johnstone
Written by Gemma Johnstone
Updated March 9, 2022
A spacious apartment with a stylish design in green
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This versatile, oceanic color is sure to revitalize your home and head

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Are you looking to give your home a clean, fresh, and calming update? Introducing on-trend and adaptable seafoam green to your walls or home decor could be the perfect solution. The shade really came into its own in the 1950s, and, given the recent retro revival, it’s making a comeback.

This soft pastel hue, often compared to mint green, is vibrant without being gaudy and subtly blends blue-green tones and hints of gray. Inspired by nature and the ocean, it's cheerful while still offering a sense of tranquility. 

Worried about making a furbish faux pas with this color? Check out these ideas for successfully integrating seafoam green paint or furnishings in any area of your home.

1. Pair It With Other Colors

One of this color’s big draws is that it’s versatile and matches many other different shades. Combining it with earthy or dark paint colors brings a warmth to the space, while mixing it with other pastels creates a whimsical vibe perfect for kids' bedrooms

If you always go for neutral shades, why not introduce some seafoam green? It’s fresh, bright, and interesting while not being too loud. Combining this light shade with coral or dusty rose creates an inviting atmosphere. And the surprising color combination of seafoam green and yellow is bang on trend at the moment and perfect if you want to make a fun, bright, brave, and eclectic statement.

2. Get Creative With Painting

Opting for a single seafoam green accent wall in this shade is less overbearing than covering every wall, and it creates a beautiful focal point. If you do plan to use it on every wall, get creative and paint stripes of green and white. This helps make a small space appear larger by creating the illusion of the walls being longer, and it’s perfect for those looking for a room with a vintage feel.

3. Add Decorative Accents

A living room interior with green houseplants and sofa
Photo: New Africa / Adobe Stock

Not feeling brave enough to slap seafoam green all over your walls or to invest in a big-ticket furniture item? Start small by introducing this color in accent pillows, throws, or window treatments. They’ll be the perfect addition in a retro-inspired room or one where you want a calming splash of color, like a home office.

4. Incorporate as Vintage-Inspired Decor

When you think of a 1950s kitchen, no doubt minty green cabinets and refrigerators spring to mind. If you want to play with these retro-roots, just a few ideas include opting for seafoam green appliances, painting kitchen cabinets, or adding tiles in this shade in your bathroom.

5. Add to a Coastal-Inspired Room

Seafoam green is the obvious color choice in a seafront or coastal-inspired space. The calm ocean shade pairs well with blue and white—two other soft palette colors often used to create a relaxed, airy, beachside vibe. 

6. Bring This Color Into Your Outside Space

Given this color is inspired by nature, introducing it in your yard, porch, or patio is a bit of a no-brainer. The possibilities are endless—consider painting outdoor furniture, adding outdoor rugs, or investing in bright planters. You could even paint a wall or fence seafoam green to add some extra tranquil vibes to your garden oasis.

7. Soften a High-Contrast Color Palette

During the Art Deco era and in the 1950s, this shade of green was often combined with black and white. The minty hues help to tone down the severity of the starker colors. Adding bronze or gold hardware or finishes helps soften the edges of this combo even more, producing a warm, balanced finish.

8. Use in Rooms With Lots of Natural Light

It’s no surprise seafoam green is an excellent shade to use in a darker room, as this fresh color helps make the room seem brighter and lighter. But it might surprise you to learn it also works well for a room that already benefits from a lot of natural light. The light reflects off the vivid shade, making the room seem even bigger and the walls even brighter than they are—perfect if you want a mood boost throughout the day!

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