8 Stunning Exterior Paint Ideas for Your Victorian House

Paige Bennett
Written by Paige Bennett
Updated January 12, 2022
victorian house with different shades of blue
Photo: Nate Pegram of Contrast Video Productions

Go bold and bright or classic and subdued

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Your coveted, Victorian-era home may be beautiful, but it’s probably overdue for a fresh coat of paint. To honor this style of home to the fullest, it’s important to choose paint that will restore the building to its former glory. Whether you prefer neutral tones or vibrant color palettes, there’s plenty of design inspiration out there when it comes to paint for Victorian homes. 

Check out these eight projects to see just how creative you can get when painting your beautiful, 1800s home.

1. Highlight the Details

A green painted Victorian house
Photo: Henry Brazer

What makes Victorian-era homes so stunning? It’s all in the details. Ornate flourishes add grandeur and character, so draw attention to these elements with paint. Henry Brazer refreshed an all-white Victorian home with green paint, cream trim, and a pink paint for the smaller details. Together, the colors complement one another and help the house stand out on the block.

2. Bring the Drama With Matte Black

A Victorian house painted in matte black
Photo: Scott Egg

This Victorian home is hard to miss. The bold, matte black paint gives it a dramatic yet elegant appearance. Despite the monochromatic look, your eyes still move to the ornate elements of the exterior. Plus, the black sets an ideal backdrop for changing seasons, from leafy green trees in the summer to orange and red leaves in the fall to sparkling white snow in the winter.

3. Follow Colors of the Era

A combination of purple and gold color on this historic house
Photo: Amy Wax

You own a Victorian-era home, so why not honor its history with a color palette from the time period? Color specialist Amy Wax has designed palettes for many Victorian homes, including this lovely purple-and-gold house that feels very regal. Wax notes that purple was a popular and versatile color choice during the time, especially in fashion.

4. Play With Patterns

A Victorian house with different patterns
Photo: Amy Wax

Another color creation from Wax, this playful blue home draws attention to the unique upper floor windows with stripes. The pattern adds visual interest, but keeping with shades of blue prevents the exterior from looking too busy. Plus, paired with white trim, this Victorian home matches the sky.

5. Go Bright White for a Modern Touch

A bright white Victorian house
Photo: W.D. Dickinson

For this 133-year-old Victorian home, white paint paired with a gray roof and matching trim make the whole structure feel fresh and modern without removing the character. A flourishing organic farm around the house adds ever-changing pops of color.

6. Put Your Favorite Color on Display

Detail of the exterior of a Victorian house painted in vibrant coral
Photo: C2 Paint

Owning a Victorian home is the perfect excuse for going all-out on the exterior paint color. Homes from this era were often referred to as “Painted Ladies,” with some of the most famous being the colorful row of homes in San Francisco. Vibrant colors like this coral as well as orange, yellow, red, or blue are the best representations of the time.

7. Don’t Forget the Foundation

A Victorian house with different color schemes
Photo: Nate Pegram of Contrast Video Productions

Blue is a popular choice for many styles of homes, including Victorian-era dwellings. This house—designed and rehabbed by Rachel and Tyler Light—is no exception, but what really makes it stand out is that the color scheme extends to the stairs, porch, and foundational elements.

“This was a real challenge to come up with a cohesive color scheme that wasn’t too complex or too niche to execute,” says Nicole Nichols, who designed the color scheme for the home. “I find blues to be pretty universally liked by most people and not off-putting, so that is where we started.”

8. Add a Pop of Color

Light blue details on this Victorian house
Photo: Nicole Nichols

On this charming home dubbed the “Wasson Wonder,” Nichols went with a light gray color for much of the exterior. But a light blue hue on the top of the home adds visual interest and matches the painted porch ceiling.

“The exterior has a mini pop of minty color but is otherwise neutral,” Nichols says. “It can be very complex to choose how many colors to use and where to change colors or not on an exterior.”

Ultimately, each home may lend itself best to certain color palettes. Don’t be afraid to experiment, or work with a designer or color specialist to find the best exterior paint for your Victorian home.

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