9 Ways to Liven up Your Home With Natural Stone Surfaces

Brionna Farney
Written by Brionna Farney
Updated April 27, 2022
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Bring the outside in with natural stone slabs

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Incorporating natural stone into your home is an easy way to bring beauty (and functionality!) to any space. Quarried from the earth, natural stone slabs feature earth-toned colors and intricate veining that will be unique to your home. Add in the durability and stain resistance, and natural stone surfaces—granite, marble, soapstone, quartzite, and more—are a no-brainer design choice. 

If you like the look and function of natural stone slabs, here are some unique ways to incorporate the element into your home.

1. Go Classic With Kitchen Countertops

Natural stone countertops are a popular design choice—and for good reason. Whether you choose granite, marble, or soapstone countertops, natural stone slabs are both beautiful and functional. The surface wipes away clean, and there is a color or pattern to fit every kitchen style. You can even hire on-site stone-cutting contractors to ensure your countertops fit your space and have the correct openings for your faucet and sink.

2. Consider a Stone Slab Fireplace Surround

Fireplace surrounds are typically brick, tile, or stacked stone. Consider switching it up with a stone slab fireplace surround. 

The seamless look of a floor-to-ceiling natural stone slab is sure to drop jaws. And with fewer grout or mortar lines, the surface is easy-to-clean and ultra-modern. You could also use a natural stone slab for your fireplace hearth. A natural granite or dark green or gray marble would complement your existing brick or stone fireplace.

3. Add a Stone Slab Coffee Table

Modern living room with marble floor and coffee table
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If you don’t want to commit to a permanent natural stone feature in your house, consider a furniture piece like a coffee table with a stone slab top. There are plenty of options available on the market, or you could have a custom piece built using a stone slab you love. These types of coffee tables will likely have wooden legs and framing, but could also have metal or even natural stone supports.

4. Use Stone Slab Cladding on Your Home’s Exterior

Not to be confused with stacked stone, natural stone slabs can be installed as an exterior feature on your home. Stone slab cladding is popular with commercial buildings, but transcends to residential homes from time to time, especially for modern and contemporary styles. Popular natural stone options like granite and marble are used as exterior cladding along with limestone, travertine, onyx stone, quartzite, and slate.

5. Opt for Natural Stone Bathroom Countertops

Natural stone slabs work well in the bathroom, too. Many prefabricated bathroom vanities already have granite or marble affixed to the top. If you already have a custom vanity in place, hire a professional countertop installer near you to upgrade the stone. The benefits of granite countertops in your bathroom include durability, sustainability, and stain resistance—not to mention the luxurious look.

6. Go High-End With a Floating Stone Bathroom Vanity

This design option is a level above stone countertops. Imagine your entire vanity, the surface, sinks, and all made from one large piece of natural stone. Often found in high-end design, floating stone bathroom vanities are stylish, timeless, and a huge focal point in your powder or main bathroom. This design feature does come with a hefty price tag due to the size and intricate cutting of the stone required.

7. Find the Perfect Stone Slab for a Shower 

Due to the moist environment, showers are prone to mold and mildew growth. Often, this growth starts in the grout lines between tiles. Eliminate this issue by choosing a natural stone slab for your shower surround. Natural stone slabs are water-resistant and much easier to clean due to the fewer grout lines. Using large stone slabs in your bathroom creates a stunning visual.

8. Use a Stone Slab as a Dining Table Top

Elegant stone dining table with comfortable chairs
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Looking to make a statement in your dining room? Look no further than a dining table with a natural stone slab top. A granite or marble tabletop will provide a durable surface—more durable than wood or glass—and stand the test of time. You could also use natural stone tops for other furniture pieces in your dining room, such as a buffet or server.

9. Complete Your Outdoor Kitchen With Natural Stone Countertops

Venturing outside of your home, natural stone countertops are an excellent choice for outdoor kitchens, too. It is best to use granite in an outdoor environment because marble is a porous material. Even if granite is left outdoors uncovered, it can be brought back to life with a bit of cleaning and regular coating with a granite sealing product.

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